Andrew Gillum Registers Business in Florida

Andrew Gillum Registers Business in Florida

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Andrew Gillum and his wife, R. Jai, registered a company in Florida called CJD Group, LLC on January 25th, 2019.

The filing of the Limited Liability Company lists Andrew Gillum and R. Jai Gillum as Managers. The filing also lists Sharon Lettman-Hicks and Christopher Chestnut as Authorized Members.

The registered agent is listed as the Pittman Law Group.

TR reported in 2017 that Lettman-Hicks was an officer in P&P Communications, along with Andrew Gillum. In 2017 P&P Communications collected rent payments from Gillum’s Florida gubernatorial campaign and TR reported that the company paid Gillum $71,000.

Christopher Chestnut is a lawyer and a childhood friend of Gillum’s.

The Miami Herald reported in 2018 that “Chestnut has tangled with the Florida Bar several times since he began practicing law — he pleaded guilty to a Bar violation in 2015 for failing to inform a client on a wrongful death claim and was publicly reprimanded, though the Bar dropped complaints that included improper solicitation of clients and making false statements in court. The lawyer, who used to practice law in Gainesville but moved his firm to Atlanta, also has two disciplinary actions against him still pending with the Florida Bar.”

Sean Pittman, who owns the Pittman Law Group, has been a business associate, donor and friend to Gillum for a number years. He is also been mentioned in several reports involving the FBI investigation into Tallahassee corruption. Pittman was on the Costa Rica trip with Gillum which is now the focus of a Florida Commission on Ethics hearing scheduled to begin on April 23rd.

Gillum recently announced the creation of a voter registration group – Bring It Home Florida – aimed at signing up one million new voters in Florida with a goal of “flipping Florida blue” in the next presidential election.

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  1. DITTO, Robert Walden, and THAT’S the bottom line! The “so-called’ president is the biggest crook of them all, yet they love the guy that’s screwing them royally, and it is going to get worse. They also love that seriously dumb illegitimate governor, what’s his face, who Andrew Gillum made look like a fool. Almost the whole Republican party is as crooked as hell, and btw, and are in fact, demons ‘from’ hell!

    1. FACT: No one in either Rick Scott’s or Ron DeSantis’ immediate family has served time in prison.

      FACT: Every one of Gillum’s siblings, and his mom, have a criminal record.

      FACT: Mueller and his team of 17 HilLIARy supporters/lawyers spent 27 months and $30-40 million of your tax dollars on a “Witch Hunt” with Trump as the target.

      They found bumpkus.

      They should have just spent $12 (instead of $30M), bought Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash,” and copied the sections and related footnotes dealing with their Russian collusion.

      So, who’s crooked as hell?

  2. When is his court date? Still waiting for an answer to the ethics violations from his time as the Tallahassee mayor.

  3. Most of the people bashing Gillum, know absolutely nothing about business, nor do they know anything about sitting up an LLC to conduct business. People are so judgmental, but Gullum is a smart, Savvy business man and also his wife, see Black men, and women are degreed in and about business, that’s why they hold master degrees, and don’t punch a clocks. I’ll tell you what you tell me about slavery “get over it” !

    1. What Mr. Gillum knows about “business” is a big question – he never held any real-world job. He went directly from FAMU into political office. So how much he could possibly know about “running a business” is an open question. Being in politics doesn’t teach one anything about private-sector economics. It’s a taxpayer funded system, you get money regardless of your performance much of the time. Totally opposite from the real world of private-sector business. What Gillum’s skin color (or anyone slse’s) could possibly have to do with any real-world skills the man may have is completely irrelevant.

  4. White people how crazy you all are you just hate anybody who don’t look like you but you love Trump he is the biggest crook in America.

  5. Gillum must literally kick himself every day. Leaving $3M in the bank on election day cost him the Governor’s mansion and 3 Florida Supreme Justice picks. Those picks would have gotten his BFF and new business partner, Christopher Chestnut, off the disbarment hook and out of bankruptcy.

    1. True dat.
      $3M would have easily gotten 40,000 more counterfeit ballots printed, paid for a staffed boiler room to get them “properly” filled out, and then delivered to Brenda Snipes’ private closet.

  6. Money laundering, pure and simple. A candidate, or friends of a candidate, start a company, have supporters (Soros?) pour money into it, then the candidate contracts with the company for a fat fee. It’s known as the Clinton Dynamic.

  7. Not quite sure why this is a big deal. I have 2 registered companies in Florida because, in order to do business of any kind in Florida legally, you have to create a company and register with the state.
    One of my companies has some law firm as a registered agent because we thought we needed a lawyer to do the paperwork. We learned to not waste that money in the second company.

  8. Wow, registering a money laundering slush fund enterprise in order to funnel money to each other begs the question… what took them so long?

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