City Ethics Officer Announces Resignation Date

City Ethics Officer Announces Resignation Date

Julie Meadows-Keefe announced today at the Ethics Board’s monthly meeting that she will resign her Ethics Officer position with the City’s Independent Ethics Board in February, 2020.

Ms. Meadows-Keefe was originally hired by the City of Tallahassee and then retained, in a controversial move, by the newly created Ethics Board.

In her remarks, Meadows-Keefe said the decision to resign was hers and not impacted by outside forces.

However, Meadows-Keefe has been under increasing criticism. First, for a romantic relationship she had with an appointed city official and then for not disclosing a professional relationship she had with John Reid, who was recently hired as the board’s counsel.

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  1. It sure looks like the the critics of the city ethics board were correct, the Ethics Officer has been running the show after all. No apparent supervision or oversight of her by the board. Thanks to them, we are going to pay the lady a lifelong pension for doing a sorry job.

  2. OK, Julie Meadows-Keefe announced on July16th at the Ethics Board’s monthly meeting that she will resign her Ethics Officer position with the City’s Independent Ethics Board in February, 2020. The rest of the Board should have said, “You have ONE WEEK to leave”.

  3. Why would the board allow her to set the date? They don’t have the backbone to fire her. That lack of backbone has been their problem all along. They have been so busy figuring out what they can’t do, they have done little.

  4. This morning on 93.3 FM Steve dropped the bomb that the Feb. 2020 resignation date will take Ms. Keefe [sorry folks I’m not down with that hyphenated shizz] … anyway that date will take Ms. Keefe out to the 5 year COT vestment date so WE THE PEOPLE can support her retirement income for the rest of her life. So there you go folks that’s the reason for the 6+ month “notice of resignation”.

  5. Firing ~40 employees right when the FBI serves up subpoenas in 2017 followed by major indictments – 44 on Maddox (former Mayor), alone, with the City Manager fired and his ethics violations, with the CRA involved as well as another (former) Mayor named Gillum misusing City Funds for personal political gain. Looks like firing 40 employees was to shut up the other 2,000 City employees at a critical juncture and appears to amount to Witness Intimidation or is that Witness Tampering as referenced in RICO cases – FBI? You have all the RICO requirements; use this tool. Dismantle this fraudulent crime infested machine that still haunts Tallahassee Government and Florida – FBI. Don’t stop with simple indictments for these ‘individual’ crooks. They didn’t do this by themselves. Seek and ye shall find.

  6. A worthless waste of oxygen. She was a favor hire to keep the truth seekers of the community from looking at the massive corruption in our city. She did so by ignoring everything brought to her attention. She did help her love life though. Typical Tally shill put in place by the corrupt powers in office. Maybe FAMU will hire her and Chuck Hobbs to guard that hen house too! Hobbs bar card is soon to be history, wish the same for her.

    1. Did the bar refer Hobbs’ investigation to another grievance committee / circuit or was it done here in Tallahassee?

  7. When they (Gillum, Maddox, Fernandez, Goad, Barber, Keefe, Faris, Blair, etc.) fired the ~40 City Employees on July 20th of 2017 ( almost 2 years to the day, btw); these fired employees were given ZERO days notice and were directly escorted out by TALLAHASSEE POLICE officers via Barber’s/Gillum’s orders – WITH NO BUDGETARY Basis. I wonder what these fired folks have to say to the FBI about COT Ethics issues? Or was this just COT WITNESS INTIMIDATION; In that this mass COT employee firing happened at the same time the FBI warrants and indictments started coming down…..Just wondering….how many of those people went to the Ethic’s Office with legitimate complaints that were covered up?

    1. What about violent Bert Fletcher? He collected a City pension, a state pension and has a new state job. Takes two to tango and he was just as guilty. Even more.

  8. What the criminal enabler Reese Goad would say about that Feb. 2020 resignation date if Reese were not such a spineless toad:
    “Uhhh No. I want your desk cleaned out today…goodbye Madam.”
    I mean seriously folks have you ever worked with someone who submitted an over 6 MONTH notice?

  9. She is going to have a hard time finding another do nothing high paying cushy job. Did anyone see what she reported to her board as ethics calls she has been working on this past month? There were 2 calls. That seems to be about what appears on her report every month just a handful of calls. Of course she only actually investigates anything about once every other year. What exactly does she do all day? I would apply for her job but I am afraid I would be bored out of my mind. Now if Dr. Jackson would take the job he would probably have the place cleaned up before his first paycheck hits the bank. Hopefully they will not hire someone who is not a lawyer they already have enough of them doing nothing on that board.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her take a position with the city, she’s been sucking up to them from the beginning. She never accepted the concept of an ethics board independent from city oversight and has worked tp prevent it from happening.

  11. Mr. Stewart and Mr. Jackson,
    Obtain a FULL list of each and every SUBMITTED request sent to the Ethics Department, reported to COT Human Resources and publish that extremely extensive list. Then you’ll see exactly what has been actively ignored, by whom and for what reason. Meadows-Keefe has it all in a tidy spreadsheet.

  12. Ms. Meadows-Keefe’s resignation is a move in the right direction. The ethics board has not achieved the purposes many had hoped it would when they voted to create them.
    Ms. Meadows-Keefe has been a significant factor in my disappointment with the committee and the city’s new ethics board and its processed. Whether a new ethics ordinance and a different ethics officer will make the difference, we just have to wait and see. I hope so.

    1. Curtis:
      We voted for an INDEPENDENT ethics board.
      The city commissars threw a wrench in the machinery (I believe because they knew the jig was up for them) and forced the board to report to them.
      This is what I call:

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