“Mike Miller” May Return to Tallahassee

“Mike Miller” May Return to Tallahassee

In a motion filed this past Friday, the Florida Commission on Ethics is seeking a protective order pertaining to the testimony of undercover FBI agent Mike Miller in the Andrew Gillum case.

The motion is seeking to protect the “identity and security” of the FBI undercover agent whom may be a witness in the case so that other undercover investigations are not jeopardized.

This was first reported by WCTV’s Mariel Carbone.

Probable cause was found that Gillum broke state ethics laws while on a trips to New York and Costa Rica.

The motion states that the advocate, Elizabeth Miller, anticipates calling FBI agent “Mike Miller” to testify about his interactions with Gillum and Gillum’s companions while in New York.

The motion notes that Gillum’s counsel does not oppose Miller’s telephonic appearance at deposition or the final hearing.

In another motion, the advocate is requesting that the Gillum hearing be pushed back to August due to the fact that Adam Corey’s attorney, Chris Kise, is currently in the hospital and will not be able to return to work for at least 30 days.

Corey is described as “a material witness” in the case.

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  1. Snidester, I find it difficult to believe that a man who used to keep a Bible on his desk would be BFFs with Andrew Guilty. Do you have any corroboration?

    1. A Democrat with a Bible on his desk is still a Democrat. Willie needs to recuse himself to avoid any perception of collusion with other Democrats. Plus in his old age he may be easier to be influenced by big money from folks like George Soros and Tom Styre who both would give anything to be sure Gillum makes it through the ethics probe unscathed. Sit this one out Willie.

        1. An Administrative Judge just told Willie and his gang of Gillum lovers on the Florida Commission on Ethics to go pound sand.
          The hearing will be 04/24/19. Not way out in August as Willie and the gang dreamed of.

  2. I wonder if they’re trying to push this out past the Maddox trial, to see how that plays?
    I say LETS GET IT ON!

    1. As this “story” is being portrayed here in TR and other news outlets I also smell a delaying tactic being put in play by The Florida Commission on Ethics. It is not within The Commission’s scope of responsibility to obsess over the protection of the ”identity and security’ of an FBI employee. All The Commission should do is subpoena the FBI employee and allow the FBI to arrange for any ”identity and security” concerns. Yes proof positive this is 100% a “delaying tactic” by The Florida Commission on Ethics…oh a quick look online confirms that Andrew Gillum lover William “Willie” N. Meggs is an esteemed member of The Florida Commission on Ethics…sniff…sniff…I smell an “Unethical Rat” somewhere in the chambers of The Florida Commission on Ethics. Who could it be????

  3. You can’t build Integrity solely on shameless self-promotion. The foundation has given way early in Gillum’s and doubtful that it will ever be restored.

    Integrity was supposed to compensate for the lack of skills and experience. But, there just was no integrity on which to build and it has finally caught up with him.

    I believe Gillum should get out of the politics business as it is just not his forte.

  4. If Gillum would stay out of politics forever, I would start a GoFundMe and pay HIM the $100,000 I would raise within 1 hour. Then I would do 500 hours of community services FOR him just to avoid seeing him touted on TV as some kind of wonderboy genius.

  5. Gillum should just plead Guilty and make it where he can NOT ever do ANYTHING that has to do with Politics or Politicians, pay a $100,000 Fine and do 500 Hours of Community Service at the Homeless Shelter on Pensacola Street.

  6. Let’s see just how many KNOWN ethical violations has Andrew (and Dustin) attempted to pull-over on the tax payers of Tallahassee….; and what is the real cost of this corruption to our community? Let’s get these indictments going…..

    1. Adam Corey: MIA?
      From the local rag’s version of this story:
      “In her request for a delay, Miller said neither the commission nor Gillum’s lawyers have been able to find Corey, who is also a central figure in the FBI probe.”

      1. Perhaps Corey is hiding out – I’m sure he may not be a welcome personality to local allies of Gillum. Or perhaps now that Andrew is a new celebrity in the DNC (and an esteemed commentator on CNN!), the Clintons have made Corey a new candidate for their long list of untimely departed former associates.

        By the way, what’s the latest news in the Seth Rich “robbery” investigation?

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