Godby High Leads District in Out of School Suspensions

Godby High Leads District in Out of School Suspensions

A review of out of school suspensions (OSS) for Leon County high schools during the 2017-2018 school year shows that Godby High School has significantly more suspensions than the other four high schools.

The data, provided below, indicates that during 2017-2018 there were 621 OSS for the five high schools for an average rate of 6.9% based on the high school population.

A review of school level data shows that Godby High School is clearly an outlier. Godby reported 240 OSS, the most among the five high schools. Godby’s OSS was 96 more than Lincoln with 144.

Godby’s rate of OSS is approximately 2.5 times the district average and approximately 5.5 times the rate reported at Chiles and Leon.

Leon County Schools Code of Conduct states that “Suspension, expulsion and exclusion are formal consequences and shall be employed only after parental/guardian assistance and all available school and support services have been unsuccessful in dealing with the student’s misconduct, or when the student’s conduct or conditions are disruptive to the learning environment, dangerous to the safety or welfare of other students or staff or if the situation is of an emergency nature.”

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  1. The issue to raise is what is the Principal doing to reduce the incidents and encourage families and students to follow guidelines? Look at the data when the Principal was Nims, the same issues at Nims. A lack of leadership. When the Principal of Godby High School is a traveling companion with Superintendent Hanna to Vegas for gambling junkets does anyone really think anything will come from any inquiry into the data? Rocky promotes and protects his “insiders” while at the same he destroys the lives of those that seek to tell the facts about the mismanagement of Hanna and his minions. Rocky Hanna and his minions are failures. The school board is silent, meanwhile Sarah Hembrey throws students out of Cobb, Godby sends students to the streets as Hanna’s Assistant Superintendents spend the day on Facebook and excercising..

  2. My boys went to Godby and I did not have any major issues and if I did I was open to administration holding them accountable for their actions. It indeed takes a village to raise children. We as adults need to be parents to our children first before becoming their friends. The administration and staff do a phenomenal job with the available tools given to then by the district.

  3. The attendance zone for Godby is crime ridden. Most of the shootings, robberies, and rapes occur in a three mile radius of the school. The communities, parents, churches and law enforcement need to start addressing their neighborhood. Kids need help and attention. The school staff needs help. Do not count on Hanna.

  4. I talked to a retired school bus driver for Godby a couple of years ago and was shocked to hear that at one time Godby had a bus for male and a bus for females. Hmmmm wonder why???

  5. They need to redraw the lines. If I had Kids in High School they would be going to Rickards which is 8.2 Miles away but, Lincoln is just 4.6 Miles away. Elementary School is even worse.

  6. You should also break it down to how many Students for x Number of Days suspended and for WHAT. I know it would be more work than you would like to do but it should be done. Using Excel, you use the first Colum to list the Reasons, Second Colum for the Number of Days and the Third Colum for Number of Students. You would be listing the Reason several times because the Number of Days & Students would differ. By keeping track of it like this, you can then set a Mandatory Number of Days per Reason and keep it all uniform.

    1. Dave, that could all be provided with a public records request. The school district uses educators handbook which electronically tracks discipline referrals, categorizes them based on type of incident, keeps a record of amount of time out of school for a specific student etc. Its done at the school level but all the info county wide is accessible at the district and the equity / intervention administrator is responsible for tracking it. It would be interesting to see because some students get OSS for “being disruptive” in class while others don’t get suspended for physical stuff like fighting, etc. Some get referrals written if accused of something and it was later found they didn’t do it – still stays on the record and counts against them.

  7. A breakdown by race would be even more illuminating.
    Except Hanna would never allow that – it would be “racist.”

    Too bad the chart above indirectly already does it.

    1. I am sure its true on the demographics Maven, even if you were to look at the breakdown of Leon and Chiles. But it means more kids on the street turning to the life of crime, more robberies, murders etc. which is bad for everyone including TR readers. Hanna threw his hands up in the air not wanting to deal and assigned incompetent administrators who just help dump them out and make them Tallahassee’s problem. It would be interesting to look at the elementary schools and middle schools too – it starts early. Often the administrators who like to do this are the same race as the students at issue, which is a contributing reason for the high numbers.

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