Desloge, Welch Report Donations for District 4 Campaign

Desloge, Welch Report Donations for District 4 Campaign

Current District 4 Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desloge and challenger Brian Welch have started raising money ahead of the 2020 election.

Campaign reports filed this month, for campaign activity through the end of June, show that Desloge raised $68,715 from 331 donations. Welch reported donations of $20,310 from 108 donations.

Donations are limited to $250 per entity.

Desloge filed for the District 4 race after considering a run for retiring state Senator Bill Montford’s seat. Desloge decided it would be “an uphill climb” due to the partisan make-up of the district.

Desloge told the Tallahassee Democrat that “I looked at all of the different angles. I’m one of seven (on the County Commission), and I think I can make more of an impact here.”

Desloge was first elected in 2006.

Brian Welch has been a public school teacher at Lawton Chiles High School since 2007. He attended Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University, earning a Bachelors degree in Political Science in 2001 and a Masters degree in Applied American Politics and Policy in 2003.

Brian Welch, Candidate Leon County District 4

Welch also earned a second Masters degree in Educational Leadership in 2016.

Shortly after filing for the seat, Welch write on his Facebook, “I think District 4 deserves an engaged and responsive leader that advocates for the families and neighborhoods of NE Leon County.”

The general election is scheduled for November 3, 2020.

8 Responses to "Desloge, Welch Report Donations for District 4 Campaign"

  1. Killearn needs to watch all these city and county commissioners very closely as the public hearings-meetings about the Blueprint Plan to Ruin Killearn moves forward. After the elected officials have all heard the enormous public outcry over this Horrible Idea, ANY elected official not on public record to vote against or remove the Shamrock Extension should be singled out for defeat in his-her next election. Abstaining or saying “not present” isn’t enough – the commissioner (or mayor) has to ACTIVELY work to cancel, remove, or change the project so it doesn’t impact Killearn. Those who simply abstain or declare “not present” will be treated exactly as any who allow the project to go forward: removal from office in the next election cycle.

  2. Where does Welch stand on the destruction of Killearn by the Blueprint plan to connect Welaunee Blvd. to Shamrock South?

  3. Just think “TERM LIMITS” people…………… in 2020 Brian Desloge will have been a Commissioner for 14 Years. Nice guy but, over this last term, he has had to “Phone In” a lot of the Meetings because he was out of town because of his OTHER Job.

    1. His other job, meaning his service as President of the National Association of Counties? This “other job” gave Tallahassee local government nationwide recognition. Your comment reeks of ignorant pot-stirring.

  4. Please vote to get this unethical politician out of office. I could tell you stories that you would not want to believe.

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