TR Editor Steve Stewart to Speak at NEBA: “The Aftermath of the Indictments”

TR Editor Steve Stewart to Speak at NEBA: “The Aftermath of the Indictments”

The Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates (NEBA) will hold their monthly membership meeting on Tuesday, July 23, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm at the Capital City Country Club.

The speaker will be Tallahassee Reports Editor Steve Stewart, and the topic will be:  Tallahassee Politics – the Aftermath of the Indictments.

“Based on his reporting with TR, Steve will discuss his view of the future impact of the FBI indictments on local government and the local business community”, said Catherine Baer, the President of NEBA.

Tallahassee Reports has been covering local government since 2009 and their investigative work has been cited by media outlets across the state of Florida.

14 Responses to "TR Editor Steve Stewart to Speak at NEBA: “The Aftermath of the Indictments”"

    1. Good news RICO
      I am unhappy that Federal Judge Robert Hinkle is even remotely involved.
      Good old Judge Hinkle was enriched beyond his wildest dreams as a young attorney back in Florida’s landmark tobacco settlement.
      Now he has no concept how normal honest hard working people live their lives. And has become an uber leftist who will likely side with our leftist criminals on trial if the Judge is given any sort of discretion to do so.
      Attorney Jansen knows this very well and will eventually get Hinkle to cut his client some slack.

  1. Please expose to the public how Rocky Hanna, his attorney and others conspired to provide knowingly false information to state and federal authorities to dirty up the former Superintendent. Further, share with the audience Rocky’s own words that “he had no first-hand knowledge of any wrongdoing”, Rocky admitted “he gathered most of the documents in the notebook”, Rocky admitted “he wrote the knowingly false and misleading summary in each section of the notebook”, Rocky cost taxpayers over $600,000 with a knowingly false malicious notebook that he mailed to news stations, newspapers along with state and federal authorities. The U. S. Attorney publicly stated no wrongdoing took place.

  2. Mattox has already met 4 out of 5 requirements for RICO sIngle-handedly. Add ~40 employees fired and testifying accordingly with no Budgetary reason with fired with NO NOTICE the week of the FBI request for info and Shazam – RICO IT IS. FBI – this is your job! Just.Do.It. This ain’t rocket science. 12 people – hard wood chairs – Short attention span; they’ll get it.

  3. Lets be honest. Nothing will happen. Gillum is a privileged political leftist. The FBI has proven it has a liberal bias in the Clinton Email scandal and in the Steele dossier. Nobody is going down for nothing.

    1. I totally agree Jerry and also feel the liberal biased FBI has already couloded with Dobson and the other attorneys to let Maddox, Ms. Paige, and Mr. Burnett off with a light wrist slap simmilar to Mr. Gillum’s “5 & Done” $5,000.00 ethics fine.
      Basically turning the whole investigation into a colossal and expensive cover up for all the local leftists who got caught up in their own greed and bilked local taxpayers out of millions of dollars.
      Thanks for nothing FBI.

      1. I don’t believe they would be colluding with the FBI as isn’t the FBI an investigative agency and aren’t able to put their thumb on the scale after indictments are made.

        I believe the FBI has done a superb job in investigating and securing indictments that I believe will go a long way in cleaning up the corruption and graft locally.

        Be patient.

        1. OK Ms. Hope I’ll be patient.
          But it’s taking sooooooo long and the honest citizens want to see examples being made in order to discourage John Daily and the newer Commissioners from backsliding into the most basic evils of human greed.
          We need some serious spanking in order to make John and the other newbys better than they have to be.
          You hear that John keep your hand out of the cookie jar!!! We are watching you.

          1. I believe Dailey has already started to backslide and his TV commercial needs to go through the ethics board as he essentially is accepting thousands of dollars in a gift as that is what they cost of a TV ad is. Not to mention the energy that it takes away from tending to the needs of the citizens he took an oath to serve.

            We need to see statements from the production company, the client who paid for the ad, and Dailey’s statement. Something is just not adding up here. If you have ever been involved in doing a TV ad there is no way he did not know what was going on (in my opinion). This shameless promotion has been going on for far too long.

            I have stated before Mayor Dailey is hardworking, kind, educated and very well-liked, but he was ineffective when the citizens needed leadership regarding the disjointed dispatch center where the citizens at at-large were put in danger and lives were lost and even the employees were victims of terrible management and did nothing… and did nothing when Yordon and Scott Maddox robbed the citizens of $150,000 regarding the county Waste Pro contract.

            By the way who was the production company that produced the TV add that Infinity and Dailey were involved with?

            If you accept the statements that were given which are ridiculous then the graft is continuing. Someone needs to be held accountable and this TV ad that the mayor appeared in needs to be investigated by the ethics board.

          2. I hope TR finds out WHO produced that commercial. A “usual suspect” would have known better. Everyone doing commercials knows you have to get permission to use someone’s likeness for an ad.
            And that makes me wonder if the producer did get Hizzoner’s permission, until it blew up?

          3. Maven,

            Of course he knew and the cover-up is as bad as the offense if not worse.

            This one should not slide.

            I don’t think it would be too hard to find out who produced that ad and get to the bottom of it.

            The value of the gift to the mayor was well beyond $100.

          4. TR needs to do an email request of Dailey’s email.
            All emails between him and the Infiniti folks, and all emails with the word “commercial” in them.
            Go back to a week before the groundbreaking.

  4. Be sure to include in your talk the highly coordinated efforts of Mattox with the CRA (Paige-Carter) with Fernandez with Gillum, Daniels and the rest of the COT ‘Leadership’ team (of 2012 – 2018) and clearly make the case for COT Racketeering – for the FBI. As Tricky Rick transitions to Trick-o RICO; and these band of thieves have to personally pay back their hei$t, lose all their retirement and spend time in jail….

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