TEI Falls in December, Slide Continues

TEI Falls in December, Slide Continues

Tallahassee, FL – The Tallahassee Economic Index (TEI) recently released numbers ending December 2018. Following a .75 point slide in November, the Index fell .65 points from 36.21 to 35.56 in December.

This is the fourth consecutive decline in the monthly index.

The index is a measure of Tallahassee’s economic growth. The index is not a measure of the current status of the Tallahassee economy.

“The Index saw another month of slight deceleration in December. Business spending categories like Advertising, Office Equipment and Supplies saw double digit declines compared to December of 2017,” said TEI Founder Brett F. Ewing.

Ewing added, “The data was not all negative. Local consumers were the shining stars in the data this month. Spending in multiple consumer spending categories spiked during December. On top of that, Initial Claims for Reemployment Assistance moved back towards record lows, showing the strength of the local job market.”

“The index stalled in December, signaling growth in the capital city is stable, but flat lining,” said Lance Mitchell, Director of Research at the TEI. “While housing inventory remains low, new construction permits continued its slowing trend & building material sales are finally starting to fall, giving us pause on the future growth of the residential market.

Mitchell also added, “While the continued stalling of the index is somewhat worrisome, it is really just mimicking the national economy which is still seeing growth, but that growth is slowing.”

  • Airport Traffic descended 11.76 percent from last month, but climbed 10.63 percent from one year ago
  • New Construction Permits crumbled 44.44%from the prior month, and 77.78 percent from one year ago
  • Initial Claims for Reemployment Assistance got to work moving down 11.36 percent MoM, and 24.17 percent YoY
  • Realtor Sales closed higher by 23.37 percent higher than November, and were unchanged from December of last year
  • Lumber Sales fell 14.10 percent MoM, but climbed .71 percent compared to last December

2 Responses to "TEI Falls in December, Slide Continues"

  1. “Business spending categories like Advertising, Office Equipment and Supplies saw double digit declines” ………………………… could those Declines be because of Business Closures? We lost several Businesses during that time because the Businesses were made to relocate due to Construction Projects and many just decided to close up for good instead of trying to make a go of it some where else.

  2. Economic development from Leon Schools…Hanna provides teachers with a $1,500 per year raise, divided by 186 contract days, equals $8 per day, which is $1 per hour before taxes. The devil is in the details, while Hanna’s Assistant Superintendents make over $100,000 each, teacher recieve less than $1 per hour raise. Rocky blames the legislature for low funding…hey Rocky how about your bloated overpaid administrative overhead! Pennies for teachers, while political handpicked non-interviewed Assistant Superintendents are paid over $100,000 each.

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