Andrew Gillum Admits to Taking Gift from Lobbyist, Agrees to $5,000 Fine

Andrew Gillum Admits to Taking Gift from Lobbyist, Agrees to $5,000 Fine

Today former Tallahassee mayor and Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum agreed to a settlement with the Florida Commission on Ethics related to trips he took with city lobbyist Adam Corey to New York and Costa Rica.

Gillum’s attorney, Barry Richard, told reporters that in the settlement Gillum admits he took a gift from city lobbyist Adam Corey while in New York and has agreed to pay a $5,000 fine. Richard said the gift is not identified in the settlement.

TR was told there will be no comment on the details of the settlement from Ethics Commission officials until it is presented to members of the Florida Commission on Ethics.

The ethics hearing was scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. but was repeatedly delayed as negotiations continued behind closed doors.

Gillum and his entourage showed up at the DOAH offices just before 9:30 a.m. and were directed to a private conference room.

Gillum and his representatives emerged from the conference room at around 11:30 a.m. and the Ethics Commission advocate, Elizabeth Miller told the judge that a settlement had been reached and a hearing was not required.

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  1. He admitted he was a liar and a thief. His future political opponents will never let the world forget, even if the media will.

  2. I want some of what Donald Sheppard is smoking because I don’t understand a word of it or what it has to do with Andrew taking a gift, admitting to it finally, and getting fined. Maybe commented on wrong post??

  3. Social media has pulled the cover off many stereotypical minded, hypocritical, hateful people who have smiled in the faces of their colleges for years, yet have been holding on to supremacist ideologies. It will serve society well to let these views come to light fully so we can honestly deal with them.

  4. Gillum is guilty of an “ethics violation” in the same way that Hillary is guilty of “extreme carelesness” in installing a private server in a Denver bathroom and using it to conceal her illicit dealings while splashing classified information all over her emails – which were of course hacked. All those are felonies, period. And we have incontrovertible proof she did all that. Gillum and Hillary are both guilty of corruption and any regular citizen would be rapidly packed off to prison. Soros is likely funding gillum’s lawyers. Corruption is not a flaw or shame in the Dem-Socialist party. Hillary (and many prominent DS’s) could slaughter puppies live on prime-time TV and liberals would still applaud and happily vote for them.

    Meanwhile, idiots like Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and Cummings wring their hands and shed just-for-the-cameras tears as they cry about our “precious democracy” and point fingers of accusation at Donald Trump. A DOJ special counsel, twenty Dem-Socialist lawyers, 35 million wasted dollars, and two years of microscopically detailed investigation couldn’t find Trump guilty of any crime. All while inarguable, proven Dem-Socialist felonies are ignored or whitewashed as “careless” (they got caught!).

  5. Make no mistake, Barry Richard is still on retainer. This is an ethics violation…not criminal. There is more to come. I still want to know who is paying gillum’s legal bills.

    1. I think Gillum’s campaign contributors are playing as he held back millions rather than spend it for campaign-related expenses.

      Then his partner-in-crime Sean Pittman and he opened an LLC so they could funnel the money to their lawyers and themselves?

  6. $5000? For paid trips to New York AND Costa Rica. That’s a really great deal. Throw in that all the dirty laundry stays private, i.e. “speculation on the part of Gillum’s political adversaries”. Priceless.

    Is the FBI gonna do something? This whole thing nauseates me.

    Where’s the “justice” in this? About as just as the Jussie Smollett deal.

    1. We should prepare ourselves for The FBI to make a statement that everything related to their “Tallahassee Usual Suspect Corruption Investigation” has been totally addressed by the FL Commission and it’s $5000.00 fine.
      And just to throw dirt on it and cover it up forever The Esteemed FBI will state that any action will place Gillum in legal double jeopardy.
      Get ready for it.

      1. the criminal cases are totally separate from these “ethics” charges (nothing ethical about any of these local characters). One would hope that the FBI will move ahead, but let’s keep in mind, all of this happened & was divulged under the Obama reign of terror.

  7. Gee, such a contrasting system of justice. If Donald Trump so much as jaywalked when he was 12 years old, the Dem-Socialists would demand him put behind bars for 30 years. Funny how whitewash and a microscope are differently applied to justice in the DS “situational ethics” system.

  8. Gillum”s lack of remorse, failing to publicly apologize, and still playing the victim is disappointing.

    He lost the last election there is no way anyone will touch him within this election cycle and pretty much has been reduced to being a deputy registrar.

    Will CNN make this their headline breaking news tonight?

    1. Gillum’s lack of remorse and “vindication” is like Rocky Hanna saying he pays child support… only because you were sued Rocky, you only settled after 10 years of not paying support for a child, though you knew you were the father because you were going to run for Superintendent. Both incapable of remorse.

      1. I believe that situation has been rectified and is a personal family matter.

        We have been informed of that situation time end time end time again and you are beating a dead horse.

        Please tell us something we don’t know… Please!

        1. Hope,
          if you are speaking about Rocky Hanna not paying child support for 10 years, worse dodging child support for 10 years, while per claiming a graduation ceremonies having no children of my own you are my children. No one is beating a dead horse I’m bringing out that this man is unscrupulous and is now leading a school system filled with children. it is a disgrace that a person who hid from parental obligations now leads a school system. The issue is not kept in the public eye then the public quickly forgets and this becomes a norm for our society. Not paying child support, not acknowledging your parental responsibilities is something that should be kept in the public eye as long as the person who committed that offense is a public figure. To forget is to forgive the unthinkable. Are we to forgive and forgetnext that Rocky Hanna brought back Tom Inserra back into the school system? Do we forgive and forget that Rocky Hanna has an act of the hit list that is caused financial and psychological issues to those on the hit list? Do we forgive and forgetting Rocky gave out positions to Assistant Superintendents and others as payback for assisting him in the campaign all without interviews? The school board may turn a blind eye and be silenced, as long as my child’s teacher is being paid the 46th lowest in the state when Hanna hands out political gifts, freedom of the press wins out.

  9. So take the slap on the wrist and have other 4 charges dropped and avoid the full truth coming out from brother under oath? Sweetheart deal if you ask me. This man is corrupt, morally bankrupt and belongs in prison, I can only hope the FBI stands up and fights for justice, unlike this lame ethics commission.

  10. You can bet that he agreed to this fine in an attempt to keep all the details away from the public…so maybe we will not associate his name with the corruption next election cycle when his name is on the ballot. He probably thinks this will also satisfy the FBI from charging him with his crimes.

  11. Until this morning, Andrew was the only member of his immediate family that hadn’t been found guilty of something.

    No more.

    Which is why I’ve called him Andrew GUILTY.

  12. Gillum admits he took a gift, gets a fine.
    Hanna admits he made up everything he put in a notebook that cost taxpayers $600,000, Hanna ruins the lives of people on his “hit list” and tried to pack enough lies in a notebook to provide deceit hoping that Leon County citizens would think the former superintendent was corrupt. Gillum admits he mislead the public and violated ethics rules, we get headlines. Hanna admitted to this school board attorney he made it all up and nobody prints the truth. Hanna hid from his parental responsiblities for 10 years, owes $100,000 in back child support, no headlines.

    1. Jackie Pons has lost his mind! The story is about crooked and corrupt Gillum idiot!. Pons, you need therapy dude. Take the pass given to you by the FBI and move on.

  13. In other words he didn’t want his brother to be compelled to give sworn testimony! He also didn’t want the FBI testimony on the record so he can spend things his way…

  14. Recognize gillum’s lawyer, Barry Richard. He was President Bush’s lawyer in the 2000 election recount. Wonder who’s paying his legal fee? He does not come cheap.

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