Northeast Gateway Meeting Scheduled

Northeast Gateway Meeting Scheduled

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) is holding a meeting about the construction of the Northeast Gateway which will essentially connect Shamrock Street in Killearn Estates to Capital Circle through the Welaunee development.

The IA states that the purpose of the project is to “improve regional mobility and enhance connectivity for motorized and non-motorized users… The project is needed to provide an alternative route for existing users of Centerville and Miccosukee Roads— two scenic roadways that are locally protected and designated as Canopy Roads.”

Also, the IA states that the project “is anticipated to provide relief to US 319 (Thomasville Road) and US 90 (Mahan Drive)—the first phase of a new regional gateway into Tallahassee.”

Based on this analysis, Shamrock Street can expect more traffic.

In 2016, TR broke a story about a proposal to establish a “Killearn Corridor” which included widening Shamrock Street to four lanes.

A week after TR’s story was published, the Capital Regional Transportation Agency voted unanimously to rule the out the “Killearn Corridor” option for relieving traffic congestion on Thomasville Road and I-10.

The meeting information provided about this project does not specifically address the impact on Shamrock Street.

The meeting is being held to provide interested persons an opportunity to learn about the project and express their views. There will be a brief presentation, and maps, drawings, and other information will be on display.

Also, Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency representatives and project team members will be available to explain proposed improvements, answer questions, and receive comments.

The meeting will be held Monday, March 11, 2019 5:30 – 6:30 pm at Holy Comforter Episcopal School Student Center/Gymnasium located at 2001 Fleischmann Road Tallahassee.

5 Responses to "Northeast Gateway Meeting Scheduled"

  1. This extension is meant to help the developer expand this massive housing development. The developer should pay for and BluePrint funds used to fix our ailing raw sewage system we all recently learned has been under a Consent Order since 2009, fund drug rehab programs across our city that are virtually non existent, provide first time homebuyers financial assistance and help entrpreuneurs start in business.

  2. The old project was either the old Northeast Parkway or the Red Hills Parkway and was not included in recent updates to the CRTPA’s long range transportation plan. The currently proposed project wont really help with traffic on US 319 very much, and I don’t see how it will help traffic on Mahan. It looks like this roadway will help the Welaunee development; it is a way to move traffic without having to widen Miccosukee or Centerville Rds. It will probably increase traffic on Shamrock as traffic from Welaunee will want to go to the Thomasville Rd area as it is becoming a major activity center. I would love to see the traffic modeling for this roadway and the surrounding development. It should be modeled with a new interchange at I-10 and without an interchange, and the modeling should go out to a horizon of 2040, and include impacts Shamrock, Thomasville, Centerville, Miccosukee, Welaunee, and I-10.

    This proposed road is a road that the developer should fund and build and not the city. The city and county should be saving their funds for the traffic impacts from the Welaunee Development on Centerville and Miccosukee. Intersection improvements such as right and left turn lanes, traffic signals, bike lanes and sidewalks, bus stops and shelters, and street lighting all will need to be constructed. Hopefully the development is setting aside the right of way for a future interchange because it will be needed one day and it would be nice if the developer donated the land and saved the public millions for the future interchnge.

  3. I remember back in the late 80’s there was talk of a second Capital Circle that was to go behind the Air Port, behind the Sewer Treatment Plant, go around Southwood, line up with Chairs Cross Road and also Bannerman Road. What happened to that idea?

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