City Commission Appoints Dr. Elaine Bryant to Fill Vacancy

City Commission Appoints Dr. Elaine Bryant to Fill Vacancy

After hearing approximately thirty citizens during the public input section of the city commission appointment process and hearing five minute presentations by each of the nine applicants, the City Commission voted to appoint Dr. Elaine Bryant.

During the citizen input and applicant presentations, no questions were asked by Mayor Dailey or the City Commissioners.

City Commissioner Curtis Richardson began the process by nominating Dr. Saralyn Grass. The nomination failed 2-2.

Then their was a vote for Dr. Bruce Strouble, who was nominated by City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow. That vote also failed 2-2.

Next, Dr. Elaine Bryant, who was nominated by City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox, was considered. Her nomination carried 4-0.

In the application submitted to the City of Tallahassee, Dr. Bryant described herself as an “adept professional with 35
years of experience in executive management, community leadership, human resources, organizational transformation, strategic planning, and leadership development.”

Dr. Bryant listed her current employment as the Director of Human Resources & Organizational Development with the Florida Department of Financial Services. She has been in that position since 2012.

She wrote in the cover letter accompanying her application that the “City of Tallahassee is strongest when drawing upon the different experiences, skill sets, and backgrounds of those that govern the most critical functions and have a pinpoint focus on building a sense of community.”

Dr. Bryant argued added, “I am uniquely qualified as a proven public servant, entrepreneur, leader, collaborator and consensus builder, with the temperament needed to immediately add value to the Tallahassee City Commission.”

Dr. Bryant was sworn-in immediately after the vote.

Here is a link to her cover letter and resume. 

13 Responses to "City Commission Appoints Dr. Elaine Bryant to Fill Vacancy"

  1. Dr. Bryant will be the best person for this job and she is great asset to City of Tallahassee. Shy’s most professional person I ever met.

  2. I am glad that the selection was not a power player like a lobbyist, or someone in the existing power/influence structure that got us into this mess. She is not an attorney so that is a plus also. I am also glad the commission didn’t try to balance the board by selecting a white female just because she is a white female. Since she won’t have people working for her, her managerial style should not be a problem. I just hope the commission would remember they don’t need to be in the weeds and get involved in the day to day city operations or personnel decisions, and remain a policy board.

  3. Being that the front runner initially was Tabitha Frazier, then missing the opportunity of being in the capital city with a Republican governor, senators, and mostly cabinet the Commissioners don’t understand serving all of the people.

    I don’t think our leadership is quite there yet and has a lot to learn.

    This may be a one-term across-the-board city commission.

    But, the governor did remove Maddox quickly and we should all be thankful for that.

    And I second the motion that Tabitha Frazier’s $50,000 Grant should be audited.

  4. Having had the displeasure of working for Ms. Bryant for a number of years, I can truly say that the COT has made a terrible mistake. A back stabber. Non-supportive of her managers. Deals in office rumors like a teenage girl. Arrogant. Dismissive of anyone who would question her decisions. Blacklists those who disagree with her.

  5. Was Frazier in the audience?
    If so, I wish this report had her immediate reaction after the 4-0 vote for Bryant.
    Did she go full Beelzebub, or what?

    1. No, Frazier already knew by that point. She didn’t even make the final 4….so she knew she hadn’t won by the time EB did win

  6. Everyone on her “partial client” list is a direct conflict of interest. She will have to recuse herself on most votes. And she’s a serial board member just trying to get more money for her firm.
    Bad choice but it’s not Frazier so there’s that.

  7. African American? ?
    Female? ?
    Not politically aligned? ?
    Well educated? ?
    Experienced in public service? ?
    Not Tabitha Frasier? ?

    1. I think she has a plus-sized women’s clothing store in Gov’s Square named after her. Good place to shop if you eat too many of those Cinnabons downstairs.

      Meanwhile, I want a forensic audit of that $50,000 grant, Miss Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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