Two Senate Proposals Target White Nationalism

Two Senate Proposals Target White Nationalism

By The News Service of Florida

Senate Republicans and Democrats filed separate legislation Wednesday to condemn white nationalism and white supremacy after high-profile incidents such as a mass shooting at a Walmart store in Texas. The proposed resolutions are filed for consideration during the 2020 legislative session, which will start in January.

While the resolutions both say white nationalism and white supremacy contradict the “values” of the people of Florida, they differ in length and detail. One of the proposals (SR 222), filed by Sen. Wilton Simpson, a Trilby Republican who is slated to become Senate president in November 2020, is a one-page resolution that says, in part, “the Florida Senate rejects white nationalism and white supremacy as hateful, dangerous, and morally corrupt and affirms that such philosophies are contradictory to the values that define the people of Florida.” Senate Rules Chairwoman Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers, and Senate Appropriations Chairman Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island, have signed on as co-introducers of Simpson’s proposal.

Meanwhile, Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez, D-Miami, proposed a four-page resolution (SR 214) that goes into more detail, quoting Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Ronald Reagan and citing three mass shootings, including the Texas massacre last month. Rodriguez’s proposal says, in part, that “white nationalism and white supremacy are rejected and condemned as hateful expressions of intolerance which contradict the values that define the people of Florida and the United States.” Sen. Janet Cruz, D-Tampa, has joined Rodriguez as a co-introducer of the resolution.

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  1. White supremacits, huh? There is also that other derogatory chestnut they like to bandy about and the definition of which is:

    WHITE PRIVILEGE (transitive verb):

    “The ability to visualize a positive desired outcome, set goals for its achievement then work diligently to obtain it/them. Generally requiring a modicum of IQ and self-motivation.”


    Of course, skin color has nothing to do with it, but for the insult-hurlers, that is irrelevant.

  2. This entire concept of “white supremacy, nationalism or white-whatever” is purely a recent gimmick and talking point of the Dem-Socialists and their mainstream media lackeys. They started using the terms because they’d been shouting “Racist!” so long that the word had lost any real effect. The Dem-Socialists constantly need to gin up hate and envy based on any differences, especially skin color – so they constantly need to throw gasoline on that fire. That’s the way the DS’s gin up votes – creating hate and envy and pitting groups against each other, it’s the Saul Alinsky playbook. The DS’s have no agenda, no policies, and no candidates that appeal to Americans – hate is the only motivator they have and it’s their favorite go-to.
    The other is offering to bleed American taxpayers dry by taking our money and giving freebies to everyone they think will vote for them, especially illegals (which they want to replace American voters).

    None of it will work. MAGA 2020.

  3. Proud to be black = politically acceptable
    Proud to be Latino = politically acceptable
    Proud to be Asian = politically acceptable
    Proud to be White = RACIST!

  4. Sen Wilton Simpson’s resolution says: “the Florida Senate rejects white nationalism and white supremacy as hateful, dangerous, and morally corrupt”……THIS tells me that he is OK with White Nationalism and White Supremacy while Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez says that “white nationalism and white supremacy are rejected and condemned as hateful expressions of intolerance” which tells me that he HATES White Nationalism and White Supremacy. Am I reading that right?

  5. Great general rants everyone and I agree with everything you guys said.
    But we are missing something here. Steve gave us some specific names of elected officials with an “R” associated with their names.
    I humbly submit their “R” stands for RINO.
    These RINO’s are in need of being told NO at the ballot box.
    These RINO’s have the nerve to promote a totally made up nonexistent leftist adgenda/talking-point fictional subject of white nationalism.
    Let’s focus on the #1 problem here: it’s every one of those sell out pandering to the left RINO’s…YEAH thats the problem.

  6. I wonder if the people who made these resolutions ever thought about the FACT that no one has a choice as to what color or ethnicity they are born. I did not choose to be white…my DNA made that decision for me.
    I am “white or Caucasian” by all the politically correct boxes that I am asked to fill out from census to medical forms.
    STOP the political correctness and racial bias (division) by having such an item on the forms. Is it really necessary to know my skin tone to count me in the census or to give me medical treatment? I seriously doubt it!
    There are organizations that capitalize on a group’s hatred of another’s skin color or ethnicity. They ALL need to get over themselves and get on with accepting the fact that no one chose their skin tone or ethnicity.
    STOP making a big deal out of something that people cannot control – skin tone or ethnicity.
    And all this political correctness mumbo-jumbo is adding fuel to a fire that needs to be put out. Let us learn to accept each other and our differences.

  7. CNN tells me that I am a White Supremacist on a regular basis. I’ve never even met a White Supremacist. I’ve also never seen a news network with such a pathological hatred and intolerance of people that may not vote the way they want. We know that White Supremacist hate Jews, and President Trump is clearly pro-Israel and pro-Jew with a Jewish grandchild, daughter, and son-in-law. As a White Supremacist, how can I vote for that guy. It’s all so confusing.

  8. Funny, how the KKK was dying a slow death and almost almost extinct until about 2010. Now if I’m not ashamed of being a “white person” I’m a racist White Supremacist or a White Nationalist. Well here’s a news flash, I’M A UNITED STATES NATIONALIST, I’m not ashamed of my heritage(although being adopted I don’t really know what that is) and I’m sure as hell not ashamed of loving my Country. I’ll tell you what I am ashamed of, I’m ashamed of bought and paid for pandering Politicians PRETENDING to be tending to the business they were elected for, all the while either building their pathetic Political Careers(which should not be allowed) or enriching themselves at the expense of the Taxpayers.

    1. Excellent Joe West!! When I hear these same “legislators” screaming about Louis Farrakhan’s extreme racist hatred, (calling the white person blue-eyed devils), and direct affiliations with the likes of Maxine Waters, then I will give a RIP about SUPPOSED white nationalism. It’s a mere pretext for sounding anti-racist, but they’re only fooling idiots (many of their constituents).

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