Help Keep Local Journalism Local

Help Keep Local Journalism Local

Tallahassee Reports, a non-profit 501(c)3, has been committed to covering the local stories that make a difference in our community for ten years.

We hire local journalists, we have a local phone number for customer service, we provide affordable advertising for local businesses, and our board members live in the community.

You have probably read about large corporations that own local news outlets cutting local resources. This is not good for local journalism.

You can help Tallahassee Reports continue to meet the journalistic needs of our community by becoming a Tallahassee Reports subscriber for only $50 per year.


Your subscription will help provide resources to a media outlet focused on local news, local advertisers, and our local community.

A TR subscription includes 12 months of our print edition mailed to your home or office and Email alerts sent out three times a week.

If you are already a subscriber, please consider a gift subscription

If you have any questions, please call TR’s publisher, Kathy Stewart, at 850-766-6207.

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