Proctor on Student Performance: “This is a Crisis”

Proctor on Student Performance: “This is a Crisis”

Citing recently released school grades, Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor held a press conference and called low performing schools in the district a “crisis”.

He also called on the community to come together and support education initiatives.

“Children are in a chronic state of educational emergency. I recommend radical intervention in Title 1 schools,” said Proctor.

A Title 1 school designation means over 40 percent of the students are considered low income.

During his presentation, Proctor cited grades in a number of schools that showed over 60% of students performing below grade level in English, Math and Science.

For example, reports show that 67% of students at Godby High School scored below grade level in english and 81% of students at Bond Elementary scored below grade level in science.

Proctor noted that Leon County Schools spends $109 million in Leon County property taxes and asked: “why can’t I get more children reading at grade level.”

Proctor added, “I am not throwing stones at nobody. I am simply saying we are going to do more…We are going to raise standards.”

Proctor said we need to identify a course of action and act. “For Godsakes lets not do nothing at all,” said Proctor.

Proctor invited the community to the “Southside Success 2020 & Beyond Conference” that will be held on Thursday August 1st, at 6 p.m. at the Bethel Family Center.

The conference will address strategies to enhance academic performance.

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  1. I no longer live in Leon County however when I did live there, I volunteered on a civic board overseeing the police department.
    Mr. Proctor was a frequent visitor to our meetings. I can only say that it was a very sad example of how a public servant could present himself.
    Personal peccadillos, living outside his district and finding a racist behind every tree. You deserve what you vote for.
    Your kids will remain in the lower percentile but Mr. Proctor will do well, just look at his net worth, stupid is as stupid does.

  2. For the past 10 years fairview had a Principal who cared very little about the general student population. We have a lot of teachers who are working hard with the students. We also have a new school with a new principal. A lot of adjustments need to be made. This is his first year as a principal. It would be nice to know if he could help change the moral of the the staff. We need someone whose going to take the student into consideration and the staff. We await the outcome of this school year. We hope it can only get better. There is a big difference in high school and middle school. I am sure he will certainly find out that it isn’t a easy job. He needs to be very observant because he does need the help of the staff to make the school year successful.

  3. Everyone should work two full time jobs. One being a full-time participant in your kids’ education and their well being. The other for putting food on the table. But be carefull, doing so may lead to may successes. It did for me.

  4. Elected officials with no experience and no training can’t be expected to succeed. Perhaps it’s not because they don’t WANT to, but they don’t have the necessary background. That said, I believe many of the actions of school board is political pandering. There is no workable plan that I know of to improve our low performing schools. I’d be surprised if any of the LCSB members have been in the south side schools to see what the actual educational conditions are. Go talk with the administrators and staff at these schools. True progress will happen when parents are pulled into involvement, and that will take a heavy dose of hard work. Perhaps consider taking some of the faculty from high performing schools and transfer them to the needier schools (teachers will likely refuse because of the conditions that some feel are the same at all schools). Mr. Hanna has proven he’s incapable of managing his responsibility of educating students or improving schools. He’s a politician – at least good enough to get himself elected. The lack of personal integrity he displayed when he went after Mr. Pons should be enough to get him removed. And no, I’m not a fan of Pons either. Having political people to manage programs of importance is bad policy. How many government run programs that you know of are successful? If we want effective leadership of the schools there needs to be a set of qualifications to be met, something more than a couple of years of teaching or being a really nice, likable person. A junior level business management graduate could do better than the lot of the superintendent or his politically appointed staff. LCSB and superintendent, your buses aren’t near size of the problem that ensuring ALL students get the opportunity for a quality education.

  5. Actually Sylvia, the meeting was great. Community stakeholders came up with strategies that will presented to the district on how to address the issues in under performing schools. We avoided complaining and had very honest conversations. Thank you!

    If we want to talk about ineffective leadership then really, all of Tallahassee’s leadership from school district to city commissioners, etc. would have to go.

  6. if people on the South side REALLY want change then make a change – vote Proctor OUT. South Side needs an advocate that works with the system to effect change – not just hold press conferences and write letters complaining their is no change – you want better – elect better leadership – get this tax-evading, loudmouth out

  7. Colleen, I’m going to have to disagree on some parts with you. I am very familiar with the schools in the southside. They absolutely do not have the same things as schools in the northside. The students discuss how nice the schools in the northside look. It wasn’t until now that the district decided to fix just two of the southside schools. Highly qualified teachers tend to go to northside schools and the ones in southside struggle due to lack of support and terrible admin.

    While I agree on parental involvement, I think a lot of you miss something. Parents work long hours and cannot meet the needs of their kids. It happens. Or their experiences with their own schooling has been negative. Or they lack education. Or the students aren’t with their biological parents but with a relative. It’s not all just parents not caring about their child’s education. While parental involvement is crucial to a student’s development, a partnership with the community and the school enhances it even more. Why haven’t the schools on southside found ways to bring parents in? Why hasn’t the district implemented something not only when the school is about of fail? Pineview finally did just as it was sinking. The schools on southside have administration that don’t have high expectation of these students. Take away the magnet program from Fairview and they would most likely be a D/F school. What the district could do is find ways to encourage parental involvement…not just leave it to the teachers of these schools to figure out how to do that. The teachers need more support at these schools. The district will not come to the school unless it is at risk of failing…BUT they should support their teachers when they are struggling or if they are scoring very low on something. Not only when the school is D/F.

    Our district is failing our students. Decisions are being made every day without having students in mind. They get funding but don’t use it to its best ability. Instead…use it for a $1 million project on furniture. Give me a break! This district is purely made up of those from the good ol’ boy system and its hurting our kids.

  8. Long time lurker here. Whats absolutely ABSURD to me is the number of PE teachers running the Leon County Schools. I have direct experience being coached by Rock Hanna, Alan Cox, Paul Lambert and Scott Hansen and having these lazy and apathetic men running our schools is just idiotic. Expect more of the same until these loons are voted out.

    And what did we have before Rocky? Another PE teacher, Jackie Pons. I really dont know wtf equips a PE teacher for a leadership position, but that is totally beyond me. Of all the people at a school capable of leading others, a PE teacher would be the LAST on that list. Absolute last.

    Rocky Hanna was the most discouraging, inept coach I’ve ever had on the football field. Completely degrading, passive aggressive and petty. Snarky, offended by certain aspects of a teenagers appearance and demeanor — not a teaching bone in his body. Not once encouraged me and I can imagine he takes the same approach with his leadership style of Leon County Schools.

    Until voters in this community understand PE teachers are ill equipped to handle our children’s’ education we will continue to bath in this ineptitude. Its unbelievable to me people believe a PE teacher and hall monitor has the skill set to lead —

  9. I was listening to Steve Stewart on the Radio this morning and he asked a very good question……… HOW are F & D Schools getting bumped up to a C Grade when the Students were not making Progress? Our Schools started going down Hill when Jeb Bush started the “No Child Left Behind” and passed Kids to the next Grade even though they were NOT ready. I hope the School Board is not doing that with the Schools.

  10. Having volunteered in a southside school for the last five years I can tell you that the school has the same amenities/supplies/guidance as those on the northside. What they don’t have is parents with buy in. Most are not read to or encouraged to excel in school. Many do not have stable home situations. The focus needs to be on encouraging parents to step up and not blaming the schools.

  11. When you say “I am not throwing stones at nobody”, I get what you mean which is your not going to point fingers at anyone. The problem is just that, POINT THE DAMN FINGERS. The Parents NEED to and BETTER Step Up to the plate with THEIR Kids, the Teachers need to do more, the School Staff needs to do more. Tell it like it IS, tell the TRUTH. Otherwise you are doing no good for these Kids.

  12. Rocky Hanna and his minions owe the community an apology and resignation letters. Rocky Hanna is the leader of the largest achievement gaps in the panhandle. If you are poor or a student with special needs Rocky Hanna is not your champion. Rocky is an I’ll prepared elected leader who now has a track record for all to see. From starting vindictive costly fraudulent investigations, to dating teachers and bullying them into a transfer, to over budget on construction at Rickards, to screaming insults on the steps of the capital, Rocky you have shown taxpayers who you are.

  13. Let’s start with correct grammar. Bill, you are a public figure and your grammar is not becoming of your station in the community.

    1. Yep.
      Buckhead Bill complains about students’ poor English scores, then goes on to construct two sentences using double negatives, whoops!

      1. Interesting that Proctor uses incorrect grammar yet he is a professor, attorney, and an elected official. I wonder if the students really NEED to be great at grammar to be successful. I do think Proctor can turn it on and off when he chooses…but some of the stuff we’re forcing on the students can be antiquated or unnecessary. Why would we hold a student back for not understanding geometry? Who among us uses geometry in the real world? Who among us remembers all the parts of the plant? Yet taxpayers pay hefty sums for this “education” only to have to pay for public assistance when the education segment is finished.

  14. Education begins in the home, with Parental Participation. Help YOUR children with their homework. Encourage/ reward positive behavior, ramifications for negative behavior. Volunteer in your schools, provide mentoring.

  15. Proctor states “I’m not throwing stones at nobody”. This statement then says that he is throwing stones at somebody.

  16. “We are going to raise standards”
    If the students can’t meet current standards, how would raising standards help?

  17. Teachers need to get back to Basics, teach from Books and NOT a Computer. Computers should not be used in the Classroom unless you are teaching Coding.

  18. Every journey begins with 1 single step.
    Bear witness my peeps to Proctor’s step 1 in taking Rocky Hanna out.

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