Three Excerpts from Expanded Indictment

Three Excerpts from Expanded Indictment

Listed below are three excerpts from the 47-count superseding indictment against suspended Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Charles Maddox, 51, Tallahassee political consultant Janice Paige Carter-Smith, 54, and John Thomas Burnette, 42, all of Tallahassee, Florida. 

BURNETTE stated that his only role in the project would be to “deliver the politics” and for that, he would receive 20% of the deal. BURNETTE stated that he would “take care of Scott,” and confirmed that he would do so from his 20%….BURNETTE stated that MADDOX “effectively gets paid through the lobbying firm.”

A Company F representative stated that in his experience, politicians often start with altruistic viewpoints and then realize that many people surrounding them, including developers, have a lot money and start asking “where’s my piece of the pie?” BURNETTE responded: Let me just tell you this SCOTT MADDOX is that guy. What I mean is, he wants his piece of the pie.”

BURNETTE told the representatives that they could not stop paying MADDOX, agreeing that stopping payments to MADDOX would “p— him off more and will vote against” them. BURNETTE further told Company F representatives that MADDOX “is a vengeful motherf—–. Feed a dog for a year, stop feeding that dog, and it gets hungry, he may bite your f—– hand off.”

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  1. I pray that there will be more uncovering of the corrupt people who have been way beyond unethical. Will be interesting to see who gets indicted next…….

    And for Mark who always chimes in on any story with a rant about Hanna. Pon’s and his assistant superintendents were as corrupt as the day is long. Paul Byrd is just one glaring example, but there were others, several of whom no longer work for the LCSB. Pon’s sealed his electoral fate when he outed Hanna’s daughter against everyone’s advice.

    1. Libra,
      No rants, all facts. Rocky Hanna is perhaps the most unethical elected official in the Florida His record of dirty tactics from the notebook, to a hit list provide the details of his vengeance. Rocky stood before parents at graduation stating time and time again “having no children of my own” he had to be sued for child support when he knew he was the father. 10 years of not paying child support is abusive.

      Rocky Hanna and Tim Jansen set a plan in motion that cost taxpayers $600,000 by providing knowingly false information to state and federal agencies. While Rocky pays his Assistant Superintendents $100,000 the teachers who do the work are the 46th lowest paid in Florida. Thanks Rocky. He brings back his buddy Tom Inserra on a no bid consultant contract while his staff works to inflate graduation rates.

  2. Unless the Feds have audio on Consiglière Tim breaking the law, he’s Teflon.
    And it looks like Scottie’s best chance at makin” bank in the future will be as a spokesman for KY Jelly.

    Unless he sings on Andy.

    1. Tiimmy Jansen may not be as teflon as he thinks. Something about making a convicted felon provide false testimony to the school board under a false name to support Rocky Hanna, who was in on the doctored photos and false identity/testimony is something that interests the Florida Bar.

  3. I wonder if the FBI or the U.S. Attorney will look into the role Tim Jansen may have played with the submission of the Rocky Hanna “notebook” to the FBI. Further it was reported that the person that gave a false name at a school board meeting concerning what were doctored photos was put up the task by Tim Jansen. Is Rocky Hanna under investigation?

      1. I don’t think the things Mark just mentioned have ever been investigated. And if a candidate / elected official is paying thousands of dollars to a random down on their luck person to show up at a school board meeting with an envelope of “pictures” of their rival…well voters should be considering that when they choose their next superintendent. Yuck.

      2. Hope,
        To my knowledge the U.S. Attorney, the Department of Education may be looking into the falsifying of information that Rocky Hanna committed to dirty up the former Superintendent along with the ethics violation committed by Rocky Hanna per the Educators Code of Conduct. Unlike what Rocky and his attorney Tim Jansen did by feeding Jeff Burlew information do that TDO could print 50 stories on the Hanna vendetta I will remain critical about Hanna but silent about who may be looking into the misdeeds of Rocky Hanna.

  4. The Democrat just posted the picture of Andy’s calendar beside Andy’s redacted version (2/1 is the date) and the JT Burnette lunch appointment magically – like SHAZAM – disappeared…
    Andrew’s turn is coming up….; they just had to wait for Andy to attempt to close the Ethics Case.

    1. And the ethics thing does not stop criminal charges from coming forth. I still want to know who is paying gillum’s attorney Barry Richard. I’ve heard he is in the $800 per hour range.

  5. Ya know this type of corruption can happen anywhere.
    Even in a government where the good citizens do their best to only elect honest majority Conservative politicians.
    But sadly as you all see it’s 1000% more likely where leftist Democrats get voted into office again and again by mindless sheeple such as the Tallahassee/Leon County voters.
    Will the FBI roll out any indictments on any non- honkey politicians?
    Or is our beloved Mayor Andy safe?

    1. There’s level s to this, Snidely. Andy was investigated by a few different entities. Don’t know if they’re still investigating, but so far he’s received a slap on the wrist and a $5k fine. He also lost his race, but that’s not what you’re after, apparently. Maddox’s abuse shouldn’t be minimized because he’s a honkey. (your word, not mine) And Mayor Andy’s abuses shouldn’t be minimized because he’s still got a strong and viable political future. Wrong is wrong, but we both know there are different levels of wrong commensurate with different levels of punishment. We also know you’re not “wrong” until they catch you…stay tuned!!

      1. Thanks Pretty.
        Of course you are so correct.
        I often become impatient when thinking about all the dirt this crew did.
        Quite likely the FBI is aware of just the smallest fraction of dirt that went down from the Mayor John Marks regime forward.
        I will try to be patient and allow the process to play out.

    2. Maddox is no “leftist”…he’d support whatever cause that would help his opportunities to enrich himself…if he’d been operating in a county to the west or east, he would have been a Republican…even a tea party “patriot” if necessary.

  6. I am shocked at the people that would play this game especially locals who should have b—-ed slapped these punks and called them out in public. Maddox is a punk from Miami, and Burnette is a clown from Monticello.
    And the locals that let these little a—holes come into town and have this ability to get away with this should leave town, because you have given it away. And yes I’m a fourth generation Tallahasseean.

    1. Your Tally people have many hands out too. Being from Leon County does not mean anything. Too many crooked Leon and Tally folks as well, and they will go down too.

  7. I trust there is also an analysis as part of investigation into whether companies/individuals paying Maddox for “lobbying” we’re also contributing to his election campaign as well as what other COT Commissioners were these companies/individuals contributing to?

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