Maddox, Carter-Smith Plea Agreements were Signed Weeks Apart

Maddox, Carter-Smith Plea Agreements were Signed Weeks Apart

A review of the plea agreements signed by Scott Maddox and Paige Carter-Smith indicate that Maddox signed his plea agreement with the US Attorney weeks before Paige Carter-Smith inked her own agreement.

The signature page of both agreements are shown below.

Maddox’s plea agreement was signed on July 1, 2019 and included guilty pleas on charges that involved Paige Carter-Smith.

However, Paige Carter-Smith did not sign an agreement until July 19th, 2019.

Both pleas were signed by US Attorney officials on August 6, 2019.

Attorney’s told TR -off the record – that Maddox’s agreement, signed 18 days before Carter-Smith’s agreement, took away the ability for her to provide evidence against Maddox and possibly get a lesser sentence.

One attorney told TR that a lot of factors are involved, but in normal circumstances, when more than one defendant is involved, the first one to accept a plea agreement guarantees that the other defendant or defendants have less leverage.

Maddox Plea Agreement

Carter-Smith Plea Agreement

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  1. Also, Pam Marsh, former US District Attorney, appointed by Obama, works for the Ausley Law Firm. This firm seems to be real connected to crook politicians. I think that MS. Marsh handles business for the City. Now that Gwen Graham is on the City ethics board, I am sure that we can be sure that Tally crooks will have their cover.

    1. Marsh donated $1,250 to Gillum’s campaign.

      Gillum, Andrew (DEM)(GOV) 04/20/2017 500.00 CHE MARSH PAMELA 2508 HARRIMAN CIRCLE TALLAHASSEE, FL 32308 ATTORNEY
      Gillum, Andrew (DEM)(GOV) 09/21/2018 500.00 CHE MARSH PAMELA C 2508 HARRIMAN CIR TALLAHASSEE, FL 32308 ATTORNEY
      Gillum, Andrew (DEM)(GOV) 10/27/2018 250.00 CHE MARSH PAMELA C 2508 HARRIMAN CIR

  2. So what about Pittman since he seems to be integral to spinning all of the Gillum campaign donations back into his own and Gillum’s pockets? And what about all of the candidates associated with Pittman. How come nobody ever talks about them or Alan Williams who is close with him and Marks. And whose wife works at the Ausley firm and is the school board attorney. Just curious as to why those names aren’t discussed. Is it because people generally think they are on the up and up?

    1. Didn’t Piitman support and provide funding for Rocky Hanna? Rocky you cant’t give out a promotion to Scott Maddox to get him to stay quiet about what you did before and during the election. It appears that the acts of Rocky Hanna from falsification of information to federal authorities along with voter intimidation will be brought into the public eye.

      1. Maybe that explains why Rocky removed the old school board attorney for the new one. And now that school board attorney has told the Board to keep Solz in as principal even though Rocky knows Solz has done things that would disqualify him. Why was there no LCS investigation into Solz’ actions other than a conversation with Rocky?

    2. What ever happened to Gillum’s Nonprofit to sign up 1 Million Democrat Voters by the 2020 Evection. I know he dropped it to 600,000 but that’s the last I heard about it. Did he take J. Morgan’s Millions and run already?

      1. Exactly. Forward Florida I think. Pittman set it up and it directs money back to him for services and to pay Gillum I think. There is a Miami Herald article about it. It was pretty crazy. It makes sense that Morgan was furious (his money enriching Pittman) and it also makes you wonder if Gillum really wanted to win the Governors race especially with the holding back at the end. He makes more money not being governor.

  3. Uber just lost $5.24B in three months. Can they get their bribes back from Governance.

    Let’s not forget that Governance gave Gillum’s campaign $10K. The feds paid $4K for food and drinks to kick off Gillum’s campaign with his inner circle that was never reported on his expenditures.

    Public Trust Unit better bring some heat!

  4. On January 18, 2013, Nagin was indicted on 21 (federal)corruption charges, including wire fraud, conspiracy, bribery, money laundering, and filing false tax returns related to bribes from city contractors. The 21-count federal corruption charges were issued by a grand jury. On February 20, 2013, Nagin pleaded not guilty in federal court to all charges. Despite New Orleans’ long history of political corruption, Nagin was the first mayor to be criminally charged for corruption in office.

    Nagin was convicted on 20 of the 21 counts by jury on February 12, 2014. These charges included that he had taken more than $500,000 in payouts from businessmen in exchange for millions of dollars’ worth of city contracts.

    Judge Helen Ginger Berrigan, a Bill Clinton appointee to the federal bench, ordered a pre-sentencing investigation. On July 9, 2014, Nagin was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment, and more than $585,000 in restitution and forfeiture.

  5. Wow the longtime close personal friendship must be pretty much toast. “Relationship” breakups from scandals are rampant.

  6. WHY did they need to give Page Carter-Smith a Deal when they already had Scott Maddox? Makes no since. Unless, Maddox said, please give my Mistress a Deal too…………

  7. It would be interesting to review his contributor list when he filed to run for Supt. and later withdrew to run for the Senate. Who gave and what happened to this money.

  8. If Maddox signing first leaves Carter-Smith with less leverage, where does that leave Burnette. Hope he enjoyed his Alaskan cruise.

  9. They first contracts that should be looked at regarding Maddox putting the thumb on the scale is the insurance contracts to Brown and Brown and Waste Pro and that goes for the county, too.

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