LCS to Change Agenda Review Process

LCS to Change Agenda Review Process

Amid concerns over possible violations of Florida Sunshine Laws and perceptions of transparency issues, at Tuesday’s LCSB meeting Superintendent Hanna recommended that the Board make procedural changes to the Agenda Review process.

TR Editor Steve Stewart attended the last Agenda Review meeting and voiced concern about the process.

Superintendent Hanna recommended that the Agenda Review meetings be moved from the LCS Safety & Security Center to the LCS main meeting room and that the meetings be video recorded. Hanna also asked that the minutes of the meetings be produced to include more details of what is discussed.

TR Editor Steve Stewart voicing concerns over Agenda Review process.

Tallahassee Reports has written about Sunshine Law and transparency issues at the Agenda Review meetings which are held on the Monday before the Tuesday regular meetings.

Also, TR reported that a critical report by EDULOG – the former bus system vendor – was presented at an Agenda Review meeting and not a regular LCSB meeting.

6 Responses to "LCS to Change Agenda Review Process"

  1. In other words, Elections are right around the corner and Steve Stewart just handed Rocky his ass. I can’t wait to go to the Candidate Debates soon.

  2. Rocky Hannah is the epitome of what is wrong with Tallahassee. he represents a sclerotic class of old family power brokers whose grip on the town has been so tight fisted that the heirs to the kingdom are completely clueless and inept.

    I went to Hartsfield, Fairview, Rickards, TCC and FSU. The bus never failed to pick me up on time or take me home, no one ever needed to track my every step, and none of my bus drivers needed a tablet to tell them where and when to turn the bus!

    What a disgrace.

  3. Thank you Steve Stewart. The utter disregard for rules and following procedures went out the window with the Hanna leadership team. On the topic of leadership Steve Stewart is a winner, Rocky you are some that I hope my child never emulates. Imagine a school district that empowers a man that dated his teachers, ran employees out of town and knowingly refused to pay child support until sued being the face of public education.

  4. Documents Prove Leon School Board Intentionally Circumvented the spirit of the Sunshine Law. Rocky operating in shadows like a ghost author or man that hid in the shadows from child support for 10 years, just like the teacher transfer settlement that Rocky hid from disclosure. Rocky Hanna a man on a mission acting from the shadows of desperation.

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