LCS Board Praises Hanna, Blames Vendor for Bus Problems

LCS Board Praises Hanna, Blames Vendor for Bus Problems

Just two weeks removed from a failed transition to a new bus system that was deemed a “colossal failure”, the Leon County School Board opened their Tuesday meeting with praise for the leadership of Superintendent Hanna.

The LCS Board, since the problems with bus system transition were first revealed, has chosen not to challenge or question Hanna’s description of events that led to the crisis.

While accepting responsibility, Hanna aggressively blamed EDULOG – ultimately firing the vendor – and removed Transportation Director, Manny Joanos.

At Tuesday’s meeting, LCS Board members Joy Bowen, Roseanne Wood, Daryl Jones and Dee Dee Rasmussen applauded Hanna’s leadership.

Bowen did allude to learning from the past and encouraged Hanna to have more people involved in future decisions.

Rasmussen succinctly said the vendor “let us down.”

It appears there will be no substantive investigation into why a program that has successfully been implemented in districts around the country ran into problems in Leon County. The new system was sold as a technology upgrade that would increase student safety and save approximately $1 million.

Superintendent Hanna indicated to the Board that he will “move slow to move fast” in trying to upgrade the transportation system which he has previously described as inefficient and technology challenged.

Hanna ended the transition to the new bus system on Wednesday, just two days after the start of school. In a press conference he apologized to parents and made the decision to go back to the old bus system.

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  1. Hanna has to run in 2020 along with Board Members Wood, Striplin, and Rasmussen. We must have good folks to run against them. No more retired educators or no good past politicians.

  2. I say again, anyone wanting a thorough investigation into this matter needs to write a formal request to the foreperson of the Leon County Grand Jury and hand deliver it to State Attorney Campbell. He won’t do it himself. And before anyone starts asking, the grand jury has oversight power and authority in this matter. Don’t believe? It’s easily found online

    Otherwise, 2022 it is!

  3. Check Manny’s Bank Accounts………… Check Rocky’s as well. This “Colossal Failure” starts with Rocky and then flows out from there. It should be Rocky’s Signature on the Contracts so it starts with him.

  4. Wow! Jackie Pons is all over this blog…Dude! get therapy. You sucked in the job, barely escaped prison and you still are a hillbilly who should never have been in in the 1st place.

    1. Every time Rocky does something bad he tries to bring Jackie in somehow. The words you ascribe to Jackie fit Rocky to a tee. At this point he may barely be escaping prison himself with all the malfeasance coming to light and his attitude toward it.

    2. Mr Anderson
      The US attorney and the school board attorney Hank Coxe both determined that there was no foundation for any allegation that Rocky Hanna put forward in his notebook. In addition, the only ghost writer that is known in Leon County schools is Rocky Hanna when he penned his notebook and signed it “Concerned Citizens of Leon County and the United States.” In the end the facts about what Rocky Hana did to get elected, what is done to people once he was elected, the colossal failure of the bus rider process which was due to Rocky Hanna’s lack of leadership will be left up to the voters to decide if Mr Hanna should be a superintendent beyond his current term.

      1. Will, that is special. He was not exonerated at all. It was decided like the tie goes to the runner. He is very fortunate not to have been indicted. They had other evidence besides Hannah’s notebook. I am no fan of Hannah either, they are both corrupt and are using the voters of Leon county for their own personal gain. Pon’s has lost his mind because he was kicked off the government nipple like so many dead wood in state and county/city government. The bus issue is minuscule compared to the over all corruption in Tallahassee.

  5. Having watched both the City and County Commissioners do this at almost every meeting, why would anyone be surprised the School Board does the same thing. Avoiding responsiblity is the norm for ALL politicians, it’s what they do second best. First best would be their ability to applaud each other for mediocre to extremely poor performance.

  6. Just a love fest as predicted. This Board will never hold Hanna accountable. Watch for a lawsuit from Edulog and maybe Manny if he get fired.

  7. Who will the school board and Rocky blame next? The students who wanted to go to school? The gall of the school board to not demand that Rocky state on the record his role as Superintendent in this mess. As Superintendent Rocky should have anticipated this failure. Rocky Hanna you are a failure, school board members are a major disappointment to every family that has a child in the school system. In a word you are all disgusting.

  8. As a parent whose child was stranded by this debacle I am outraged at the total lack of respect shown by this back-slapping adulation. Parents and students are United against this school board and the incompetent Rocky Hanna.. Go ahead tout leadership, we call it incompetence. This board lost its moral compass as it follows and laudes the malfeasance of Rocky Hanna.

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