Tallahassee Represented at March for Life

Tallahassee Represented at March for Life

The March for Life is a mile-long peaceful demonstration opposing the idea of legal abortion. The protest takes place in the nation’s capital, Washington DC. The first march began one year after the Roe v. Wade case in 1973. That decision led to legal abortions.

This year’s march marked the 46th annual March for Life. Drawing an estimated 700,000 or more participants, this is the largest pro-life protest in the United States.

A group of teens from Tallahassee had the chance to go with Good Shepherd Catholic church and support their beliefs at the march.

The Tallahassee teens participated in a four-day trip that was anything but luxurious, spending two of the nights on a bus and the third on the tile floor of a church. Mary Terese Stavres, a third-year marcher says, “I considered this trip a pilgrimage and an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone for my beliefs.”

The bus ride from Tallahassee was 12 hours long, approximately 867 miles. Joining them on the bus ride were other groups of teens from both Pensacola Catholic High School, in Pensacola, and JP II high school, in Tallahassee.

In addition to the march, the group participated in the “Life is Very Good Youth Rally” which is organized by the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Josh Santos told TR, “The rally was a great way to get me going for the march itself, seeing all the other teens there for one cause,” when asked about the event.

On the morning of Friday, January 18th, everyone in their group got ready to march with pre-made signs and slogans.  Joined by many people from all around the United States, the participants dedicated their day to standing up for their beliefs. One teen, Sara Bibby, says “It’s so special because my mom was at the first March for Life and I get to carry on what she started.”

After the march, there were testimonies given in front of the Supreme Court from women who have had abortions. “I was able to feel the love radiating from everyone and feel united to them even though you don’t know most of the people there,” stated Maria Cascio after her first time marching and hearing the testimonies.

Many students said they enjoyed the pilgrimage and would return next year.

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  1. They MIGHT want to go to New York now. Abortions in the 9th Month is MURDER. Abortions after 2 Weeks I consider MURDER. If Abortion Doctors were worried about being Murdered before, Abortion Doctors in New York should REALLY be worried. After 7 Months, the Baby CAN survive on the outside so there would be ZERO ACEEPTABLE EXCUSE to Murder your Baby.

  2. So proud of you young people! Thanks for what you did and are doing in support of the unborn. This law WILL get changed one day and history will not be kind on this dark chapter of our nation’s history.

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