LCS Proposes $50 Million Capital Budget for 2019-20

LCS Proposes $50 Million Capital Budget for 2019-20

At the next Leon County School Board meeting, school board members owill begin the process of approving the proposed 2019-2020 capital budget. The budget proposes approximately $12 million for projects at Rickards High School and Conley and WT Moore elementary schools.

Total revenue allocated to capital expenditures for 2019-20 is estimated to be $50.9 million. Approximately $20 million of this total is already obligated to items like bond payments and lease payments.

Another $7 million is allocated to mandatory budgeted items which include, enterprise software, property insurance and salaries for maintenance and construction.

Approximately $10.8 million is allocated to specific departments with the majority, $7 million, going to maintenance and construction projects. The maintenance projects roof repair, flooring, HVAC, painting and preventive maintenance.

The majority of the construction expenditures are allocated to renovations and remodeling.

The major project expenditures highlighted in the LCS document includes $9.4 million at Rickards High School for renovations, remodeling and site work. Approximately $950,000 at Conley Elementary for renovations and remodeling and $1 million at Moore Elementary for site work.

Once approved by the board, the capital budget goes through the required public notice and is brought back to the school board for another vote. Superintendent Rocky Hanna is recommending the budget come back to the board for consideration and vote on May 28, 2019.

8 Responses to "LCS Proposes $50 Million Capital Budget for 2019-20"

  1. Rocky Hanna obviously has no ethics, no character and not much sense. Plus the way he won this election, by manipulating the public and slandering Pons, should make Tallahassee ashamed. What a role model.

  2. Looking at the Budget, you have $781,887 left over, why can’t some of that be used for School Supplies so the Parents of today don’t have to buy a huge list of items for the School such as, toilet paper, wipes, soap, and also why do they need to buy large amounts of Pencils, glue Paper, etc and then bring it to the school and turn it in instead of buying it as needed for their child like MY Parents used to do.

  3. According to an article several years ago in the Democrap, that Weldon guy owned Allstate Construction and did not get a big contract for Griffin Middle School and got mad with Supt. Pons. It has been stated that Weldon helped Hanna with a chapter of his book of lies and supported his campaign. That Inserra guy worked for FDOE and blocked the building of a new Southside HS that Pons wanted to build and Hanna opposed. Sounds like Weldon and Inserra got their payback.

  4. If only we had someone…anyone bold enough to step up at this time to remind us all that Rocky used to keep an evil notebook.
    Hello anyone out there???

    1. What Rocky did with his notebook was to provide knowingly false statement to the FBI and state authorities. The issue is whether such a statement is within the purview of 18 U.S.C. § 1001. Rocky admitted to the school board attorney Hank Coxe that he had no first hand knowledge of any wrongdoing, then he refused to answer questions or cooperate with the school board investigation. Rocky’s action were evil, the notebook itself was false and misleading, Rocky admitted that.

  5. Please ask Rocky Hanna who inserted himself over construction how much Rickards is over budget. What does Tom Inserra do for the district in consultant contract? Hanna over construction when his buddy and supporter Casey Weldon gave to his campaign.. a bit unethical.

    1. Okay, I’ll bite… what does Casey Weldon have to do with the price of rice…?

      I don’t mind if Rickards is over budget on construction… The school deserves some construction attention.

      Why don’t you find out what. the district pays Inserra for and report back?

      1. The fact that Rocky Hanna has no background or credentials in construction or maintenance should worry our community as he and he alone has annointed himself the czar of Leon School Construction.

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