Killearn Kiwanis Steps Up Hurricane Relief Efforts

Killearn Kiwanis Steps Up Hurricane Relief Efforts

After Hurricane Michael many Floridians rushed to find ways to donate to help those affected by the horrific storm.. The Killearn Kiwanis Club also sprang into action. Initially, it was individual members who sought out the Red Cross, their churches, or some other way to donate money, goods, or services to help the survivors.

However, recently Kiwanis members asked one another as a club, “What can we do as an organization that is dedicated to helping communities from one child at a time to helping communities and the children of those communities on a larger scale?”

Killearn Kiwanis elected to ask the Kiwanis Florida State Organization for a monetary grant that could allow the organization to give more. Shortly thereafter, the club’s request for a Florida Kiwanis grant of $2,000 was approved for hurricane relief.

Members of the club then traveled to the affected areas, met with local leaders and asked what was most needed. The answer was cleaning supplies, diapers, food and water.

On February 21, Killearn Kiwanis Club members delivered $1,000 worth of diapers and cleaning supplies that was purchased at the local Costco. The club also donated $1,000 to Second Harvest who delivered a large truck filled with food.

In addition, many of the members bought more diapers, water, toys, clothes and food to add to the delivery. And the Kiwanis Akton Club – a club for developmentally challenged adults – conducted a food drive over several weeks and filled the bed of a pickup truck with food and water for the victims.

Members Al Eppinger, Tom Fackender, Norm Mears, Kim and Tommy Mills, Jim Varley, and Jim Wylie delivered the donations. The Kiwanis Club members were able to meet the hurricane victims and distribute the donations.

According to Killearn Kiwanis club member, “It humbles all of us to realize these folks have lost everything and we are able to help.”

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