DOH Official Put On Administrative Leave

DOH Official Put On Administrative Leave

By Christine Sexton, The News Service of Florida

DOH Deputy Secretary for Operations Michele Tallent is on administrative leave. She’s the subject of an internal investigation, state officials confirmed to The News Service of Florida Thursday night.

Tallent has filled a variety of roles at the department, including helping to hold down the fort in Tallahassee before new DOH Secretary Scott Rivkees came on board this summer. Before being named deputy secretary for operations, Tallent served as the director of the department’s budget office, according to the agency’s website.

Prior to joining DOH, she was a budget staffer for the Governor’s Office of Policy and Budget. The resume listed on the DOH website also notes that Tallent has served as the budget director for the Agency for Health Care Administration.

Tallent, who first started working for the state in 1991, currently earns nearly $122,000 annually.

Tallent has been on administrative leave with pay since July 16. But the department’s communications office offered no additional details, saying in a prepared statement that the agency cannot “comment on any pending internal investigation as they are confidential until completed.”

The news has shocked those in Tallahassee who have worked with her.

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  1. PS

    I believe the powers-that-be helped get this pervert a job at DCF.

    Also, does he have a recent DUI and illegal substance without a prescription charges in Taylor County?

  2. Here is a link to a Tallahassee dangerous person whereby the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the state attorney, elected officials, and the justice system protected and used to harass whistleblowers for years. They knew this man was dangerous and did nothing.

    State Attorney Jack Campbell was told many years ago about this man and sat there and let his father use this man to terrorize the community. Only one Leon County official wrote a letter to oust this man from using the county park to lure young girls in his charge. This article did not even appear in the Tallahassee Democrat… Yet. Now he is victimizing women in Wakulla County and Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office has arrested this perverted dangerous man. Will the Wakulla County Sheriff please take over Leon County? Thank you Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office!

      1. I hope you were not victimized by him. Coworkers have been traumatized by him. He is vulgar to the core and I don’t understand how he has been able to go under the radar in Leon County for so long. He is dangerous and he is going to hurt someone if they don’t get him under control. He obviously is mentally ill, also.

        He has been arrested by neighboring counties that have less resources than Leon County so what does that say about Leon County?

        Please do tell. To their credit Leon County did cooperate with Wakulla County and did make the initial arrest. So some improvement there.

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