Census Report Shows Leon County Population Growth Last Among Large Counties

Census Report Shows Leon County Population Growth Last Among Large Counties

The latest US Census Bureau estimates on population growth show that Leon County population increased 0.43% from 2017 to 2018. The estimate indicates that Leon County added 1,255 people.

The Leon County growth rate of 0.43% ranks last among the 36 Florida counties with a 2018 population of over 100,000.

The growth rate ranks 54th among all 67 Florida counties.

See table below for data on all Florida counties.

The Census Bureau data shows that Florida added 322,500 people from 2017 to 2018 for a growth rate of 1.54%.

The data indicates that population totals in Jefferson County grew by 1.0%, while the Wakulla County population increased by 1.12%.

Gadsden County was one of seven counties in Florida that experienced a negative growth rate in population with a decline of 0.17%.

Post Recession Growth

From 2010 to 2018, the Leon County population increased by 16,333 for a growth rate of 5.99%. This growth rate ranked 34th when compared to the 36 large counties.

During this period, Florida’s population increased by 13.0%.

For surrounding counties, post recession growth rates were 5.31% for Wakulla, -3.16% for Jefferson and – 3.97% for Gadsden.

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  1. TR is s Trump cult newsletter…
    No journalism….that’s why the comments are always from the same grievance and name calling snowflake crowd.

  2. Quality of Life includes Parks and Bike Trails. The REAL issue is that we elect Liberal (excuse me, Progressive), politically correct leaders. The attitude of all our city leaders, and, with one exception, our county leaders, seems to be “govern without hurting the feelings of all the activists groups and make everyone love me so they will reelect me”.
    As a city, we are where we are, loser status, because we continue to elect the same “I don’t have the stomach to stare down the many vocal minorities” of this town.
    So, we have two choices, status quo, or elect officials who are not concerned about higher office. Personally, I think few, local, qualified people, want to take on the stress and strain of the hate-filled public ridicule that would be thrown at them and their families. Of course, the “progressives” know this and that is why they keep getting elected.

  3. That’s because Tallahassee and Leon County only care about Parks and Bike Trails. The Parks are not that great and neither are the Bike Trails. We need MORE to do than that. We ALSO need Big Business to come here.

  4. Until they clean up the local Democratic Party, the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, the usual suspects, do a nationwide search for a city manager, do a nationwide search for an airport director, and make a change at the city and put in a person who has Law Enforcement experience in the position who oversees law enforcement then the Tallahassee crime wave and poor growth. rate will continue.

    So far, the new city leadership is making a good case why they would make one term commissioners and mayor.

    On the county side we need a nationwide search for a County Manager and the Commissioners Proctor, Maddox, and Dozier need to go.

    If the city does not move to elect District commissioners then the east, west, and north sides of Tallahassee should become a separate City… all at large commissioners is not working.

  5. Since about 3/5ths of this town is made up of libtards, I wish a growth rate of ZERO was happening. I take this slow rate of growth as a positive sign.
    On another note, Jefferson County, is ranked a dozen spots higher than Leon County. Their property taxes are lower than ours. There are two upscale subdivisions close to the westernmost I-10 exit in Jefferson County; many of those residents hop on I-10 to get to work in Tallahassee.

    1. News Maven –

      You are officially the dumbest person on the Internet. Congratulations.

      Jefferson County has a total population of 14K, and *actively lost population* from 2010-2018!
      Does the fact that a backwater county where possums outnumber people 10 to 1 lost population make you sad? Though one does wonder why people didn’t flee the libtard based policies of Leon county to enjoy the utopia of Jefferson?

      The fact that they are ‘a dozen spots higher’ than Leon county from 2017-2018 represents a grand total of ~ 140 new citizens of Jefferson County. Quite the amazing accomplishment!
      Maybe next year they could add 200 new citizens, but we shouldn’t set our sites too high, with such a huge population influx of outsiders who knows what libtard policies might be enacted.

      1. “…and a crashing blow from a big right hand sent a big mouth fella to the promised land”!
        There…thats for disrespecting Maven!!!

          1. ” no one is scared of the big right hand”… and the reason you lost the last two elections!

            You are making a good case for reasons for losing the last few elections… Keep it up!

        1. Well, how about you defend the notion that Jefferson county adding a grand total of 140 people in a year is a big deal?

          I mean; it hurts a lot (a lot) that someone with your keen intellect would send me an internet smack, but ultimately, I still don’t find any rationale in your response as to why “non-libtard” policies in Jefferson county resulted in a net loss of population in Jefferson County 2011-2018. How curious!

  6. Since about 3/5ths of this town is made up of libtards, I wish a growth rate of ZERO was happening.
    I take this slow rate of growth as a positive sign.

    1. You’re a very sick person… You should get some mental help…. U and ur favorite president…why are YOU ALWAYS THE VICTIM…. SNOWFLAKE

      1. Would the moderator of this forum please consider removing this poster (Todd)… for being a Troll and making personal insults? It would be greatly appreciated.

        1. I’ve got some experience with trolls and feel pretty confident DeepState and Todd are the same person.
          We should both ignore the troll from this point forward.

          1. Nice job Snidely, nailing Toadd as the DeepState guy. I wonder if that is really him in the mug shot News_Maven posted.

        2. But it’s ok to call anyone who disagrees with your political stance a “libtard”?

          I get it! Because developmentally disabled people are FUNNY, right? Hahahaha! People with Downs Syndrome are hilarious, right? Har de har har!!!

          But personal insults just chafe you soooo much. But you aren’t snowflake at all! Nope.

  7. Tallahassee’s not been conducive to business growth in years…the only growth they seem to be interested in is student housing and state government. The lack of incentives for growth is probably by design…to keep their local cabal safe from the outside media scrutiny a vibrant local economy might bring.

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