Leon Elementary FSA English Scores Show Wide Disparity

Leon Elementary FSA English Scores Show Wide Disparity

The Florida Department of Education has released the 2019 FSA scores for each school. Listed below are the results of the FSA English test for Leon county’s elementary schools. The source of the data is the FDOE website.

The table below shows the FSA English scores for Leon county’s elementary schools for 2018, 2019, the change in scores and the amount the 2019 score is above the state average of 57%.

The scores range from levels one through five. Level 3 is considered “satisfactory,” Level 4, “proficient” and Level 5, “mastery.”

Comparisons are based on the percentage of students that scored a 3 or above.

Key takeaways:

  • Compared to 2018, scores increased for nine schools and decreased in twelve schools.
  • The largest gain was 7% at Ruediger and the largest drop was 9.2% at Riley.
  • Hawks Rise led all schools by scoring 86.7 which was 29.7% above the state average. Bond was last in scoring with 21.7%. The Bond score is 35.3% below the state average.
  • For schools that scored below the state average in 2019, four showed higher scores than 2018 and seven reported lower scores.

21 Responses to "Leon Elementary FSA English Scores Show Wide Disparity"

  1. The past 10 years Fairview administration has mistreated the students on the South side. There was a time when Hansen has the general population of students in 2 P.E classes. It is very important t to pay attention to the classes they give your student. This year the general population had 1 certified math teacher. IB had all certified math teacher. As a title 1 school all teachers should be highly qualified.

  2. BOARDING. SCHOOLS. Problem solved. I can almost guarantee it. And I think parents will be on board with it. The data suggests the Title 1 students cannot receive the parental support required for educational success. The parents are frustrated with their inability to help their children when they know no better than what they themselves were “taught”. Most just think beating the kids’ butts is the be all end all of discipline. Most admit they are not the role models they want their children to emulate. By removing the children, not forcefully, but voluntarily, gives another possible solution to so many problems. And who among the TR crowd doesn’t agree the public assistance has been abused and become a way of life? Let’s divert that money to an environment that is controlled and accountable and just see if that helps the students catch up. What do we have to lose?

  3. *Not interested in feedback from readers who have outside opinions.

    Teacher—- This data shines a light on diversity of every student and geographical performance of groups.
    “ What challenges exist for each group?”

    Community Goal- increase abilities for all, entrusting teachers with support needed at each unique school site, conquering workflow where non-standard means of teaching with differentiation and diverse timelines works, but still measuring at one time in standardized test.
    This question to help NOT complain- “What if some student groups in Title I or student groups in high performing sites need “time” as well as funds/resources to feel successful? “Recognize the systemic change agents for solutions/options before thinking teachers or students are lacking.

  4. Poor Mark is a very angry, negative person. I feel sad for Mark. He seems to be uninformed of important factors in student success. Don’t be like Mark.

    1. Hope,
      No one should forgive or forget that Rocky Hanna put together a notebook that he admitted to an attorney for the school board that he had no knowledge of any wrong doing. Rocky cost taxpayers $600,000. Rocky is hoping for the same kind of forgiveness from the community about these low test scores. Lawsuits are in progress because Rocky did not follow fair labor practices and is being sued.

      These low test scores are a testament to the lack of commitment of Rocky Hanna and his hand picked assistant superintendents to provide equal access to high-quality public education. In our community of legislators and the governor this behavior is reprehensible, it is not defendable by anyone. We have now taken away from our precious children the ability to stay on track and learn at a high level. Nobody can or should excuse this. For every person that suggest that this is the fault of parents then we should probably not have schools. It is the school’s responsibility to use our tax dollars to educate all children equally.

  5. Assistant superintendents should be making a $100k or more.

    There needs to be a community intervention and attention to detail for these low-performing schools.

    Private engagement faith-based engagement mentors, school uniforms, and mandatory engagement from parents would be a start in improving these schools.

    Why doesn’t Mark join forces with Rocky Hanna to enact these basic principles (pardon the pun)?

    Expend more energy into positive action instead of criticizing.

    1. Hope, the last thing that Rocky Hanna and his superintendents want to do is join forces with anyone for a positive change. They want to keep things as they are, which is why its getting worse. They don’t care about the vulnerable children in our city, they really don’t. Actions speak louder than words. I say all this as my personal opinion based on my experience as a parent in the school district. Rocky and his team are very anti-parent. That attitude will catch up with them in the next election.

      1. His team is very antisocial with each other, Rodgers can’t stand Gayle and they work against each other and has their staff following in their footsteps.

    2. Hope, Do our teachers need to be paid the 46th lowest in Florida while Assistant Superintendents are the top 3rd of pay? Join forces with a man that did not pay child support for 10 years UNTIL sued? Why would anyone associate with Rocky Hanna after he lied to the FBI, he cost taxpayers $600,000 with an investigation that he admitted was all made up, he dated teachers he supervised and enacted a hit list ruining the lives of many people.

      1. I do agree that teachers need to be paid more.

        I doubt if Rocky Hanna ruined any lives. There has to be a winner and a loser in every election and it is time to move on and get over it.

        Forgive and forget.

  6. Pay has nothing to do with performance. It is all about socialization, brainwashing and very little education. Our public schools are a joke and the teachers should be ashamed.

  7. A good teacher is a good teacher, regardless of pay and to say otherwise is a slight to that good teacher, that said, pay does help tremendously, but is not and should not be an overall factor. If the teacher also has to include instruction that “should be happening at home”, then the teachers cannot effectively teach like they should. Blaming school authorities may have its place and time, but overall, the bad behavior of some in authority, should not be used as an excuse to neglect the child’s care and interaction. The deviant behavior of leadership does not release the parent or guardian from the responsibility of the child. The list could be a reflection of what is happening in our city and could be used as a guide to make things better.

    1. Pay is a factor when Rocky Hanna pays his Assistant Superintendents over $100,000 each, they have office jobs. Teachers who do the work are valued by Rocky Hanna and his Assistant Superintendents by paying teachers the 46th lowest salaries in Florida. Shame on Rocky Hanna. Rocky Hanna a legend in his own mind a disaster in reality

  8. Like most anything regarding children, it is the home dynamics of the child that makes the difference, The parent or a guardian has to be 150% involved with interaction and the goings on with the child which includes school involvement, no matter what, the child has to know that they matter and are not left alone to turn feral, run wild and fend for themselves, if this is the case, the percentage of failure will be high. Not to say that it cannot happen, but it would be that rare child who is driven in spite of their circumstances that succeeds. Children usually do not do well without proper guidance in their early years. My wife and I have 6 children, they are all different and need to be interacted with differently, so yes we are busy, and tired, but it is worth it to help our children be the best they can be. This troublesome and heartbreaking cascade of events can be helped, but it is going to take involvement from the parent or guardian. It is the schools job to facilitate teachers in teaching our children and we should not expect teachers to take them on to raise. End.

  9. When you read through this list, notice the gains from Sealey, and then do something positive like sending an email to Ms. Clemons and Mr. Cloud for leading a successful 18-19 school year. As much as people hate acknowledging it, Title 1 environments have more to overcome than non-Title 1 environments. Is there poverty and ignorance present? Yes – but it doesn’t have to stay this way. The family structure is the most important foundation – and many Title 1 schools are often tasked with providing this level of support for students as well if success is to be obtained. Btw, here’s a direct URL for the prinicipal: https://www.leonschools.net/domain/1355

    There is much to applaud for the success of non-Title 1 environments as well. The schools at the upper end of the list who are experiencing variance rather than failure should be proud of their achievements. The school I work for (not Sealey) also made gains, and has been moving up this list. We understand the challenges we face in Title 1.

    So do something positive with these results. Write an email to congratulate principals for gains or maintaining a high level of accomplishment. State workers can take their 1 hour a month and invest in a school close to them. If it happens to be title 1, even more awesome.

    1. Doing something positive would be ensuring the parents of the students at Bond, Riley, Pineview, Nims and Griffin show up in mass at the next school board meeting to protest and file a lawsuit for Academic Negligence naming Rocky Hanna and his Curriculum Team ad the perpetrators of Academic Negligence.

      Paying teachers the 46th lowest salary in Florida, raising insurance costs for teachers while Assistant Superintendents make over $100,000 each, that is a letter worth writing.

      Rocky, you used to make jokes about not needing algebra, are making jokes about students not learning to read or do math at high levels?

      1. Actually….Doing something positive would be ensuring the parents of the students at Bond, Riley, Pineview, Nims and Griffin show up in mass at the next Parent – Teacher Meeting. That’s the biggest problem with these Schools, the Parents (Guardians) don’t even know WHO is teaching their Kids and probably would have a hard time even finding the School they go to.

        1. The biggest problem in low performance is not the students or the parents it is the lack of instructional leadership from the Superintendent. How many people are at the Howell buiding under the leadership of Ms. Gregory? How many of them with her were in schools each day to teach students? Blaming parents and students is easy, holding people accountable for increasing student achievement is something Rocky Hanna never does. Rocky Hanna and his team are the failures NOT the parents or students. Parents trust schools, no parent should trust Rocky Hanna a man who left his own child without child support for 10 years, until sued. Ironic that Rocky was quick to fabricate lies and misinformation to the FBI to dirty up the former Superintendent, now that the low scores are TRUE and public.. crickets from Hanna.

          1. Why not take the leadership at the A and B schools to the low performing schools and see if that makes a difference.

  10. This story illustrates the lack of understanding and committed resources from Rocky Hanna to students of the greatest need. Our teachers are the 46th lowest paid in state while Rocky pays his Assistant Superintendents over $100,000 along with additional raises for Rocky’s inner circle. Why is the school board silent as our teachers and students suffer the consequences of the ineptitude of Rocky Hanna and his minions. Leon County deserves a Superintendent that understands leadership. Rocky, leadership is Not hiding from child support for 10 years Until sued or dating teachers you evaluate, then bullying them into a monetary settlement.

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