Bondi Joins Ballard Lobbying Firm

Bondi Joins Ballard Lobbying  Firm

By The News Service of Florida

After leaving office this month, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is joining the Ballard Partners lobbying firm.

Bondi, who was term-limited after eight years as attorney general, will lead a national regulatory-compliance practice aimed at Fortune 500 companies, a release from Ballard Partners said. Bondi was long rumored in Tallahassee to be heading to a gig with Fox News.

“I am thrilled to be working w Brian Ballard and his brilliant team!” Bondi tweeted Tuesday.

Brian Ballard, a lobbyist whose firm’s offices stretch from Tallahassee to Washington, has close ties to Gov. Ron DeSantis — Ballard and his wife, Kathryn Ballard, chaired the governor’s inaugural ceremonies — and President Donald Trump.

The new role for Bondi continues some of the areas she focused on while in office. “With her unique perspective, experience and stellar reputation, there is no one better to launch and lead our firm’s national Corporate Regulatory Compliance practice,” Ballard said.

5 Responses to "Bondi Joins Ballard Lobbying Firm"

  1. Pam Bondi is a conspiratorial, wholly unethical, and an amoral pos!!!!!! So now she can pervert FL from a lobbyists point of view. Wow, lucky Ballard is so unethical and bent R so they will be a wonderfully matched group of traitors.

  2. The media has gone so far to the left, that I, along with many of my friends and family, stopped subscribing to our local newspaper long ago. If media catered to getting to the truth and solid investigative reporting, regardless of politics, they could have fared better. But media seems to cover for the left at all costs and attack the right (and even, moderates). So I think they brought this upon themselves. I do not feel sorry for the media folks being let go.

    1. Very smart move, Anhaica.
      Even though they’ll still keep $10 of your money now, it’s still the “right” thing to do:
      “If at any time, you decide to cancel your subscription, you may contact customer service at 1-800-999-2271, and the full amount of any balance over $10.00 will be refunded.”

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