Andrew Gillum to John Morgan: “I don’t live on your plantation…”

Andrew Gillum to John Morgan: “I don’t live on your plantation…”

Andrew Gillum could not resist.

In response to a tweet by attorney John Morgan, Gillum replied with some harsh language. Gillum tweeted:

I don’t live on your plantation and I don’t take advice from Trump impersonators & DeSantis suck ups.”

The back and forth began Sunday morning when John Morgan tweeted out a link of a recent TR report about Andrew Gillum transferring $500,000 from his gubernatorial campaign account to a non-profit that Gillum runs.

Morgan, who has previously criticized Gillum for holding back campaign funds in his close race against Ron DeSantis, wrote:

” Does anyone believe anything that comes out of this dude’s mouth? Of course it must be in an account that the public and his donors never see. And when will he transfer another $500K? When he spends this first $500K.”

Then he added:

“We need to explore a lawsuit to recover the monies given in trust to @AndrewGillum and now in a slush fund. Thank God for Florida that @GovRonDeSantis won.”

Gillum responded:

” John, remember when you called me to drop out & work for Phil because you couldn’t let Gwen win? You only care about transactions and distractions. I don’t live on your plantation and I don’t take advice from Trump impersonators & DeSantis suck ups. “

A screen shot of the tweets are listed below.

46 Responses to "Andrew Gillum to John Morgan: “I don’t live on your plantation…”"

  1. This seems like as good a place as any to make a relevant comment in regards to our ” Ta Ta Taa Taaah!!!” New Mayor Daily.
    Now I do not want to cast shade on an entitled employee benifit…but…to everyone out there who’s hearts are swooning at all the hope and change our recently elected Mayor has the opportunity to bring to our fair city.
    Where is he right now?
    Oh that’s right he hasn’t even pressed a good butt print yet into the “comfy Mayoral Throne” and:
    HE’s ON VACATION !!!
    Yeah I know it’s his choice to exercise that right to use the employee vay- cay benifit and all. But he just started in the job of Mayor. Do not expect too much from this guy and you wont be disapointed.

  2. Ha ha! I always thought Gillum was a thief and a racist. Being a socialist was just another scam! Kudos to John Morgan for finally realizing this. I remember when he emailed me to vote for Gillum. I emailed him.back in disappointment, and told him that he should know better! And now John Morgan does! Ha ha!

  3. Gillum is a Soros bought and paid for puppet who is a crook. They want to flip Florida blue and will stop at nothing. Now they are pushing white supremacy which is a crock. Anybody who is white is now a target because Trump is white. Oh what having 8 yrs. as President Obama has done to this country! ???????

  4. Gillum is a Soros bought and paid for puppet who is a crook. They want to flip Florida blue and will stop at nothing. Now they are pushing white supremacy which is a crock. Anybody who is white is now a target because Trump is white. Oh what having 8 yrs. as President Obama has done to this country! ???????

  5. Meanwhile Jim Comey’s sycophants in the local FBI office are still trying their very best to find or manufacture something, anything, to explain why they are not going to charge Andrew Gillum with any crime in relation to the Tallahassee Usual Suspect investigation.
    The leftists running the local FBI office were really counting on their boy Willie Meggs, now a big shot with the Commission on Ethics, to quash any ability to charge Andrew by the Commission’s dog and pony show which resulted in Andrew paying a paltry $5000. fine. But that seems to not be enough to save Andrew.
    So the FBI is trying to cook up yet another “save Andrew” scheme.
    Can they save their boy?

    1. FBI: – Under Gillum, Favors, Maddox, Goad and Fernandez’s management the City of Tallahassee’s Employees were REQUIRED to ‘donate’ to the United Way as a contingency of employment. Spreadsheets of each ‘donation’ per person per year were made and all ‘Leadership’ and up-n-coming managers HAD to donate at least $1,000 per year which they received back in pay increases. Pure and simple EXTORTION. Then the reports came out of how the United Way Funds were paying for UW managers salaries. Follow this simple $ trail and you’ll find how the coffers of Gillum, Maddox, Goad, etc. were funded.

      1. Ditto for the low-paid newsroom employees at the Fake Newsocrat, under the thumb of publisher Dorsey and der Fuhrer Gabordi. Dorsey was a big “bundler” for that Ponzi scheme. I remember when the UW Chair came into the newsroom with a bullhorn to guilt trip everyone into a payroll deduction.
        On deadline!
        What an a-hole.

  6. Gillium is a crook, yes. But Morgan is no better. He’s mad because he donated his milliions to gilium to have inmates bailed out to vote for gillium and then if he won gillium would return the favor?? Well gillium kept the money that’s why Morgan is trying to grill him. Morgan has enough money and power. Stop the smoke screen and sucking up, your a phoney. And this is coming from a conservative Republican, my opinion is that Morgan is not. Just power hungry filled with lies.

  7. Many people suffer do to their own poor choices. Mental health outreach and addiction are also a BIG reason. Giving felons a decent opportunity was a good step.Non the less we live in a free society and we are taxed if we are responsible citizens. Want better paying jobs? Go to trade school. Further your education so you don’t have to work 2 jobs. Higher elderly for jobs they can do and quit discriminating cause they are 65. People make their OWN choices..children excludef and it is up to PARENTS to set the example. Its not a democrat or republican issue. Its about being American. I worked several jobs as single parent with a disabled son. Worked my way up..proved myself no degree. Never felt anyone owed me anything. I believed in God we trust. Now college grads contributing to our tax rolls. Get responsible people. Gollum should refund or give to general fund all that was not used in campaign. Called honesty..find NEW funding source for you project.

  8. First of all; Finger pointing, arguing and fighting back and forth wont change the problems you all are talking about. People are suffering while y’all are on the internet going back and forth. Those people who are suffering cannot see these tweets on here. Even if they could, it’s not helping them! All they see is what they face every day in front of them while being held down in bondage, unable to do anything when they try and no one does anything about it. What does that say about us as Americans? This has to end. Where is our government’s maturity? Whe world sits back and laughs at us because we act like big babies and bullies in America. Stop wasting your time sending hate messages to each other and utilize this time better by first changing your heart, getting along ith each other and changing America in a better way.

    1. Thanks for some well-reasoned comments. Some. However, who is being held down in bondage? I am not trying to be patronizing, but unless someone is literally being held against their will then the excuse just does not exist. Some people (all colors, races, backgrounds) with great opportunity fail, while others without opportunities succeed. Success, defined in a secular sense, has common denominators and excuse making is not one of them. You also fall into the trap when you ask “where is out government’s maturity?” Our government leaders reflect who we are, but the bigger question is “Who cares?” The government should play no role – too many in our country rely on the government and not themselves. And, your’re right, that starts with the heart.

    2. Good points, it’s not a “partisan” issue. The one thing I’ve observed in my 12 years in Tallahassee is that the South Side suffered in poverty with little-nothing done to alter their situation, crime soared due to lack of alternative and hope. Meanwhile, under Gillum’s watch (and the former set of “city commissioners”), elected officials never lifted a finger to attract companies and jobs to the South Side. A manufacturing company (or two or three) might have provided some entry-level jobs that paid a decent wage, and higher pay for those who advanced to a supervisory level. No one, especially Gillum, did anything in that direction – giving those in poverty and little hope a way to get a real job with some benefits and decent pay. They spent their years in office enriching themselves with corrupt schemes (Maddox is the poster boy, there are others equally culpable). My point is, the elected officials didn’t do anything to help the CAUSES of black-on-black crime, which is the only way to help the situation. The opportunity to attract companies to Tallahassee is always there – I hoped for better from our present city govt – But sadly, it seems beyond their understanding that JOBS in the South Side might help (banning plastic straws seems more important). Perhaps new southside companies might not help the situation, people have to take the opportunity handed to them – but it’s better than doing nothing, which is the legacy of Gillum’s time as “mayor” of Tallahassee. I hope John Morgan becomes Gillum’s worst nightmare. Perhaps Morgan can accomplish what the local FBI seems reluctant to do.

  9. This back and forth is very childish, people keep saying black employment is better under Trump which is not really true, they have to work two and three jobs to try to make ends meet. Children in cages like animals is on Trump now, stop blaming Former president Obama. Trump is unfit to be president regardless. Andrew Gillum please don’t feed into this foolish, You would have been a better choice for Governor of Florida regardless.

    1. You’re an Idiot Mary. Trump is the BEST President we have had in DECADES. Gillum is a Crook and YES, More Blacks have Jobs now BECAUSE of President Trump. If people have to work more that one Job to make Ends meet, then they made Bad choices in the past BUT, at least they are WORKING and making Ends Meet. Here is a piece of advice for you, get off CNN and MSNBC.

    2. Mary, Obummer started with the kids in cage thing. If you’re going to a bigot towards white people at least get your facts straight, cow.

  10. Liberal gillum. Cries racist every time he gets found out. Just like the libs in congress this isn’t what America is all about. They cry for rights but want to take away your actual bill of rights. For their benefits. Yea. All the non working illegals and city ghettos have their hands out for gillum. Gimme gimme gimme

    1. N hater? Clearly he has a great affinity for Nilla-Wafers and I am a loss as how one could think otherwise.

  11. If ANY of Gillum’s campaign donations were received by mail, shouldn’t he be under investigation by the U.S. Postal Service for mail fraud ?

  12. If Trump or any other white Americans mentioned a plantation, they’d be forced to admit just how racist they were, Sharpton would throw another tantrum blaming whites for every ill in black history, and cities would burn.
    But…our national double standard allows gillum to use such a so called racist expression and chuckle about because he believes he’s above the law.
    Nice to see black on black shootings mentioned because Sharpton, Obama and gillum NEVER mention them, likely because they can’t blame white Americans for it.
    Gillum has the cash hidden somewhere or he’d tell more about it.

  13. Just like I expected, from my post in the prior story, wow!
    A liberal circular firing squad.

    Pass the popcorn!

      1. YOU’RE right.
        I hate Numbskulls.
        Especially this ones that can’t even type five words without making a second-grade grammar mistake.

  14. Just like I expected, from my post in the prior story, wow!
    A liberal circular firing squad.

    Pass the popcorn!

  15. The last reply is precisely what’s expected from people who don’t care about what’s actually going but rather what key talking points they can quote.
    Fact is unemployment for minorities, including African Americans, are lower than they’ve ever been in history. Pay is up as well.
    Another fact you ignore is the gun violence against black children is caused, in a high majority, by other black children shooting each other. How about looking at the real cause of all this violence as opposed to phrases that do nothing to stop the problem.
    Also, if you want to talk about children in cages how about you refer back to when this was originally started under the Clinton administration and then reinforced under Obama. Remember those original photos of children in cages that were actually taken under the Obama administration?
    All of this was happening then and nobody said a word, I wonder why?
    If you really want this fixed the laws have to be changed but guess what? Your same liberal politicians have done nothing to change the laws or create legislation that makes a difference, instead they do the same thing you are by tossing around insinuations and blaming people who are doing nothing other than enforcing the very laws those liberal politicians created. Your post is both ironic and moronic at the same time.

  16. Andrew and Sean put themselves in this position for scrutiny by attempting to play the system. It amazes me how the left cannot see his manipulative ways.

  17. It surely doesn’t take much for the Tallahassee Reports to write negative articles about former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gilliam or black businessman Sean Pittman…. How many black children have to die at the hands of gun violence before this media outlet would give it some attention? What about the children in cages down In Miami? Your bias is clearly shown in that articles that you choose to write, as well as the issues you choose to follow. Every white Conservative is very proud of your work! Continue to help President Trump build that wall, and make America white again!

    1. You ought to be ashamed of these comments. First, it’s Gillum, not Gilliam. I’m sure someone named Gilliam would be insulted by your careless mistake. Second, by black children you certainly mean black-on-black crime/murder which is an epidemic? I have tried to have that conversation multiple times with locals who are considered by many to be “leaders” in the black community – whether government or faith – and they want nothing to do with the conversation because it is an indictment on them and the policies they support and espouse. Lastly, children in cages…sweet goodness, really? Direct your outrage at the Obama Administration (when those pictures were taken). The fact is – some kind of quarantine and separation is required for a host of reasons…from disease to child trafficking and the reality most of those kids are not with their parents. The fact TR even allows this comment is a testament to its willingness to allow you a voice – even when comments like this do not deserve a platform. You are better than this Stanley.

    2. Yeah right. That’s ignorant and racist. You said “every white conservative is proud…” demonstrating your hatred of even conservatives who might think differently than Trump or DeSantis. You are a RACIST.

    3. Stanley,

      There is a shooting Dailey in Tallahassee and I have yet to see one be a registered Republican.

      I remember reading Sean Pittman’s resume a few years ago where he was bragging about being associated with a young people’s group. He was I believe a mentor and a leader

      The leaders of this organization decided it was wise to hold a party late at night for these youths where one of the youths was shot and killed.

      And by the way if you haven’t read, Andrew Gillum is under FBI investigation, just had to pay a fine recently in an ethics violations case, lost the election for governor of Florida, lied to the people about tickets to a Broadway play attempted to blame his brother. Sean Pittman sent his wife in there to cover for himself and Gillum rather than testifying himself.

      He and Sean Pittman appear to be openly laundering millions of dollars for their personal use from Gillum’s campaign contributions

      Those contributors should hire John Morgan to sue Gillum to get their money back because it sure isn’t being put to good use.

    4. Stanley,
      You sold your soul during the election to Rocky Hanna. You were with a man that hid from his obligations as father, Rocky and his inner circle purposely mislead the FBI costing taxpayers over $600,000. Stanley you lost credibility a long time ago, working for Rocky proved you will do anything for anyone that provides you with what you want. You are who you associate with.

    5. If this gun violence epidemic continues, most 22 year-old black males in Tallahassee will either be dead or behind bars. Tallahassee Reports is powerless to intervene and the black community turns its head from the slaughter.

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