FAMU Secures $13.7 Million in Performance-Based Funding from Board of Governors

FAMU Secures $13.7 Million in Performance-Based Funding from Board of Governors

By Veronique George, FAMU News

Florida A&M University (FAMU) will receive $13.7 million in new funding for the 2019-2020 fiscal year as part of the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Performance-Based Funding allocation.  

During this week’s Board meeting in Tampa, Fla., FAMU President Larry Robinson, Ph.D., and other State University System presidents presented their annual Accountability Plans, which describe short- and long-term goals for each institution. Today, the BOG approved FAMU’s 2019 Accountability Plan, which outlines aggressive strategies and goals for improving student success outcomes. Focusing on these areas will result in the University increasing its score above the current 70 points and even exceed the previous year’s 72 points.?Particular areas of focus are: 

  • improving retention and graduation rates,  
  • attracting high-performing students,   
  • expanding partnerships with Florida state colleges, 
  • increasing licensure pass rates, 
  • and improving student post-graduate outcomes. 

This year, FAMU’s areas of significant improvements include an increase in the percentage of bachelor’s graduates without excess credit hours, which rose to 51.4 percent – a 9.8 percentage point increase over last year; actual cost to a student earning a bachelor’s degree reduced to less than $8,000, an 18.8 percent decline; and the six-year graduation rate increased to 50 percent, which is an increase of three percentage points.? 

President Robinson and Board of Trustees Chair Kelvin Lawson complimented the presentation and efforts of Provost Maurice Edington, Ph.D., Beverly Barrington, vice president of Strategic Planning, Analysis and Institutional Effectiveness, and Vice President of Student Affairs William Hudson Jr. 

“The presentation?demonstrated the progress that we have made in the past year and the progress we will continue to make,” said Robinson.?“It was a team effort.”?? 

Chairman Lawson said the plan encapsulates FAMU’s efforts to fulfill its historical mission while meeting the present and future needs of all of its students. 

“The plan is consistent with our “FAMU Rising” strategic plan, and we are making investments in the areas we deemed important, specifically around student success and looking at ways to provide additional wraparound services to improve our student outcomes,” added Lawson. 

In addition to investing more internal resources toward student success initiatives, Robinson emphasized that promoting accountability and efficiency and recruiting and retaining top-notch faculty are critical to the University meeting established projected goals. 

“My vision for the University, which is a collective vision with our Board of Trustees and all stakeholders, is to establish FAMU as a model for student success and achievement at the national level,” said Robinson. 

6 Responses to "FAMU Secures $13.7 Million in Performance-Based Funding from Board of Governors"

    1. YES.
      Shut it down.
      Fine or jail anyone caught funneling tax dollars into their own pocket.
      Probably a great award-winning story could be written about the millions FAMU has squandered. The Fake Newsocrat would never be interested in doing that; and they no longer have the talent to research it if they wanted.

      Too bad, for the taxpayers.

  1. Lets break it down:
    $13,700,000.00 new funding
    -$4,666,666.00 graft, corruption, mis-management

    $9,03,334.00 in actual new funding

    Still an impressive amount!
    Thank you and a big tip of the hat to the esteemed Board of Governors!!!

  2. Hmmm, “•improving retention and graduation rates”, ………Just HOW will you IMPROVE Graduation Rates NOW because, about 10 Years ago you had the lowest Graduating Numbers of all the Black Colleges and then the following Year you had one of the highest because you “Re-Adjusted” your Grade Curve so more Students would pass, you can’t Re-Adjust it again……….or CAN you?

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