Moody Backs Immigration Proposal

Moody Backs Immigration Proposal

By The News Service of Florida

Attorney General Ashley Moody supports a Senate proposal that would give her the authority to file civil actions against local governments that do not fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

“City officials must obey the laws that they swore to uphold,” Lauren Schenone, a spokeswoman for Moody, said in a prepared statement. “The attorney general believes immigration laws should be respected and enforced and she supports the bill in its current form.”

The Senate is moving forward with a bill that would ban so-called sanctuary cities. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Joe Gruters, R-Sarasota, would give Moody the authority to file civil actions, such as seeking injunctions, against state or local government entities or law-enforcement agencies that do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

Currently, there are no “sanctuary cities” in Florida.

The Senate bill (SB 168), which is a watered-down version of a House proposal, has sped through committees and will next be heard by the Senate Rules Committee. It could then go to the full Senate. Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez, a Miami Democrat who opposes the bill, was critical of the possibility that the attorney general could file civil actions.

“This provision is about intimidating local officials into spending local tax dollars to go after neighbors in their communities who happen to be immigrants regardless of whether they are a threat to public safety,” Rodriguez said. “If it’s not related to public safety, it’s the role of the federal government to enforce immigration law, and our attorney general should not be distracted from critical priorities like the ongoing opioid crisis or the epidemic of gun violence.”

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  1. Has anyone heard anything about the FBI investigation into our former mayor? Seems like it has disappeared altogether.

  2. Stand up and speak eloquently and clearly. I don’t wanta live in a police state . Chill out. My neighbors are people—not immigrants anymore than any of those speaking against immigrants are.

    1. With all due respect Sue, I’ll be clear. No one is discussing “immigrants” here – immigrants come into our country legally and completed or are pursuing the legal (and long-established) citizenship process. The story and comments are limited solely to ILLEGALS – “people” named so because they broke the law with their first act of crossing our borders without permission, and continue to do so by remaining in America ILLEGALLY, evading court hearing dates, hiding out, costing America billions by using our social services and medical resources etc. for free – all ILLEGALLY.
      The rules are crystal-clear: Enter America legally and go through the long-established citizenship process and you’ll likely become an American citizen. Cross our border illegally and remain here illegally, and you’ll likely be deported. Very clear and simple.

      Another TR story is about Illegals being bussed to the American border (by Dem-Socialist funded operatives in South America and Mexico, who should get criminal penalties and prison sentences). We need the law enacted that decrees anyone who even attempts to cross America’s border illegally, or remains in America illegally, is AUTOMATICALLY permanently ineligible for American citizenship.
      Illegals are criminals by definition. Immigrants are legal entrants into America. There is no parity between the two terms.

  3. I hear he has a big announcement coming up. The funny thinis it could either be a plea bargain, or he is running for presidency

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