Andrew Gillum Lowers Goal of Registering One Million Voters

Andrew Gillum Lowers Goal of Registering One Million Voters

In March 20, 2019, the Associate Press reported that former “Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum wants to register at least 1 million voters in an effort to make the state swing blue in the 2020 presidential race….”

Now that number has been reduced by 40%, to 600,000.

In an interview with Steve Contorno of the Tampa Bay Times, Gillum said the goal is to register 600,000 voters and re-engage with 400,000 registered voters.

The subtle change in the goal comes amid criticism about his post-election efforts. Attorney John Morgan -who donated to Gillum’s gubernatorial campaign – questioned the goal and Gillum’s motives in a recent tweet.

“There are organizations that already register voters 365 days a year. And can’t make a dent. This is a ruse to keep donor money for a second run for something. And there is nothing now. “

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  1. When Democrats cant win, they change the rules….when they cant meet their goals, they simply lower them. Whatever it takes, to appear successful.

  2. Socialist crook liar, Andrew “Guilty” Gilliam will take the Florida Democrat Socialist Party down with him as he lies and steals money from jerks like John “For The People” Morgan. It is enjoyable for Republicans to watch!

  3. How many more people are going to get sucked into the Guillum scam? Morgan deserves what he got. You sleep with a dog, you are going to get his fleas.

  4. One question to Alex. Why would Carter-Paige be going to jail? I thought you had to be convicted of a crime!

    1. She has been charged with several crimes. Her court date is this fall. If found quilty, she may go to prison. I doubt that she will be rooming with Scott though.

  5. What a in your face screw you “donors “scam! Unrealistic goals therby lowering the bar from 1m to only 600k. What a farse! The former Hizzoner and his inner circle shysters has brass a$$ cojones! FBI & IRS both understand the 3 card Monte game…

  6. The Tallahassee Democrat reported in April 2018 that Scott Maddox paid his attorney $125,000 out of his campaign account.

  7. Let us not forget that when Scott Maddox pulled out of the Supt. race he moved all of his money to an account to run for Montford’s seat in 2020. I wonder if his attorney is getting this money. Maybe he should loan some to Carter-Paige for her attorney. He and Gillum are peas in a pod. Hope they are roommates in prison.

  8. Andrew Gillum is a danger to the public-at-large!

    He is dishonest, he is a thief and he is stealing $4000000 dollars right before our eyes …and it needs to be stopped.

    Hopefully, his indictment will come soon.

    There should be a law against attorneys receiving monies from campaign war chests. Just because Scott Maddox started the trend does not make it right.

    Attorney John Morgan is right about one thing — that Andrew Gillum needs to return the campaign contributions.

    If anything Andrew Gillum’s actions are going to make this state an even bigger red so his little ruse does not play out very well. Please let there be an indictment soon.

  9. It should be that a person who wants to vote has to get themselves over to a place to register, and thereby get it done. This farming for votes & busing people to vote is nonsense. If they don’t value their privilege to vote more than that they probably don’t need to be voting. You KNOW Gillam ain’t turning in any Republican registrations!

    1. Don’t worry Gillum is so disorganized and such a bad manager that this is backfiring on him big time… and the blue is diminishing day by day…

  10. Andrew Guilty is merely channeling his inner FAMUAN and shooting for diminished expectations.
    Plus, that will leave him with more Morgan Money to pay Berry Richard.

    1. Maven your words are like sweet sweet poetry.
      Feel the burn of the salt being rubbed in your wounded pride “Esquire” Morgan.
      Rub Rub Rub stop crying John and learn your lesson already!!!

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