Together … Changing Hearts, Saving Lives: Walk for Life 2019

Together … Changing Hearts, Saving Lives: Walk for Life 2019

This Saturday, March 9, A Women’s Pregnancy Center will host one of its biggest fundraisers of the year: Walk for Life 2019. The walk – aimed at raising money for helping women and men, who are at risk of choosing an abortion, choose life – will take place at the Tallahassee Car Museum (6800 Mahan Dr.). Registration begins at 8:30 am, and the walk begins at 9 am. The walk is an opportunity for family fun, music by Way-FM, games that include a bouncy-house, and of course taking action for the unborn.

In the days leading up to the walk, Tallahassee Reports spoke with the center’s Executive Director Jamie Brown to learn more about a Women’s Pregnancy Center, Walk for Life 2019, and how concerned Tallahassee residents can get involved with the center’s efforts.

A Women’s Pregnancy Center is a pro-life ministry founded in 1985. While praying outside of abortion clinics, founders decided that they wanted to offer women reproductive services that would also encourage women to have their babies. Over the years, the center has been in various locations, but it has been in its current home, just off of FSU’s campus, since 2005.

Thousands of college students walk past the center everyday, so the location provides more opportunities for serving college students who are especially vulnerable to experiencing a crisis pregnancy and, thus, choosing to have an abortion. About half of the center’s clientele are college students.

Currently, the center offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling. STD testing is not free, but clients only pay for the cost of the test (around $57). The center also offers material resources at another location called, “Belly Boutique,” which is housed in Element 3 Church. There, clients can receive donated goods such as diapers, strollers, maternity clothes, and so forth.

A Women’s Pregnancy Center touts that it does not take government dollars – even though it could. This is intentional so that the center is not restricted in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to persons experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

The center has 17 workers, three of whom are full time, and 80 volunteers comprised of both men and women. In 2018, the center had 1,700 new clients.

In 2018, the Walk for Life raised over $205,000 and had over 500 participants. This year, the 24th annual walk, the center hopes to raise $180,000. You can register, give, and learn more at

A Women’s Pregnancy Center is always looking for involvement from the community. Jamie Brown says that they are especially grateful for volunteer nurses and persons willing to undergo a training program in order to serve clients at the center.

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