Andrew Gillum Becomes Chairman of PAC with $4 Million

Andrew Gillum Becomes Chairman of PAC with $4 Million

It is official, as of March 29, 2019 former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is now the Chairman of the “Forward Florida” Political Action Committee (PAC).

Gillum lists his address as 240 North Magnolia Drive in Tallahassee.

PAC’s can accept contributions or make expenditures to advocate the election or defeat of a candidate or issue.

Politico recently reported that the PAC, which raised and spent funds on Gillum’s campaign for Florida governor, has approximately $4 million.

Gillum was criticized for ending the campaign, which he lost by approximately 30,000 votes, with millions of dollars still in the PAC account.

The previous chairman of the PAC was Andrew Gay, a Tallahassee based accountant. He is now listed as the Treasurer.

In March, Gillum launched a Florida voter registration group dedicated to defeating President Donald Trump’s re-election chances in the nation’s largest swing state.

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  1. They’re all corrupt and if you think a one party control is the answer everyone of you are drinking the dilusional party juice. There hasn’t been a system here that benefits all citizens its either one demo or the other and each party blames the other and promises better and if so it happens for one and not the other which is no better. The ones who benefit gives a pass to the transgressions of said canidate and blast the other ie Rick Scott milking billions from healthcare systems. When we are allowed vote for every policy critical to our standard of life, liberty and justice instead of believing in a single party agenda that is when the People will have true power. Parties are using the old divide and conquer tactic on us and we The People are falling for it. Wake up!

  2. Gillum and Hanna are just two examples of our Tall Democratic Swamp. The City Comm., County Comm., and School Board are loaded with others. This will not change until moderate republicans decide to get out of their comfort zone and run for local offices. Tall. will never change until we follow the lead of other Republican lead communities.

    1. Completely agree, Alex. But Tally demographics will have to change to get R’s and Conservatives (often not the same thing) elected. Depends on how much of our new population growth (refugees from South and Central FL or Atlanta) or Illinois or NY – those people may vote for the same Dem-Socialist dolts that ruined the areas they fled. But hopefully enough Conservatives and former FSU students who’ve started families here will eventually out-vote the Liberal Blue Stain that governs Tallahassee in a region colored Conservative Red.

    2. Completely agree, Alex. But Tally demographics will have to change to get R’s and Conservatives (often not the same thing) elected. Depends on how much of our new population growth (refugees from South and Central FL or Atlanta) or Illinois or NY – those people may vote for the same Dem-Socialist dolts that ruined the areas they fled. But hopefully enough Conservatives and former FSU students who’ve started families here will eventually out-vote the Liberal Blue Stain that governs Tallahassee in a region colored Conservative Red.

      1. At-Large districting needs to be abolished. That’s the Demonrats’ longtime scheme to block conservatives from ever getting elected in Leon County. The number of Dems registered to vote in the county is significantly higher than Repubs, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to block the conservative bloc.
        If Leon County were ever to get an influx of Repubs and flip the ratio, you would see the Dem’s screaming to do what I said above.

        1. None of that surprises me, News Maven – the Democrat-Socialists (some now eagerly dropping “democrat” from their label) always make rigging the electorate and-or the voting guidelines in their favor a high priority. That’s why now prominent DS’s are whining for the abolition of the Electoral College, the lowering of the national voting age to 16, and allowing ILLEGALS to vote in some local elections. It’s all about creating a permanent DS Majority voting bloc.

          Locally, I take some consolation that we at least have a Republican majority in the FL legislature and we have Desantis in the Gov. Mansion (to me, DeSantis alone has changed the outlook of Tallahassee for the better). And (Happy Day!) dandy andy is no longer our “mayor”, although he still slinks around occasionally to cloud the air. Perhaps soon the FBI may limit his slinking to a very small walled area, just as Maddox is facing.

  3. @BigOrange ” Anything to keep from earning an honest buck” ??? You’re on the wrong page… as this article isn’t about the Grifter-In-Chief Donald Trump. That IS who you were talking about, right?

    1. Good looking out Domino!!@
      I just hope they let members of The Florida Commission on Ethics keep their “gift” money they were paid for their failed attempt to postpone Gillums ethics trial way out to August. Willie and the boys tried Mr. Soros. Who could have guessed we would have come up against a hard @ss Judge.

    1. Crime/unethical behavior got Hanna the position of Superintendent. Crime and unethical behavior gets you what in want in Leon County when school board members and others look the other way. Hanna broke state rules that govern ethics along with costing us, taxpayers more importantly the students and teachers over $600,000 on an investigation that Rocky admitted was a set-up to dirty up the former Superintendent. Welcome to Leon County where a lack of ethics is rewarded.

  4. Regardless of the way Gillum’s attorney tried to spin it AND regardless of the way local media backed it up Gillum’s masters, Soros and Stier, really wanted that Florida Commission on Ethics issue postponed until August prior to the 4Mill PAC story going public.

    1. What Planet where these lying, conniving democrat Socialist crooks hatched? I have never seen such dispicable creeps in all my life! What drugs where prescribed during their pregnancy? Their brain is totally rewired!!!

  5. Andrew Gillum Now The Chairman of a PAC with $4 Million while under investigation for ethics violations is like Rocky Hanna being in charge of education in Leon County after being sued for neglect to pay child support for 10 years. Both happened, both send the wrong message to our community. I guess what could be worse is a partnership/co-teaching effortbetween Gillum and Hanna to teach an ethics class, talk about lies, lies and more lies.

    Gillum uses the Crump Law Firm for an address, Rocky Hanna used his school district email account to settle his lawsuit for not paying child support for 10 years (by the way, is that child neglect or endangerment?). Dumb and Dumber!

  6. Not surprising at all that gillum uses “Forward” in most of his political slogans – It’s a key word in Socialist and Communist slogans and history, which fits exactly with gillum’s leftist, radical ideology.
    From Wikipedia: “The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications,” the online encyclopedia explains. The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.”

    obama also used “Forward” as his 2nd term campaign slogan, not surprising since obama and gillum are cut from the same radical, Leftist, Socialist cloth.

    So “Forward” would put Florida squarely on the same path as modern-day Venezuela and Cuba, which is what the Dem-Socialist party wants for America – that’s the reason they and the MSM assiduously avoid mentioning Venezuela. So, all you Florida refugees from Cuba and Venezuela, ready to greet gillum’s million-voter registration workers at your door?

  7. “Gillum lists his address as 240 North Magnolia Drive in Tallahassee.” ……………… HIS Address? That’s Crump’s Law Office Building. I guess they meant to say the PAC’s Address. But then again, it worked for Scott Maddox………….

    1. Right across the street from his “propaganda division.”
      Although if MNG succeeds in their hostile takeover of Gannett by this summer (as I’ve been predicting) that unspoken arrangement may come to a swift end.

    2. Right across the street from his “propaganda division.”
      Although if MNG succeeds in their hostile takeover of Gannett by this summer (as I’ve been predicting) that unspoken arrangement may come to a swift end.

      1. What is with you people hating on others that are not the same skin color? Did anyone stop you all from become someone more than you all are? Considering your skin color make you all more privileged? Get a life and stop hating and being jealous.

        1. Andrew Gillum does not get a pass because of his skin color and Martin Luther King would be disappointed that that excuse is being used. Andrew Gillum is being judged on the content of his character or lack thereof and not the color of his skin.

          1. Love your comment
            Exactly right.When do.people stop using the race card only when they stop being Racist.
            Educated people with a brain don’t do those things.

        2. Nothing to do with the color of his skin but everything to do with his content of character! I don’t like Maddox, Page, Pelosi, Schumer, Bernie, Creepy Uncle Joe, AOC, and many others for the same reason. Nothing is judged by the color of their skin. It their selfishness, Godlessness, and hate for the freedoms of our country that tirns me off of supporting them.

        3. It is actually you who is hating. I only saw one stupid comment that might have been intended as racial (maybe there were more that I missed). This has absolutely NOTHING to do with skin color. This has to do with two things.. The FBI investigation which the evidence indicates he is a “cheater” “law breaker” “out for his own self” sort of male. That makes people think that his having $4 million left over, and becoming master of that money, is (again) self serving. The second issue is his way of thinking. Most voters listen to talking points but don’t think things through. Liberal ideas might sound good on the surface, but thinking through all the ramifications of such ideas/actions one can see how detrimental to individuals (especially any minority) and a society as a whole.. And history (and even ptesent day) proves this out. Do some research… Maybe start by reading some of the stories at #walkaway. Many people are seeing through the enslaving lies of the liberals. If what one can eat using EBT is fancier than what they could eat with a job, where is the incentive to get a job? It takes a lot if fortitude to say, I’ll eat baked chicken a lot instead of steak, ribs, and crab legs… And I’ll have to not buy all those awful, unhealthy, snacks for the kids so that I can do the right thing and support myself and the children I produced by having a job. Yes, there are some people who are challenged, mentally, emotionally, and physically that should ne helped if they have no family to help them. But, where we live, that is probably 5%, or less, of the people receiving government handouts. I am not even talking about skin color at all. All colors are guilty of this. Many buy stuff we can’t afford, talk on iphones (their children..basically no matter the age… Have iphones too) have designor clothes and accessories and get into high dollar vehicles. Then there’s the group who are at bingo ALL the time, dropping $40 – $150 and saying they can’t play again until either the food stamps (which are regularly used to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, etc., or just traded for cash at 40 to 70 cents on the dollar. Where you should only be allowed to use YOUR one EBT, people stand in line with a stack of them. When they only get $60 off one, they hand another onecover and tgen do that again and again. Why is a federal offense to harm an Eagle, or even her EGGS, but it is okay to murder an unborn chikd? Why is it okay to make the choice to have sex, but then take away your unborn child’s right to not be murdered with no consequences? They say a woman should have authority over her own body… The unborn woman or man inside of her should have authority over his/her body also. There are consequences in life, or at least there should be. We make choices and should suffer the consequences. If one chooses not get training, or schooling (study hard and get scholardhips or go to community college or state college on loans then paying off isn’t such a huge deal), or work hard, be dependable, and work his/her way up then the consequences coukd be… alqays having a roommate(s), eating inexpensively, shopping at thrift stores..etc. It should NOT be that the rest of society supports the person while they instead choose to sit home and suck off everyone else. Illegal immigrants have the right to all the same things.. education for their children, healthcare, etc. Why should their illegal act cost US (spelled we the people) money, and use money tgat could be spent to improve OUR lives, or better yet.. left in OUR pockets? I could you more policy examples that those posting are opposed to but if you are a HATER, all YOU will se is their skin color. Grow up, use your brain for thinking, stop letting others teach you to hate, or totally mislead you into thinking it is always a battle against skin color. Look around you. Those people of color who are financially successful either made money because tgey were merely responsible adults regardless of skin color, or they make money inciting othes to hate. Don’t listen to those who push you to hate but at the same time promotes ideas tgat keep you from being priviladged like other responsible adults.

  8. He lost the battle (for governor) but may have won the war, only time will tell. He is now a wealthy man and has national exposure. soros, steyer, others socialists, and anarchists will attempt to keep him in the forefront.

    1. He is attempting to keep himself relevant and in the forefront… and the money close by ready to go for legal bills.

      Last week he opened an LLC with Sean Pittman so now they have the 4 million dollars that they can funnel through their LLC.

      They may want to higher a legitimate CPA to make their little Enterprise a little more sophisticated.

  9. So he is paying himself with left over campaign contributions. Now we know why he didn’t spend it during the campaign.

    1. I guess he starteda PAC for the reasons indicated. He wants to increase the numbers of qualified Florida voters. Him starting a PAC is a very wise idea in Florida. Why not use the available money in the bank to help voters ? It is legal and has been so for a long time. Good job Mayor Gillum !

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