Tallahassee City Manager to Present FY2020 Budget

Tallahassee City Manager to Present FY2020 Budget

This Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in City Hall, Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad will present the proposed FY2020 to elected officials at a budget workshop.

In his budget letter, Goad notes:

My goal in the development of the FY20 budget is to continue providing innovative, best-in-class service effectively and efficiently, setting the stage for the City of Tallahassee to remain a national leader in municipal service. This proposed budget seeks to address your direction related to our community’s highest priorities, including Public Safety, Infrastructure Investment, Quality of Life and Impact of Poverty, and Economic Development.

The budget includes proposed funding and expense levels for city utilities and the general fund. The FY2020 operating budget totals $727.08 million across 14 funds and holds the millage rate at 4.1000 mills.

Even though the millage rate will not increase, there are revenue increases in the budget.

Property taxes will generate approximately $2.7 million more revenue than in FY2019 due to an increase in property values. Based on Florida state statutes this is defined as a tax increase.

Also, the utility transfer to the general fund will increase by approximately $866,000 due an automatic increase in utility rates based on the Consumer Price Index.

Other revenues significant to the general fund include the half-cent sales tax and state revenue sharing.

The general fund – which supports public safety, parks and recreation, and human services – will increase from $158.8 million in FY2019 to $160.9 million in FY2020.

The majority of the increase in general fund budget relates to personnel expenses.

The budget for personnel services recommends performance-based raises of 3% for general employees (employees that are not part of a collective bargaining unit). Employees will only be eligible for this increase based on the results of their annual evaluation and after completing the required annual ethics training course.

Also, members of the fire and police collective bargaining units will receive 3% salary adjustment, and eligible police officers will receive an additional 4.5% step increase.

The purpose of the budget workshop is for the elected officials to approve the budget plan, vote to maintain the millage rate and to provide any new recommendations.

There will be another workshop on July 10th followed by two public hearings on September 11th and September 25th.

TR will provide detailed analysis of specific budget items over the coming days.

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