City Staff Ranks Ten Potential Police Headquarters Sites

City Staff Ranks Ten Potential Police Headquarters Sites

At their next meeting, on July 10th, Tallahassee City Commissioners will be asked to approve the staff’s preliminary scores of ten potential sites for the new Police Department Headquarters.

The number one ranked location is the Northwood Mall property.

The City received a total of 68 unique site proposals from citizens, realtors and property owners. Of those, only 51 sites met the City’s minimum size requirement of nine acres.

In order to establish a short-list of the most viable locations, a set of minimum criteria—as provided by the Spatial Needs Assessment—was used to evaluate all of the proposals received from the public.

The criteria included size (minimum 9 acres), proximity to potential hazards, vehicular and pedestrian/public access, adequacy of infrastructure, and cost of land acquisition.

The rankings are listed below.

Proposed Site & Preliminary Score:

  • 1904 North Monroe/514 West Tharpe Street (Northwood) 59
  • 1500 Apalachee Parkway (Governors Square) 56.5
  • 234 East 7th Avenue (Current TPD Site) 55
  • 2813 S. Meridian Street (South City Head Start, Leon County Schools) 55
  • 2415 North Monroe Street (Tallahassee Mall) 54.5
  • 1625 Apalachee Parkway (Dick’s Sporting Goods/Toys R’ Us) 54.5
  • 111 South Magnolia Drive (Winn Dixie/Magnolia Retail Center) 52
  • 1317 Winewood Boulevard (DCF Headquarters thru 01/2020) 51.5
  • 2525 South Monroe Street (TowneSouth) 50.5
  • 1815 Lake Bradford Road (COT Wastewater Treatment Plant) 50

8 Responses to "City Staff Ranks Ten Potential Police Headquarters Sites"

  1. If they overpaid for Northwood, that’s the last place a police station needs to be. The Northwood mall location needs to be saved for something more lucrative. The police station needs to be on the South Side of Tallahassee. It will help with revitalization and integration on that side of town. If we can get the south side up to par, this city should experience even more growth over the next decade. With the SoMo (Cascades Park, Proof Brewing, Catalina Café) experience expected to become more lively, Southwood still growing, and the potential tear down of Country Club Apartments, the southside is being setup to be a possible hotbed. Plus the violence in our city isn’t going to change until we do something drastic.

    1. Then in that case, they need to build it on land they already own such as at the Park on Paul Russell Rd across from the Fair Grounds. There is about 60 Acres there and it already has a Park so they wont have to build one and they should make it a Multi Story Building with a couple of Court Rooms and a Couple Story’s under Ground to be used as a Temporary Jail.

      1. Totally agree with you Tony.
        That property is owned by COT, located right in the middle of all the B on B killings COT pretends to have interest on slowing down, and has great public access.
        But the corrupt politicians dreams of public theft and misappropriation of public funds lies with The Northwood property.
        Our local COT crime bosses are confident the FBI well hold some sham trials of Scott, Paige, and that Burnett dude soon so our local COT crime bosses can get back to business as usual (fleecing the public).
        Oh and another thing am I the only observer to note the lack of racial diversity and inclusion in those usual suspects going to trial by the FBI?
        Let’s see now:
        What is it that Scott, Paige, and that Burnett dude have in common…any diversity and inclusion in a loaf of white bread???…nope all white.

  2. No matter where you go you MUST purchase and NOT lease. All those places except Northwoods I think are Leases. You paid too much for Northwoods so you might as well use it for the Police Headquarters and include a First Respondor Station.

  3. I heard upper management is too terrified to be in Governors Square Mall during FAMU Homecoming.
    So scratch that one off the list.
    Anyway the location most favorable for Usual Suspect kickbacks, nepotism, graft/corruption is the Northwood Center which COT recently purchased. And no all the dirty Usual Suspect Players have not already had Federal Indictments already served on them.
    Anyone thinking the decision is not already made is a fool.

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