City of Tallahassee Purchases Northwood Centre for $6.8 Million

City of Tallahassee Purchases Northwood Centre for $6.8 Million

With just a few minutes to go in the most recent Tallahassee City Commission meeting, Mayor John Dailey asked fellow commissioners if they were interested in bidding on the Northwood Mall property.

The commissioners said yes and a week later the City of Tallahassee owns the 35 acre property.

The auction for the property, which cost $25,000 to enter, began on Monday (April 15th) with a minimum bid of $2 million and ended on the following Wednesday.

The bidding reached $3 million on Tuesday and finished on Wednesday with the City of Tallahassee’s $6.8 million bid. The identity of the bidders was confidential.

Mayor Dailey took to twitter to announce the purchase:

This is a really exciting day. Just a couple of moments ago we signed the paperwork to purchase the Northwood Centre. We purchased 33 acres and five out parcels. Really the only land that large available in basically downtown Tallahassee.

This is the transformational change I have been talking about for a long time. Your city commission is dedicated to moving this community forward. This is the first big opportunity we’ve had in the five months that we’ve served. We are ready to rock and roll. This is an exciting day. I am proud to be a part of this city.

The city commission will discuss next steps for the property at its next meeting on April 24.

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  1. Just one is the brick building at the corner of North Adams Street at Virginia Street, it may still be rented to Congressman Al Lawson not sure how much rent he pays the city for rent!

  2. The city is already a landlord for a number of properties in Tallahassee, for instance the red brick building at the corner of North Adams Street at Virginia Street , not sure who is renting it now but it was rented to congressman Al Lawson!

  3. Great! The city just picked up 10 acres for the new police complex in the downtown area for $200K. Thats a bargain. Now sell the remaining 25 acres to the private company with the best proposal to build a destination for Tallahassee that builds the tax base and the local economy. This would include selling the outparcels so the city is not a landlord.

  4. What campaign contributions have Talcor and its principals made to the city commissars, especially Hizzoner?

    And what kind of mitigation expense can be expected from making this property habitable? Any dry cleaning chemicals in the soil, like at Cascades?

    1. I don’t feel the “Low Energy” FBI AKA “Jim Comey’s WEASELS” have the desire or energy to take the Tallahassee investigation any further than “The Scott and Paige Show”.
      Keep in mind that Gillum is positioned between Scott and Paige and any crimes Mayor Daily commits.
      The FBI will not move to look into the nefarious connection between Mayor Daily and TalCor because they do not want to investigate Gillum.
      Mayor Daily and his new crew know this and they know they will have no problems with the TalCor crime or for that matter any other future crimes.
      Scott and Paige…that’s all we are going to get out of the FBI.

  5. I wonder if the Mayor’s sudden need last week to get the city involved in the auction has anything to do with a friend’s $340,000 commission? I know, I know it was a super deal for the city, at least according to the Mayor.

  6. In keeping with their fiduciary responsibilities to the geniuses who elected them our Honorable Commisioners will follow their leader Mayor Daily out Sunday morning to search for Easter eggs containing $6.8 Million dollars.
    If they fail to reach the entire $6.8 Million goal taxes will necessarily need to be raised.
    They were quoted as saying: “And don’t get us started on how much more we will raise taxes once we start to build out out Northwood DreamTopia.”

  7. Is the Tallahassee Democrat restricting comments on this news?

    Hopefully. they will have the sense to conduct a nationwide search for a proper city manager before any decisions are made.

    We have a commission and city manager and mayor who do not realize the importance of having a Top Notch airport director, two Commissioners who text each other and won’t divulge the contents, and one commissioner who worked behind the scenes regarding broadband.

    To all the Democrats out there… how are lour ocal governments working out for you regarding crime rate, schools, Etc. I see the red wave already starting to form.

  8. To borrow from Yogi Berra:
    “It’s Performing Arts Center déjà vu all over again.”

    Wonder what the Ruby Diamond/FSU folks think about this?

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