Local Media Ignores Positive Reviews of Trump Speech

Local Media Ignores Positive Reviews of Trump Speech

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll conducted after President Trump’s State of the Union speech on February 5th, a majority of Republicans and independents who watched the address approved of Trump’s speech.

However, in Tallahassee you will not find this information prominently reported in the local media.

The top line numbers show that 76% approved of the speech while 24% did not.

The numbers based on political party show 97% of Republicans approved of the speech and 82% of independents approved. Also, 30% of Democrats approved.

CBS News reported that “while 97 percent of Republicans approved of the speech, far fewer Democrats who tuned in did (30 percent). Most independents did approve.”

The party identification of speech watchers and speech approval based on party identity are shown below.

With over 80% of independents approving of the speech, and given the divisiveness often reported about Trump’s presidency, not one news editor in Tallahassee found the poll result newsworthy.

What TR did find were these headlines published by the Tallahassee Democrat around the days before and after the speech.

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  1. This is an example of selective reporting by liberal news editors. They won’t publish anything good about Trump. I am hearing an increasing number of my friends make comments regarding their mistrust of the Democrat. Some have quit taking it. I’m thinking about it myself.

  2. Is this really news-worthy? Reporting on the fact that local media didn’t report on a particular poll result you liked from CBS?

    1. The most newsworthy would be a complete media blitz on Rocky Hanna. Why has the media turned a blind eye to a man who admitted he lied to state and federal authorities? A man who now ha Leon Schools with 10 schools with a letter grade drop, D and F schools, a man who gives out raises to his cronies rather than teachers. What other public official carried out a hit list?

      1. I guess INDICTED city commissar Scott Maddox’s walking buddy Bob Gabordi wouldn’t qualify as a public official. Even though he eliminated almost every single Knight-Ridder journalist from the Democrap after Gannett infected the place. He had a simple “hit list”: every Knight-Ridder employee in the newsroom, starting with the oldest/longest employed.
        More than anyone else, Gannett’s Supreme Hatchet Man is responsible for the total degradation of a once-vibrant, trustworthy guardian of the local public good.
        And one of the Top 25 employers in town.
        Now, they wouldn’t even make the Top 125 list.

  3. Most people who approved his speech lack the education to understand that facade that is taking place. We can be patient, we let the process take place with Nixon and it isn’t slowing down with this racist idiot either.

  4. The local media outside of TR never printed or covered the fact that Rocky Hanna admitted he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing in Leon Schools. He cost taxpayers over $600,000 and nobody cares. He has a hit list of staff he non renew as a political vendetta, nobody cares He did not pay child support for 10 years! We sit idle as a bully runs our school system.

  5. I watched and got the impression Chuck Shumer looked like a giant human rat.
    I named him “Ratigan”.
    Nancy sitting there behind the President sucking on her bad stinky rotten teeth in typical old hag fashion reminded me of one of the witches from that last Shrek movie (the one with the villain Rumpelstiltskin).
    The Democratic “Ladies” dressed in white caused dark thoughts of members of a wiccian/pagan secret clan of devil worshiping witches who were mad at Trump for making them late to their nightly ritual of sacrificing live new born babies with sharp knives and forceps, ripping the poor screaming babies limb from limb, all taking place on an evil satanic alter.
    Then all the “Ladies” proceed to the next part of drinking and spilling the kids blood on their formerly white garments in a drunken orgy where much more unspeakable horrors would take place.
    I did like the part where the “Ladies” danced around and chanted USA USA USA though.
    Oh and Trump played the part of the Hero vanquishing all the evil described above and setting everything right.
    I do not like this latest fad of the leftists taking off their masks and revealing the dark evil within very much.
    But hey that’s just me. That’s how Snidely rolls.
    I’m so sure no one else in the whole wide world watching had any thoughts like that whatsoever!!!
    And believe it or not I was totally sober and in my right mind.

    Nancy Polosi reminded me of one of those witches on that last Shrek movie

  6. You mean the ‘Tally Phlegm ‘n Cr@p’ didn’t carry this valid and newsworthy major right-of-center story?

    Why…that’s DEPLORABLE.

  7. I actually screamed “Yeah!” when Trump said “America will NEVER be a Socialist country!” That’s right up there with.JFK’s “Ask not…” line, in historical significance.
    The poll tells me that there are many un-American Americans who believe in Socialism and infanticide. That’s very sad, but not surprising, in light of our broken educational system.
    To that, I say: More Classical Schools.
    And there are only a couple “editors” left at the local rag; the headlines get done by kiddie designers at whichever design center is charged with putting the paper together now (used to be Nashville, but Gannett closed them and the Ashbury Park design center down around Oct. 2017, leaving 3 centers to design all their propaganda, I mean papers.)
    With a vulture capifalist firm as their lead activist shareholder (Digital First Media),the end is VERY near for Gannett. DFM is attempting a hostile takeover of Gannett, including a proxy fight to take over their board of directors. The letter they wrote to Gannett, citing long-term mismanagement, was a fun read.

  8. I watched one local news channel do a story, about a year and half ago, on Trump’s son-in-law… but it the middle of the story there was a line about Trump not going to war… it had nothing to do with the original story. It was just a line stuck in to remind viewers and slam Trump. I’m pretty sure it was an AP or network story that was never read or re-written.

    They don’t take the time to report (or investigate) anything that doesn’t come in a press release. If they would have, the City and County would have been cleaned up years ago.

    And they all wonder why they are losing market share or revenue. We have all stopped watching!

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