After Frenchtown Workshop, CRA Director Terminated

After Frenchtown Workshop, CRA Director Terminated

Roxanne Manning, the executive director of the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), was terminated by City Manager Reese Goad today.

The termination follows a CRA workshop on Monday night in Frenchtown where speakers were highly critical of CRA management.

For example, a member of the Frenchtown/Southside Citizen’s Advisory Committee -which advises the CRA – told city commissioners at the workshop that CRA management had not been responsive to their ideas.

In addition, a number of speakers complained about the lack of basic infrastructure in the Frenchtown neighborhood. Residents told city commissioners they needed sidewalks and street lights.

One speaker, with frustration in her voice, said the neighborhood had been waiting twenty years for basic improvements.

Regina Joseph, another speaker, asked how a $50,000 CRA grant to a business like Urban Outfitters in College Town was consistent with the CRA mission.

Jim Bellamy, a Frenchtown fixture, told city commissioners that ” I want my community to be like the others or better. There are a lot of good plans that have not been implemented, we need to get going.”

For years the CRA seemed immune to critics who viewed the Board as a rubber stamp for million dollar developments that created more campaign donations than jobs.

That was until a federal investigation into local government corruption revealed questionable dealings with CRA projects.

And now, after an indictment and an election which produced four new city commissioners, it appears that city officials are serious about changing the direction of the CRA.

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  1. Lost in all of this is that Commissioner Newlow has consistently benefited personally from the corruption at the CRA.

    He should be prohibited from voting if he doesn’t resign his seat. Given his public comments, this is an incredible expectation of someone so incompetent.

  2. The city manager is more qualified for his previous and it is becoming dysfunctional.

    The only way to rectify the situation and get back on track from this trainwreck is to do a nationwide search for a city manager and suspend the CRA board until a new city manager is up to speed regarding the situation.

  3. Steve is correct. Tedder has been trying to control the CRA since he became ACM. Apparently Manning agreed with a Commissioner that the CRA staff should answer to the CRA Board. Tedder and Goad want to control the CRA money, so she was fired. Now the CRA money will go to build streets, wasting CRA resources but saving the city a fortune. And the ruling classes will continue to rule in Tallahassee.

    Also, Manning was the staff member that tried to get the City to stop Maddox’s fraud train. Tedder was a great supporter of Maddox and was apparently unhappy about her actions.

    The new Board has no idea how much they are controlled by City management through limited information. The fact that the CRA Board chair found out about the firing from the newspaper is an outrage. But he meekly accepted it – just like always.

    Tedder makes a great impression on people who can help him. But the people who work with him everyday know what he’s really like. Goad will be gone soon if he doesn’t wise up.

    1. All you need to know about Wayne Tedder is the way he bullied and belittled City planning staff into the Midtown parking garage debate. He specifically told planning staff at a meeting with midtown residents that they would be fired if they said one negative thing about the project. None of them wanted it and were forced to grit through because of Wayne’s threats. Forth is correct about what happened with Roxanne’s firing. Roxanne had the audacity to go off script, and she was immediately fired for it. What kind of message do you think that sends to the other planning staff who want to blow the whistle? Say the line or you are gone.

      Wayne is a borderline sociopath who is only interested in one thing and that’s becoming City Manager, and the development community is riding this horse until they get there. Reese won’t do anything about it because he is so petrified of firing him (for good reason). Reese knows well that Wayne is undermining him, but really can’t do anything about it until the community creates an uproar about Wayne. Wayne is the acting city manager right now.

      1. Steve, Yes that is exactly right. Tedder bullies staff to get his way. The midtown garage was a huge bomb that he forced through. He rushes so much he doesn’t think things through – then he blames staff when it goes bad. OEV, Blueprint, Planning and CRA have all taken falls for his mistakes and they resent it.

        His staff is getting more worried about his erratic behavior. For example: at the Monday workshop, after Manning agreed to look into the Boards suggestions, Tedder got rid of her so fast they didn’t even have someone to step in and be acting CRA director. What was the rush? The CRA Board didn’t even know what was happening. Now Tedder is acting CRA director and the Board’s suggestions are DOA. What happened to Rick, the assistant CRA director? Does anyone think this is sloppy – at best?

        Hope is right. If Goad cant step up and handle Tedder, then they need to do a national search for a new City Manager. Things have gotten so much worse at City Hall that people are afraid to do or say anything.

    2. Tedder sounds 100% like the type of person who has #metoo’ed women at the COT, or men if he’s gay, or women and men at COT if he’s bi.
      Your employees at COT should be encouraged to report any and all #metooing committed against them by this monster Tedder.

      1. I think you owe Mr Tedder an apology I don’t know if you had a snootful when you wrote this, but usually your comments are insightful and amusing…

        Here is the situation… You have a competent decent person in the midst of corruption, Democratic Party nonsense, and incompetence and one man stands alone….Tedder.

        You are attacking the hero. I don’t understand the troubling accusations you are insinuating here, but you are way way out of line. I am disappointed in you, Snidely.

        1. Thanks Hope: Snidely issues a formal apology to both Mr. Tedder and Hope.
          Honestly with all the dirt and corruption I never considered there could be one honest man working at the COT. If Hope days I’m wrong then I’m standing corrected.

      2. Tedder may be a deceptive ego maniac, but I have not heard any of the women complain about lecherous behavior. We are honest in our criticism….

  4. Wayne Tedder fired her because she didnt like that she told Commissioners the truth. Wayne is on a desperate path to get Reese Goad fired so he can become City Manager. Watch the next month, Wayne is going to get a bunch of negative press about Reese so he can take his job. This is all part of the plan… With Wayne at the top, he can execute a bunch of bail outs for his buddies in the development community like the idiot move to spend $10 million dollars on a pedestrian bridge for a campaign donor…

    1. The City of Tallahassee may have some serious problems but I honestly do not believe that Wayne Tedder is one of them. Have known Wayne for many years and we have not always agreed but I believe him to be an honest and ethical man and the unfortunate ethical and management situation at City Hall has opened his eyes. Wayne recommended the change in CRA management and direction a long time ago and it took a while for upper level management to appreciate that he was right.

      1. Beautifully stated and totally agree…. Wayne Tedder is an exceptional, exemplary, and stellar public servant and the City of Tallahassee is blessed to have him as an employee.

    2. First of all. Reese Goad fired the CRA director, not Wayne Tedder.

      Secondly, Tedder seems to be doing his job, but is the victim of a corrupt Commission and a corrupt power grab by decisions made by Scott Maddox and the corrupt City commissioners.

      Thirdly, if Tedder is trying to get Goad fired then kudos for him… Goad should be given his previous position or terminated as city manager. He was put in a city manager as part of a corruption package and the city needs to move forward with a nationwide search for a city manager. Maddox has always run any city manager off that was on to his corruption.

      I don’t believe Tedder was solely responsible for the 10 million-dollar bridge.

  5. When they do a nationwide search for a proper city manager and completely change out the commissioners that presently sit on the CRA board then the CRA cleanup will be complete… otherwise abolish it.

  6. Come get the sidewalks in OxBottom Manor, the residents don’t want or know how to use them. I’d rather have my grass.

  7. Well, there goes my blight crane business. I guess I’ll just sit here and read the Rocky Hanna comments until the rest of these indictments finally come down. It was fun while it lasted.

  8. I get your frustrations with the CRA BUT, Jim Bellamy, told city commissioners that ” I want my community to be like the others or better. What bothers me is the FACT that the Black Owned Businesses at the Tennessee Street Entrance has been remodeled TWICE on the Tax Payers Dime and it looks like CRAP again because they keep expecting the Tax Payers to remodel it again for them. I am sure Sidewalks and Street Lights are needed, I’m good with that. What I have an issue with is the remodeling of the Buildings over and over on the Tax Payers Dime. If you want it to look like the other nice Communities, you should drive thru them and take a good look at the Homes and Yards then take a drive thru your Community looking at the Homes and Yards. Huge difference, maybe the City should implement the same Rules & Laws that HOA’s have.

  9. Nice to see reese goad following Commissioner Procter’s direction. Does he take all his orders from the county commission? LOL! Reese will do anything to prove he is not the r word…

  10. So true the CRA and local elected officials have always abused the public trust by using the CRA as a means to get campaign contributions and enrich family and friends.
    Glad to see the wording in the article that recognizes that as a fact.
    Still its very difficult to see Andrew Gillum sycophant, boot licker, and butt kisser Reese Goad as being capable of doing anything whatsoever appropriate in the performance of his official duties with the COT.
    Do not be shocked when some stink on the firing raises it’s ugly head…Snidely is saying ” I told you so ” right now!!!!

    1. this about who controls the CRA money. the city has been trying to get that money for a while. Manning was just in the way. Lets see who takes her place – that should tell the story.

  11. Did the city make a recommendation of termination? Did it make any recommendation at all? If not, why not?

    1. If she serves at the pleasure of the city manager(as stated in her termination letter), why would there need to be recommendation?

  12. Whether or not she was doing a good job was not the issue, it’s politics. “Live by the (political) sword, die by the (political) sword.” Get a good job by political connections, lose it the same way.

  13. Hasn’t the city spent millions on sidewalks in the last few years? Are there any areas in Frenchtown on the list for sidewalks.Was the CRA money ever supposed to be utilized for infrastructure(sidewalks), or was the sidewalks being done strictly by the city?

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