Report: Over 33% of Leon County Home School Students Out of Compliance for One or More Years

Report: Over 33% of Leon County Home School Students Out of Compliance for One or More Years

Information obtained by Tallahassee Reports shows that over 33% of Leon County’s 2,346 students enrolled in home school have failed to comply with home school annual evaluation requirements.

Some of the students have been out of compliance for one or more years. 

An audit just completed by Leon County Schools also found that these students should have been withdrawn due to failure to comply with the evaluation requirements.

TR was told via email late today that notices have been sent out to all families that they will be withdrawn in 30 days if they do not turn in an annual evaluation.

On March 7th, Tallahassee Reports published a story that showed Leon County Schools home school population was growing five times faster than the state average.

School officials believe that the growth rate is due to the non-compliance issue.

After the report was published, TR requested home school data from Leon County Schools.

TR will continue to investigate.

10 Responses to "Report: Over 33% of Leon County Home School Students Out of Compliance for One or More Years"

  1. I’ll bet the homeschoolers test scores are more than 33% above the test scores of Rickards and Godby. Just sayin’….

  2. Home Schoolers better beware! The teacher’s union & DOE (which shouldn’t even exist), are being threatened under this administration – in other words: the truth is coming out. Whether or not home schoolers are “in compliance”, it’s almost guaranteed they are learning more at home than in public school. Not to mention they are not being brainwashed with whatever nonsense the government decides to fill their heads with. If the schools would go back to teaching reading, writing and ‘rithmatic, along with civics, honest history, & government, fewer families would be fleeing public schools.

  3. Way less distraction at home and more time and opportunity to pursue learning, especially life skills. With the much smaller classroom size, teacher is able to advance as soon as a student gets a concept, rather than wait for the rest of the class, or spend more time in an area if need be. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, certainly, but for many it’s a great option.

  4. I believe that credentialed qualified and educated people are in the assistant superintendents positions.

    If you are aware that this is not the case then you should show evidence.

    1. Hope,
      You have gone from justifying a $100,000 salary for the chose few, while teachers are the 44th lowest paid in Florida to using an industrial standard, to safety and child welfare, now to credentialed How about we agree on the facts. None of them were made to apply for a job, they were poitical appointments by the Superintendent with $100,000 salaries soon after he took office while teachers got no raises for two years and less than a dollar per hour raise this year. Hanna’s priority was to develop and enact a “hit list” of those he disliked, ruin the lives of good employees and enrich cronyism.

      TR/ Steve Stewart keep up the good work!

  5. Mark,

    The assistant superintendents $100,000 salaries are commensurate with the industry standard. You would be putting the welfare of the children in jeopardy if you lower that standard because in order to attract qualified people to fill these positions this salary range is appropriate.

    It looks like the homeschool issues are serious and need immediate attention. I believe you do have some significant credibility here.

    Thank you Tallahassee Reports keep us posted.

    1. Hope,
      There is no industry standard for assistant superintendents that were placed in positions based on political payback. Each of these assistant superintendents did not have to apply for a position, they were placed in it. The industry standard says people should apply for jobs. The industry standard says Leon County teachers are the 44th lowest paid wihile assistant superintendents make $100,000. Who has more safety and welfare of students teachers or assistant superintendents that cater to the whim of the superintendent?

  6. Please send this to the Commissioner of Education!

    Malfeasance and negligence is the new Leon Schools way of work. The Leon County School Board has empowered Rocky Hanna to break rules, he continues ethical violations. Question…What do 6 Assistant Superintendents do for over $100,000 each when these issues bubble underneath their supervision? A complete and full investigation is warranted.

    Thank you TR for your reporting.

    Rocky, please resign and put your overpaid Assistant Superintendents back in schools, they will probably resign after they have to teach.

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