Leon School Board to Consider $11.5 Mill in Amendments to Capital Budget

Leon School Board to Consider $11.5 Mill in Amendments to Capital Budget

At Tuesday’s Leon County School Board meeting, the Board will consider amending the 2018-19 capital budget by approximately $11.5 million.

The Capital Outlay Committee met on December 5, 2018 to discuss amending the previously approved Capital Outlay Budget for 2018-19. The Capital Outlay committee is comprised of district staff, school staff, a school board member and citizens.

The amendments include the following:

  • Fairview Middle – budget an additional $8,500,000 to complete Remodel/Renovation Building 3, Demolish Building 1 and site work
  • Rickards High – budget an additional $448,363 for New Construction
  • Athletics – budget an additional $200,000 for site work at Chiles Regional Football Stadium
  • Transportation – ratify budget to include $291,151 that was used to purchase passenger vans
  • Maintenance – budget an additional $649,244 (Additional PECO Funds)

These amendments leaves Leon County Schools with a reserve of $3,000,000 plus the remaining fund balance of $118,304

3 Responses to "Leon School Board to Consider $11.5 Mill in Amendments to Capital Budget"

  1. Great picture. This captures the essence of silence. School board members standing with Rocky Hanna who admitted he misled the FBI, has admitted he dated teachers he supervised and evaluated, and he enacted a hit list non renewing employees as a political vendetta.

    Under the leadership of Rocky Hanna, Leon County teachers are 48th lowest paid in Florida. Rocky Hanna gave raises for his inner circle, 6 Assistant Superintendents making $100,000 each, while teachers have no raises and rank 48th in pay. Silence but smiles for a ranking of 48th.

  2. Question? Is the 8.5 million for Building 3 to build new classrooms or new offices for the Adminstration? If you review the budget for Fairview and Rickards renovations does it exceed the costs to build a a new facility for a new 6-12 school for the Southside? Both schools are underenrolled for their attendance zones. The School Board missed an opportunity to do the right thing for kids and taxpayers by supporting Mr. Hanna’s desire to not build a New Southside School. Where are you Bill Proctor?

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