FLASHBACK: Andrew Gillum Associate Says FBI Scrutiny is Racial

FLASHBACK: Andrew Gillum Associate Says FBI Scrutiny is Racial


Sharon Lettman-Hicks, a close Andrew Gillum associate and focus of a recent FBI subpoena, took to social media this past weekend to voice her opinion of the the federal interest in Gillum’s campaign and an ongoing state ethics investigation into the campaign of former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

This information was first reported by Politico.

“Both Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams’ 2018 campaigns were in the spotlight this week with speculation of investigations looming, and this is no coincidence,” wrote Lettman-Hicks. “I happen to be a PAWN being used by the oppressor to raise even more speculation about how an educated, working class Black man could run a phenomenal statewide campaign, become a national phenom, and didn’t resort to backhanded tactics to advance his agenda.”

“It’s disappointing, but not surprising, to see Andrew’s haters resort to smear tactics, targeting Andrew and those close to him to stop OUR grassroots movement to turn Florida BLUE in 2020 and beyond,” she wrote.

In reference to the FBI investigation, Gillum’s attorney, Barry Richard, has previously stated that “one thing that is clear is that somebody is trying to undermine his political career and is filing allegations.”

The Miami Herald also reported that “privately some donors are expressing reservations about Gillum’s future given that the former Tallahassee mayor was also dogged during his campaign by an FBI investigation into dealings at City Hall.”

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  1. Gillum is a slick talker who can convince the weak minded to believe anything he says. The reason he has gotten this far in politics is socialist and globalist backing (money) from those who want to destroy America. I will be a cold day when he gives a flip about his brothers and sisters.

  2. So John Morgan’s $ just paid Gillum’s $5,000 Ethics fine? How does this work? Hopefully Governor DeSantis will not accept this proposition to him for final signature and Gillum will have to fully face the other charges and his perjury. Then come the Indictments.

  3. Excluding Abrams from the argument…the reason Andrew is under the microscope is that he pissed off a king maker who actually fell for Andrew’s BS, said king maker is embarrassed and yes, said king maker is out for a pound of flesh. Andrew sees himself as President someday, even though that’s patently ridiculous. It’s not his skin color, it’s the fact that when he gets around a pot of money he has to help himself. He is not Obama, who is actually smart. Andrew has con man smarts.

  4. “Sharon Lettman-Hicks, a close Andrew Gillum associate and focus of a recent FBI subpoena” ……………………… SO Sharon, what was YOUR Subpoena for?

  5. Andrew Gillums credintials are weak atbest. A unemployable degree and no work experience. Ben Carson is a black man with education and experience. That would be my role model for President not Andrew Gillums.
    Democrats please give us something better to vote for.

  6. Eventual the white folk will tire of this race crap. And then the black people will have to blame themselves. For just being crooks. And stupid. And racists.

  7. Florida politics is racist. That’s the ‘race card’ that’s being played, constantly, year after year! Gillem nearly beat a white man for the governorship of Florida, my God, we can’t have that! Better paint him as a crook to appease our disgusting racist base cause there’s not a black person alive who’s deserving of any respect or fairness! Evil, that’s what you racists are!

    1. Gillum shrugged off concern about these associations hampering his new venture. He described the roles of Chestnut and Lettman-Hicks as unpaid advisory board members. In a statement to the Times, he said he is “pleased to continue to receive the advice of long-time friends who are professionals with decades-long distinguished careers of their own.”
      Earlier in the TBT Buzz story:
      “Chestnut was recently disbarred in Florida and is going through a bankruptcy in Georgia.”

      If those are the tenets of a distinguished career, I’m throwing out my dictionary.

      1. Well, you have to give him credit for describing his partners in crime as “unpaid advisory board members”… I wonder how long it will take them to start singing like little birds?

      2. @ News Maven – There is no shame in their game. Gillum and Co. believe that limos, 5 star hotels and first class air travel make them distinguished.

        Even if they had 100% use of the $4M they would rifle through it in record time.

        1. All true, Domino; and now Andrew Guilty has pissed off John Morgan, whose millions will end up in the pocket of his legal competitor Barry Richard.
          Big mistake, Andy.

  8. Anytime minorities complain about actions taken against them, the “superior race” buries its head in the sand. If Drumph can holler, “no collusion” with his lying every day, surely we can say racism. Truth will out, there is a covert group trying to destroy Abrams & Gillum for having the audacity to run for the offices of governors in two red states. How dare they attempt that. Now we stopped their elections, so to prevent them from running again, let’s tear up their reputations,create doubt, portray them as dishonest, lying people. How? Use investigations to show campaign funds were misappropriated, they were bought off etc,etc. Call in the FBI so we can blow it up “bigly”(Drumph’s word). Why does this happen? All because they are black and dared to challenge the status quo.

  9. So the FBI are still hired henchmen of the status quo? Still casting aspersions on the Black leadership in thinly veiled attempts to disenfranchise voters? Old news. Florida and Georgia are in a race to the bottom. Rampant election fraud to investigate, yet focus on the “losers” is the priority. This indicates that the nefarious powers that be are appropriately fearful of political talent.

  10. The old saying goes “the squeakiest wheel is the one needing oil” which in this case means “the most vocal are usually those whom are guilty”!!

  11. Why is it that you cannot stand up to the scrutiny without ALWAYS coming out with the RACE-CARD if you are not guilty?? As the ole’ saying goes……..”the squeakiest wheel is the one that needs some oil” which in this case breaks down to “the loudest voices are coming from those whom are guilty”!!!

    1. It’s funny how most of what white racist people think is really what they are. You are what you eat, and you are really what you think. People of color experience racism. They are the ones who can accurately recognize it. The racist people are left only trying to deny or defend it.
      By the way, deniers of American unique brand of racism, don’t you know that racism is the American way of life? It actually permeates this society. Cotton is not the fabric of American life. Racism is!

  12. White people get over it. Sooner or later people of color will make it past the Jim Crow thinking. If not today maybe 2020

  13. It’s funny how white candidates do even the same thing and get no scrutiny until busted for federal crimes. Racism is alive and well during this administration. DOJ and FBI are complicit in this suppression.

  14. It’s easy to justify hate when you are white….isn’t it? There is no race “card”. It’s all one race…human…but the inequality still exists and run deep. I know it’s just your fears that are behind your hate. Why do you fear change? What do you fear you have to lose?

  15. Black card, black card, black card… Black on black violence it’s the white NRA’s fault, I can’t get a decent job because I dropped out of HS oh yeah white’s fault.

    Take responsibility for your own life, own decisions and stop blaming others for your own packings.

  16. This again is just another smoke screen. The fear of a powerful candidate who rose from the highest of seven hills in Tallahassee to nearly become governor of Florida. Please don’t talk about all the dirt of AG when Rick Scott was filthiest smut ever with underhanded crimes. No FBI complaints filed on that one.

    Glad Governor DeSantis just pulled the blanket off. You voted for DeSantis, you got him. Now that he is, he can really be who he wants. Surprise for all of you, he is not a racist prick that he let you guys believe that he was. He is for ALL the people. Marijuana will be legal. Gays will be married. Gambling and stripping will be all over the state legally. He’s a liberal too.

    And get this…… Andrew Gillum WILL NOT be indicted. Scott Maddox will go free. lol Suckas.

    1. Put your mall cop annual salary where your mouth is… Gullible fan club and proxies. Mirror mirror on the wall – which one is the faerIe of them.all?.. forthcoming indictments to tell! Stay tuned

  17. I know he was set up. This was done intentionally to silence him and to deter him from running for president. The Republicans have a mission to steal elections with Russian interference and they use suppression but they will never win! 2020 long term change will begin!

    1. How do you know he was set up? What concrete evidence in your brain do you have? FBI wants to know too? Do tell? And President? Unbelievable!

    2. I heard the Dollar Store down the street from your single-wide has a sale on tin foil this week. Better waddle on down there, girlfriend!

  18. Always playing the race card! Jeepers Creepers Ms. Freeman aka Letterman-Hicks or whatever name you decide to use to reinvent your damaged reputation, weak link on chain deflecting and pivoting true nature of the 3 card monte game. Unlike Georgia’s former Governor candidate, Gullible came to the game with baggage “undercover FBI agents” in tow and now pissed off donors filthy lucre, ironically now IS the target. Coincidence, no. Murphy’s law, yes. Small minnows in shark infested brackish puddle.. Silence is golden, lawyer up! Indictments coming.

  19. How many Rednecks in Florida are there? Everyone that is writing on this blog, sounds like the typical Florida Redneck that I grew up around. Some things never change.

    1. No Wayne BS and stupid never changed! Shysters never changed, non-informed citizens mindset never changes. Got a bridge to the feds for sale – interesting in buying?. You can leaseback.to Gullible and friends of interest to the Feds and IRS!

  20. Isn’t this the guy who kept 3.5 million dollars in campaign funds with plans to pay off felons debts so they would vote Democratic in 2020. It doesn’t get much lower than that. This is the way the Democratic party has always operated by promising people something they haven’t earned and don’t deserve if they will vote for your nasty low life party

  21. “Black” Business loans like the ones Lettman-Hicks takes advantage of are discriminatory.
    Collective Future using Soros money for “black” candidates only is racist.

    Sharon, find a mirror.

  22. Andy and his mouthpiece will be in ethics court bright and early tomorrow. At least the feds will know where to find him.

  23. Why do they always play the race card —-hoping people will back off—- quit using a Crutch and just let the pieces fall where they will

  24. Getting a little too close, Sharon? Interesting how you characterized Andy as educated (by whom-John Marks and George Soros?) and working-class (what kinds of real jobs has he ever held?), but not honest. Evidently, we agree that that word doesn’t apply to ol’ Andy. You are characterized in this story as a “close associate.” You’d better be careful of the company that you keep.

    1. Just wondering if the “bunkies” will get to have their wigs, Corrine’s sexy rhinestone glasses, and Corrine’s hoe red lipstick.
      If the prison system lets Corrine and Lettman – Hicks have that stuff they may never want to leave the big house AKA prison.
      BTW wonder if they both are AKA Sisters????

      1. Corrine Bureau being released… IN 3 YEARS!

        Register Number: 67315-018
        Age: 72
        Race: Black
        Sex: Female
        Located at: Coleman Medium FCI
        Release Date: 06/06/2022

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