Killearn Homeowners Association Receives $1M Offer for Entrance Property

Killearn Homeowners Association Receives $1M Offer for Entrance Property

Just weeks after TR published a story about the Killearn Homeowners Association considering a land swap to purchase the Killearn golf course for $1 million, TR has learned that the KHA has received a $1 million offer for vacant land at the entrance of Killearn Estates.

TR learned that the KHA Executive Board discussed the offer at a meeting held on February 26th, 2019.

The offer, rendered by Beck Partners, is for vacant property located at the entrance of Killearn Estates fronting the well traveled Thomasville Road.

The website for Beck Partners indicates the group specializes in commercial real estate, property management and insurance with offices in Mobile, Pensacola, and Tallahassee.

Fletcher Dilmore, a sales associate, told TR that Beck Partners made the offer to KHA on behalf of a client. Mr. Dilmore told TR that based on professional business practices he could not release the name of the client.

The Executive Board indicated KHA is investigating the offer and more information may be provided at the next full Board meeting scheduled for March 5th, 2018.

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  1. It’s a lovely entrance and it makes a nice statement about our neighborhood.
    If such an action would require a vote, I would vote ‘no’.

  2. The dues are really small when considering a lot of top developments and my last development charged $300/mo. not a yea, charge far more then we pay. I’m not sure the HOA has any interest in our development other then being able to boast they are the “Big Dogs” in the Killearn HOA. I see the picture of the entrance but is not the parcel wanted for development either the north or south side of the entrance. It was in the past.

  3. What a shame it would be to ruin our lovely entrance with neon and gas pumps. We are very fortunate to have such a beautiful, spacious neighborhood. We too moved here from Central Florida, and paid $400 for maintenance, and besides green spaces, all we had was a tennis court. I am not suggesting we need an increase in dues, but I would prefer to cut back on things like Fourth of July fireworks and the glossy newsletter (unless the ads therein pay for it). I am opposed to any changes that would be a blot on the beauty of our neighborhood.

  4. A board member stated during the Mar 5th meeting that the HOA ” does NOT have a revenue problem, but a SPENDING problem”. Typical government actions that is not properly representing the people. Time for a change.

  5. Just curious…how is the quarterly publication and the 4th of July celebration in any way related to the maintenance and care of the neighborhood? Are those necessary functions of the HOA? Maybe the HOA should consider cutting out some of these expenses and stick with protection of the neighborhood.

  6. Going by the Prices I have seen around Town on Commercial Property and their locations, the two parcels here being discussed are worth well over $5 Million EACH. SO, what gives?

  7. I’m just missing something here. Why would we even want to buy the golf course or sell the front property? How much does it cost to run the golf course and who would pay for it? Who would use it? What is the benefit to the home owners of Killearn? How much does it cost us annually to own and maintain the front gate area? I don’t see either of these related projects being economically feasible.

  8. Mike, what would you do to get needed money for our lakes, parks, maintenance of all of the common areas, we where unable to have the 4 of July celebration last year and may not have one this year because we are told we need a ‘fire’ type island platform to set the fireworks out on! All of this cost money and we just don’t have enough money to do all of the things we need to refurbish this 60year old neighborhood. The dues are a average of $150.00 ‘a Year’ and that’s just not enough money to do the things needed to keep killearn estates the premier neighborhood it was in it past, and to keep up the property values of our homes. In order to have a dues increase, 75 percent of the home owners have to vote yes, It seems impossible to get that many members to even answer a poll, much less to vote to increase dues, so the board have to look at other options, like cutting back on the kloverleaf for a every month to a guarterly publication, maybe cuts in other areas the board is talking with a management company out of Jacksonville that take over many of the duties and responsibilities, it may save a little money in the long run, our KHA board are looking for options other than raising dues! And good ideas that you have that can help, please let the board know!

    1. JP, to answer your question, the HOA dues in our beautiful Wekiva neighborhood in Longwood just north of Orlando (where we lived for 25 years before moving here) were $275 per house per year – that was during the late 1980s and into the 1990s – the dues there are likely a lot more now. The Wekiva neighborhood had similar amenities that Killearn has: common-area parks and playgrounds for kids, carefully maintained tree-lined medians, beautiful entranceway, and a flourishing public golf course at it’s center with a perimeter road (like Shamrock Circle) running all the way around it. We never even blinked in 1985 at $275 a year when we first moved into Wekiva, and Killearn dues seemed unusually low to us when we moved here in 2006.
      I’m not trying to over-simplify any financial problems with Killearn, but if residents don’t want to pay the requisite dues to maintain the neighborhood now, they can’t expect the present maintenance to continue, myself included. I myself have no problem with dues that would double the price they are now, if Killearn can hold it’s value and land. If Killearn residents vote against that – well, the question answers itself.

  9. Killearn is an extremely rare neighborhood in these modern times. With it’s many trees, large lots and lush vegetation, it’s attractiveness has no comparison to the typical cookie-cutter, slash-and-build, jammed together modern housing developments.

    I ask all Killearn homeowners to ask themselves if one million or TEN million dollars (or any amount) is worth trading away our beautiful entrance area for just another Waffle House or Circle K right up next to our beautiful neighborhood entrance. Is any amount of money worth trading away Killearn’s tree-covered entrance area for a view of ugly store back lots and trash-strewn dumpsters?

    Don’t let Killearn be just another money-hungry victim of the cement-covered, urban trash syle of building that has choked and ruined so much of what was once a very beautiful Florida. If Killearn goes that direction, there is never any way of getting it back.

  10. Who was the Killearn Homeowner President when Barton Tuck shut down the North course, offered to sell it to the membership for $13,000,000, borrowed $3.5 million from Bank of Cairo and then never put a dime into the facility? Who was the person who was acting as leadership for Killearn HOA during that time period? Does anyone know if they are still in charge? Why didn’t the HOA try to stop the comp plan amendment? Does anyone know if the HOA went to the commission to speak up for the neighborhood? If not, are these people still running the HOA?

  11. Killearn homes association has received a number of offers from a lot of businesses and real estate firms from time to time In the past. most members of the board would tell anyone who made a offer that we didn’t want to sell any property at this time but a future board may change their mind on this issue. So lately we have had a couple of new offers and a decision was made to listen to the offers to see if the offers are something the board wants to consider. No vote will be taken to sell anything without public notice!

  12. So Beck Partners is one of the entitys Mr. Burnett has been courting for kickbacks while back stabbing all the homeowners.
    Thanks Steve

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