Blueprint Officials Approve $34.5 Million FY2020 Budget

Blueprint Officials Approve $34.5 Million FY2020 Budget

On Thursday, September 5th, 2019 the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency voted to approve a $34.5 million budget. The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency is composed of all Leon County Commissioners (7) and Tallahassee City Commissioners (5).

The budget included $27 million allocated for the Blueprint Infrastructure Capital program and $3.5 million for Blueprint operations.

Also, elected officials voted to allocated $2.0 million to the Office of Economic Vitality (OEV) operating budget and $1.8 million to the OEV “Economic Vitality” program.

The major Blueprint Infrastructure projects slated for expenditures in FY2020 include the Airport Gateway ($3.5 mill.), the Northeast Corridor Connector: Bannerman Road ($3.3 mill.), and the Northeast Gateway: Welaunee Boulevard ($2.4 mill.).

A complete list of FY2020 projects is shown below.

3 Responses to "Blueprint Officials Approve $34.5 Million FY2020 Budget"

  1. Here is a novel idea for Blueprint money: downtown is overrun with associations, lawyers and lobbyists in some of the most important retail locations. Can we build a nice office building close to downtown and give incentives for these entities to relocate to that building and free up space for restaurants, shopping or bars? Maybe we could actually have a thriving downtown?

  2. After being promised for over four years for a side walk on victory garden road, it’s great to see we got the shaft again.

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