CRA Provides Update on Major Projects

CRA Provides Update on Major Projects

The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has contributed to twenty-eight projects in 2018, twenty-four of which are in Frenchtown/Southside and four of which are downtown. At a recent CRA Board Meeting, the Executive Director, Roxanne Manning, summarized the status of the large projects approved over the last two years.

The first project, and the largest one by far, is located at Cascades Park. The CRA completed the sale of the property in October, with $4 million in funding for the project. They have completed demolition, besides the one building being preserved, and construction is anticipated to begin in 2019. The project includes an AC Hotel by Marriott that would “hopefully boost tourism” and allow for larger conventions.

The refurbishment of the Envision Credit Union.

The front of the building contains a public event space useable for a variety of functions. Underneath, there is space for storage and support for the amphitheater, which would in turn bring in larger performances. There are also 250 covered public parking spaces.  A plaza will be constructed with a design tied to the historical monument that is located on Jefferson Street. See picture above.

Completion of this project is planned for late 2020. There is even a second phase to the project, with planned construction of townhomes and apartments and a refurbished health facility. The completion of this phase is anticipated by 2021.

Site preparation for LOEWS Hotel project.

The second project, located across from Hotel Duval on 440 N Monroe, is a “companion project to the refurbishment of the Envision Credit Union” that the CRA helped to fund. It will include 224 apartments, with about 1300 square feet for retail. The developers plan to submit construction plans in early January and anticipate start of construction in mid-2019, with completion roughly two years after that.

The third large project is a LOEWS Hotel that is currently under construction behind the Leon County courthouse. Labeled the Washington Square, the redevelopment will include 18,000 square feet of meeting space and 267 rooms.

The construction, which commenced on August 6th, began with demolition and site clearance. Construction of a parking lot, footing, and foundations began at the end of November and will continue for approximately 2 years, with anticipated completion in 2020.

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  1. Robbing Hooh…You are dead right….the only way the north side tax paying base is going to come out of this lopsided tax and spend mess, is to sell out and move to South Georgia.AMEN

  2. “The CRA completed the sale of the property in October, with $4 million in funding for the project.” ……………………. So, in other words, you GAVE them the Property AND $4 Million Dollars.

    1. “…So, in other words, you GAVE them the Property AND $4 Million Dollars…”

      Which, if things work out in the usual “pay to play Tally way all day”; half of that 4 mil will be finding its way back to/into certain folks’ pockets or numbered bank accounts, etc..

  3. Take from the north side and give to the south side while more who are able, escape this ‘vote farming’ with their tax payment money. I once read that the best place for folks sick of the urban decay to decamp to, is anywhere the city busses don’t run. Time for the north side to secede or move even farther away and set up a new town.

    1. I believe the east and west sides are ready to join the north side and leave the corruption and crime behind.

      Still waiting for Curtis Richardson and Ms Bryant to make public the “text” message.

      1. TalTran still runs to the “northside” so it’s only a matter of time before the ‘southside’ catches up to them. They need to go farther out and as soon as possible INCORPORATE as a new town and with the type of code restrictions that gentle, peaceful towns USED to have.

    1. Leftist leaning usual suspect lover Willie Meggs will be one of the members of the ethics commission which decides Dirty Former (thank God for that “former” status) “Not My Governor” (thank you God) Mayor Andy.
      Good ‘Old Willie is practicing twisting himself into a pretzel logic leftist way to find his boy Andy innocent of all mean ‘Old Dr. J’s annoyingly true alligations.

  4. Wowzers I just hope the CRA accounting office does not make an error and send out a kick-back check to Mike Miller.
    You remember Mike Miller? Sure you do … the undercover FBI agent that seduced your dirty former Mayor Andy? Yeah THAT Mike Miller !!!!!!
    Hey Mayor Dailey you better run on over to the CRA office and make sure that accounting error does not happen.

  5. Crooked Rats Association

    Perhaps, Jeffrey Schweers and Bill Hatfield could tear themselves away from their public relations sideline jobs and do an expose on every developer involved in the CRA and the amounts of campaign contributions into The Usual Suspects campaign war chests, that each CRA recipient contributed.

    The morning after the recent City Commission applicants list was released Tallahassee Democrat should have published an article exposing which applicants contributed to which commissioners and which applicants have been paid recently by the City of Tallahassee.

    Jeffrey sSchweers provided a campaign contribution that a candidate made to Denise Williams Cox, but he got it wrong as Jeffrey Schweers failed to give accurate information by not providing the most recent campaign contribution.

    This information is public record and would only have taken hours to compile yet the Tallahassee Democrat did nothing… as usual.

  6. How many ways can we say…money has been extracted from the economy and handed to a handful of people for these ‘projects’ in the traditional left mindset that somehow this is stimulating the economy.

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