Leon County BOCC Schedules Hearing on Ethics Ordinance

Leon County BOCC Schedules Hearing on Ethics Ordinance

At their last meeting, the Leon County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to schedule the first and only public hearing for June 18, 2019, to consider the adoption of an ordinance providing for a Code of Ethics. After conducting meetings and public hearings, the Citizen Charter Review Committee (“CCRC”) recommended amending the Charter to provide for a Code of Ethics to be enacted by ordinance.

At the November 6, 2018 General Election, the Leon County electorate voted affirmatively to amend the Charter to provide for enactment of a Code of Ethics ordinance. The Code of Ethics ordinance must be adopted by the Board no later than the first Board meeting in December of 2019.

The Code of Ethics Ordinance prescribes standards of conduct for members of the Board, County employees, and members of Board-appointed boards and committees, and includes provisions defining offenses and penalties, and lobbyist regulations.

The provisions in the Code of Ethics Ordinance are based on the Charter, Board Policy No. 03-05 (Code of Ethics), Leon County Human Resources Policies and Procedures, Board Policy No. 01-08 (Candidacy for Political Office, Employees and Volunteers), and the lobbyist regulations previously adopted and set forth in Chapter 2, Article XII of the Code of Laws.

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    1. Tallahassee has a PR problem whereas people promote themselves as humanitarians non-stop ad nauseam and it is the crux of the problem in Tallahassee.

      The Tallahassee Democrat is an example of one of the worst offenders that has not discerned and promotes self promoters as humanitarians. It propels corruption into public office positions.

      Another worst offender is the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce where they are a propaganda machine for The Usual Suspects that even host a yearly event to work with corrupt PR people set up to promote their clients / candidates. All the while it has our elected officials using taxpayer dollars to participate in this farce. It has our law enforcement participating in this farce while the crime rate rises to the number one spot in the state. The Tallahassee Democrat is a big participant in this farce, also.

      So, Sean Pittman, Gary Yordan, Scott Maddox, Tallahassee Democrat, etcetera promote themselves and their clients as humanitarians and as proficient candidates for office while businesses suffer, crime rate is number one and corruption runs rampant. The cycle repeats.

      It will be a good day when security or the FBI escorts Sue Dick out of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and the Tallahassee Democrat issues restraining orders to The Usual Suspects.

      1. True Dat.
        I’m still scratching my head after glancing at today’s 1A Fake Newsocrat puff piece on Andrew Guilty. HOW is it that someone who lost his last race (left almost $4M in his campaign account unused), then was found guilty of an ethics violation and had to fork over another $5Gs (don’t forget the NGP VAN software payment) is the person you want an endorsement from?
        If I were running, I’d pay him to endorse my opponent!

        1. Yes, I am wondering who paid for that PR nonsense, George Soros?

          Perhaps, it was paid by Gillum himself misusing his leftover campaign funds funneled to the Tallahassee Democrat through the recently set up LLC by Sean Pittman.

          No one is going to seek the endorsement of Andrew Gillum. That article was laughable and wondering how the reporter could write it with a straight face.

    2. Remember when LCS hired Gary Yordan for a media position at $82 K per year and the public outcry was so significant he resigned within 2 weeks?

      Public officials should not be getting paid to do PR work by a tax payer funded entity.

      I hope this is not true.

      1. Hope: Have you been to TLH lately?
        Besides the fact that half the partitioned spaces for businesses there are now VACANT (and for lease), the first thing you see is a huge (like 8-feet tall) photo of Mr. Usual Suspect holding five award statues (Addys?) in a self-promotion wall ad.
        When the FBI is finally done, will TLH have to paint vertical black stripes over it?

        1. I would like to see the contract with the amount that is paid for the ad or if the ad is there illegally without paying the taxpayers of Tallahassee for the ad space. Once a thief always a thief.

          Airport ads draw good revenues and if that ad is not being paid for it is theft pure and simple. This is a potential Front Page News story that needs to be investigated.

          Also, another reason we need an experienced airport director ASAP to cleanup and take out the trash. And protect citizens from further corruption from The Usual Suspects..

  1. County Commissioners discussing ethics as both Jimbo Jackson and Nick Maddox conduct county business on school board time each day. Too funny.

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