Bond Elementary School’s New Principal Hopes to Right the Ship

Bond Elementary School’s New Principal Hopes to Right the Ship

Bond Elementary School is in a dire situation, like a ship stuck in a storm.

For the last two consecutive years it’s received a D grade from the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE), but its new principal, Delshuana Jackson, is confident she can turn it around and guide it to safer waters.

Jackson has a record of success and believes her experience can benefit struggling Bond Elementary. Jackson transferred to Bond from Havana Magnet School in Gadsden County. Like Bond, Havana Magnet is a Title 1 school. Unlike Bond, Havana Magnet received an A this year from FLDOE and was named a National Title I Distinguished School. It was one of only two schools chosen in Florida, and the first school ever in Gadsden County so honored.


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Last year, student achievement scores were very low at Bond, ranking in the bottom 300 of Florida schools, with the percentage of students who received a passing score in English Language Arts at only 23 percent (the lowest in the Leon County School District) and Science at a dismal 19 percent (the second lowest in the district). Math was better at 49 percent.

Only on the job since mid-July, Jackson said there is a lot left to evaluate and may plans to make. She said, though, the teachers seem excited and determined to do whatever it takes to keep Bond from being a D school again next year.

“Many of them (the teachers) are excited,” she said, “but you know, they are dealing with the unknown with me as a new principal.  I’m hopeful that that I’ll be able to build relationships by working alongside them and getting the job done.”

“I have 20 years working with Title 1 schools. We must overcome these scores. I have to be optimistic because, ultimately, I’m the one that guides this ship. We will work with the mindset we are an A school. We will roll up our sleeves and get to work and there is a lot of work to do,” Jackson said.

She also asked that the community continue its support of the school, “It is all hands on deck.”

5 Responses to "Bond Elementary School’s New Principal Hopes to Right the Ship"

  1. So, this school has declined under Rocky’s leadership?

    Voters need to remember this at the polls. If this principal doesn’t turn it around Rocky is possibly out.

    But, his move regarding taking away the courtesy route will probably be the reason Rocky will be voted out if he doesn’t fix that immediately.

    1. Two years ago the school was a C. Now thanks to the Hanna reign of error, the school is a D. The former principal was demoted, yet the supervisor of elementary schools and the Assistant Superintendent over Curriculum, no fall-out. If you work for Hanna you better be on his good list or consequences will be in your future. A demoted school administrator, no consequences for Hanna and his hand picked non interviewed Assistant Superintendent. School board remains silent.

  2. Welcome to the Rocky Hitlist Horror Show. If you step out on Rocky, vengeance will follow through a notebook to federal and state authorities, phone calls will follow from the those who have pledge to honor the dishonorable Hanna who will intimidate you and let’s not forget the school board who will sit in silence as you suffer and are humiliated by Rocky and his minions. Look to your teachers in a way that shows them they deserve better than the 46th lowest wages in Florida as Rocky pays his hand picked non interviewed Assistant Superintendents top tier salaries for pledging their souls to man that hid from child support until sued.

  3. Sounds like Bond may be getting a new start. Wish the new principal the best of luck and our prayers. How about you Board Members, Co. Comm, City Comm, churches and especially Bond parents do something to answer these prayers. Bond children deserve better than what you have done for the past forty years.

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