Nikki Fried Trashes Republicans Ahead of Trump Rally

Nikki Fried Trashes Republicans Ahead of Trump Rally

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the state’s top elected Democrat, on Monday welcomed President Donald Trump to the state by blasting him and other Republicans on women’s rights.

Fried posted a video on social media, highlighting a speech she gave to Florida Democrats during the state party’s annual Leadership Blue gathering this month. In that speech, she put a major focus on fighting back against legislation that restricts abortion rights.

“They (Republicans) want to take us back to a time long since past,” Fried says in the video. “A time when women couldn’t vote. A time when we couldn’t own property. A time when women were expected to sit down, shut up and stay at home barefoot and pregnant. They are not pro-life. They are anti-woman.” 

Fried released the video on the day before Trump will hold a rally in Orlando to formally announce his 2020 re-election bid. Trump also tweeted Monday in advance of the rally, announcing plans for “building large movie screens outside” the Orlando venue to “take care of everybody.” He said an estimated 100,000 people have requested tickets for the event.

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  1. As a State employee, I am not permitted to be political while representing my employer. This should also apply to Ms. Fried. She embarrasses the Department with her lies and rhetoric.
    Womens’ vote, owning property, wtf? Does she really believe that? If she does, she is stupid, if she does not she’s a liar. I am also offended by her picture on every gas pump in Florida, simply for recognition for when she decides to run for Governor. Impeach Nikki Fried!

  2. This worthless POS should be fired. With your Job, you don’t have to like our President but you damn sure should not be going out of your way Bashing him in the Media like that.

    1. Why not? That’s EXACTLY how the president behaves when he’s upset with anyone. Remember Jeff Sessions??? He was a Republican’s Republican, and y’all allowed Trump, a democratic supporter over the years, to bash him and drag his name through the mud. Lemme guess, John McCain isn’t the right type of Republican, so it was okay to disrespect him publicly?? Shall I go on? Mitch McConnell got sh**tted on, too. Explain how it’s okay for him to slam people in the media, but not okay for Nikki to do the same. And at what point do you admit trump is a bad example and shouldn’t be looked to as a role model? Much less be the president of the free world….

  3. Including the word “libtard” in a comment is spectacularly offensive. Think about it before using it. And I think most of you are dead wrong about Nikki Fried.

  4. I fall into the category “you can’t cure stupid”. I liked this lady. I thought that we might actually have a “D” with some common sense. Stupid me. I am so disappointed in her now. When am I going to learn that politicians who follow the “D” handbook of talking points cannot be trusted?

  5. What a silly speech! Woman voting has nothing to do with saving babies from the agony of abortion! She doesn’t face the fact that it isn’t just men who are prolife, millions of women are pro-life as well.

  6. Well this has been fun!
    Let’s all just hope Nikki spews more of her libtard inappropriate vomit from her nasty mouth in the near future so we can have more sport with her!
    Florida: why did you elect this bimbo to Ag. Comish????

  7. Like so many Democrats, she makes broad statements that don’t make sense or even relate to the issue. I am a Christian, I am a woman; I am a Republican; I vote; I own property; I don’t sit down and shut up if I have something to say; I do choose to go barefoot sometimes; I stayed home with my babies when I was able to; I got pregnant when I wanted to; I didn’t have to even consider abortion because I was responsible enough to think about the possible results of unprotected sex and take measures to prevent the possibility; I never had to kill a child to prove what a strong, independent woman I am.

    1. Yep. I hate when they do this and they do it all the time! Just like “make American great again,” Oh, so that means you want to go back to slavery. It’s really stupid and I wish they would stop doing it (but I know they never will). They’d do much better for their side if they would talk about the actual argument and solutions.

      1. It’s no different than labeling all democrats socialists….which is truely stupid considering we are all beneficiaries of socialistic systems like public education, law enforcement, FDA, FCC, USDA, SEC, DOJ, FBI, DOT…should I go on???

    2. Wow….Lynn McGrady….you have said it all. Thanks for the perfect rebuttal to the Commish and all those Democrats who continue to parrot what they are told! You rock!

    3. That’s YOUR story. Try thinking of others for a change. Do you think everyone is as blessed as you? Or don’t you care what the circumstances may be for a woman forced to consider abortion? You act like that’s the preferred choice…you do realize the majority of pro-choicers would decline themselves to have an abortion?? It’s about choice and it’s about each individual woman’s own choice based on her unique set of circumstances.

  8. Interesting….I didn’t think that an AG Commissioner ‘s job was fighting for abortion. Instead of fighting to kill babies, maybe Nikki can do her job of ohh I don’t know….maybe keeping more citrus alive….for starters.

  9. If you think that Aborting a “BABY” after 8 Weeks makes you a Woman, you are truly messed up. Women has so many ways to keep from getting Pregnant, and YES, even if you are raped, maybe THAT’S what you should be preaching. Preach about Birth Control. Preach about filing a Police Report as soon as possible if you are Raped. Stop Glamorizing Abortions.

  10. Looking at these comments, I can understand how some of these people are too uninformed to vote anything but Republican.

    1. Ahhh the old,”I really can’t defend my Libtard Ag Commish’s comments, time for the uneducated card”. Let me guess what’s next…”You all are racists, and misogynistic Russians”. Please…move along.

  11. All of you who are pissed at her while making disrespectful comnents (including suggested violence against her) are proving her point about the misogynistic policies that come from attitudes that you have all managed to illustrate so clearly!

    1. Actually any ” suggested violence ” exists only in your tortured mind.
      Read again Sir or Lady there is no suggested violence.
      I shall pray for you and your extreme mind altering Trump Derangement Syndrom because you have progressed to the delusional stage.

  12. She is just preparing to run for governor. That is the only reason she ran for Ag Commish. She will spend all her time and effort on that endeavor and neglect her current job.

  13. What a bimbo. Nikki Fried–now there’s name that must be steeped in agriculture. More like in fertilizer (B.S.). Get a real job,

    1. she probably shouldn’t even be in office! Remember the election shenanigans of 2018?? This is so embarrassing.

  14. Next time you’re waiting while filling up, get out your Sharpie and draw a mustache and goatee on her sticker picture.

      1. I know this is petty, but, is there a template somewhere that I can use to get my eyebrows like Nikki Fried?

  15. What is the process for removing her from office? Between her stupid liberal towing the party line statement and her self promoting adds on our gas pumps, she needs to go.

  16. So…the top elected democrat in Florida (painting with a very broad brush) thinks all Republicans are anti-woman, and want to take away their right to vote, own property, and think women shouldn’t speak but just stay barefoot and pregnant. If she really believes what she says…she’s an idiot, but I suspect she’s just a political hack. I can’t remember an Agriculture Commissioner ever being an idealogue to this extreme.

  17. Totally fireable.
    Governor Ron DeSantis dismiss her from office and appoint someone with sense enough to separate themselves from being a political hack while serving the citizens of Florida.
    Her position is 24/7 there is none of that “me” time in a cabinet level position where you are free to be a fool.
    Suspend her and appoint someone with sense.

    1. The Governor can’t suspend cabinet members(doesn’t have the authority), They would have to be impeached and removed from office.

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