City Commission to Consider New Site Selection Process for Public Safety Campus

City Commission to Consider New Site Selection Process for Public Safety Campus

This Wednesday the Tallahassee City Commission will consider a new site selection process for the proposed public safety campus as recommended by city staff.

The staff recommendation comes after two town hall meetings revealed concerns about the proposed location near South Monroe and Orange Avenue.

Recommended Site Selection Process

The staff’s proposed site selection process will first identify properties that can, at a minimum, physically house the existing and future needs of the police department.

The second phase of the process will then determine the communities’ acceptance of the facility in their area and assist with identifying other appropriate uses that could be considered on the site.

Staff is recommending that the architectural, engineering and the construction manager at risk teams lead the efforts for both phases of the process.

Potential Locations

The list of potential locations will be vetted through evaluation criteria which includes – but is not limited to – size (minimum 9 acres), cost of acquisition, access, and impact on redevelopment.

Also, staff recommends priority should be given to sites located within approximately 2 miles of the city center.

Staff has already received numerous proposed sites from citizens, realtors and property owners. Staff recommends that any and all property locations submitted by citizens, community groups, realtors, property owners, etc. be summarized in a complete list.

Staff recommends a 30 day call for property submittals.

Staff recommends that 5 to 10 sites be selected based on technical criteria and then the City Commission, after hearing from the public, vote for the top three sites.

The architect, engineering and construction manager at risk team will conduct community meetings for the three short-listed sites in order to obtain community input with an ultimate goal of obtaining whether or not there is broad community support.

At the conclusion of the community meetings, the architect, engineering and the construction manager at risk team will complete a more in depth technical analysis.

The City Commission will then rank the proposals and direct staff to begin negotiating the purchase of the top ranked property.

13 Responses to "City Commission to Consider New Site Selection Process for Public Safety Campus"

  1. 1. The City owns a huge area by the Sheriff jail – it is bordered by Jackson Bluff, Mabry, Appleyard and Pensacola; it is roughly a half by half mile square; and if you toss in the adjoining Park it is 3/4 mile long;
    2. What about the way under utilized and over costly CITY OWNED Golf Courses of Jake Gaither? It’s 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile square (is that 160 Acres). Then there’s Hilaman Golf Course; and then also there are a lot of ‘Parks’ like 60 plus. Take for instance the Palmer Monroe ‘Teen Center’ – completely under utilized. ALL CITY PROPERTIES.

  2. ALSO, after the 3 Sites get chosen, it would be in the best interest for ALL, if the Commissioners, Mayor, Chief DeLeo and members of the Risk Team actually go to each site and walk it and see if they are actually feasible, how will the Patrol Cars enter and exit the Property, What impact will all the new Vehicles coming and going have to the area, how well will everything flow, what about the extra noise that will be imposed on the area. There is a LOT that has to be considered, just like all the considerations give when Cascade Park was being built and after it has opened.

  3. First: STOP calling is a “Public Safety Campus”, you don’t need Kids hanging out playing at a POLICE STATION. Second: Build it Multi Story and include an Underground Basement. In the Basement is were you will have Jail Cells for those that are given lite Bail where they see the Judge thru a CC TV set up. Third: DON’T OVER PAY, and DON’T OVER SPEND. Take your time and find the right place.

  4. Where is the outside professional consultant to make a report that includes issues that no one has ever thought of?

    I am sure the staff is very competent, but to give an added boost to the integrity and professionalism I would like to see a consultant for such an important project.

    1. I feel veteran commissioner Curtis Richardson can convince the rest of the Honorable commission to hire Garry Yordon to do a little consulting for a bargen rate of $175,000.00.
      Great idea!

  5. They want at least nine acres at the most two miles from the “city center”. Yeah good luck with that.
    And if you do piece all of those parcels together 10-15 million minimum for just the land. At a conservative guess

  6. Okay Tallahassee property owners, here’s your chance to move that property you’ve been sitting on all these years waiting for the golden goose. Hire the best connected lobbyist you can find, government typically overpays for real estate. We’ll see how this one goes, whether the city buys good property for a good price, or if they pay too much to a politically connected friend. A new city commission? We’ll see soon.

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