Top Picks for Police Headquarters Revealed

Top Picks for Police Headquarters Revealed

On March 18, 2019, the City of Tallahassee placed a submittal form on to solicit possible locations for a new police headquarters. The process was closed on April 18, 2019.

There were a total of 178 submittals identifying 68 unique sites. The top sites are listed below:

  • The Northwood Mall/Northwood Centre: 32 submissions
  • Tallahassee Mall/Tallahassee Centre: 13 submissions
  • Existing police station on 7th Avenue: 8 submissions

The following sites each had 5 submissions:

  • Winewood Office Complex (Blairstone Road)
  • Adams Street Post Office
  • Sears (Governor’s Square Mall)
  • Towne South Shopping Center (South Monroe Street)
  • Leon County Fairgrounds (South Monroe Street)
  • Portion of the English Property (Blairstone Road)

The information will be provided to elected officials at the next city commission meeting on Wednesday, April 24th.

The next step in the process is for the City Commission to approve a shortlist of three sites in order for a more in-depth technical analysis to be completed.

2 Responses to "Top Picks for Police Headquarters Revealed"

  1. The Northwood Mall would be ideal. It would be wise to let FAMU’S School of Architecture and FSU’s Dept of Urban and Regional Planning to do some preliminary studies.

  2. I believe the Northwood Mall is a good centralized visible location. I hope some professional input and expertise is made part of this process as this is something that is long overdue and hopefully it will move forward.

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