Leon County School Board to Consider Revisions to Public Records Policy

Leon County School Board to Consider Revisions to Public Records Policy

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, the Leon County School (LCS) Board will consider changes to the Board’s public records policy.

Per the LCS staff, the proposed “policy revisions removes duplicative language and includes provisions that maintain consistency and continuity for requests for public records in accordance with Florida Statutes.”

One of the changes includes updating language related to a Custodian of Records for the District. The policy identifies a Custodian of Records Requests (CORR) position that is responsible for implementing the requirements detailed in Florida State law.

Another change relates to the availability of “directory information” for students.

The policy notes that LCS “shall make available, upon request, certain information known as “directory information” without prior permission of the parents or the eligible student and shall charge fees for copies of designated directory information as provided in State law.”

The policy states that the directory information “shall not be provided to any organization for profit-making purposes, unless the request is approved, in a non-discriminatory manner, by the Superintendent.”

Also noted in the policy is that the “designation of directory information shall occur at a regularly scheduled Board meeting and the Board shall consider whether designation of such information would put students at risk of becoming targets of marketing campaigns, the media, or criminal acts.”

Based on the policy, the Board designates as student directory information the following:

1. A student’s name;
2. Photograph;
3. Participation in officially-recognized activities and sports;
4. Height and weight, if a member of an athletic team;
5. Dates of attendance;
6. Date of graduation or program completion;
7. Diplomas, certificates, and, awards received; and
8. The most recent previous educational agency or institution attended

The policy also notes that “parents or eligible students may, by providing a written statement to the principal within two weeks of the first day of the school year or entry into the school system request that all specific portions of directory information for that specific student not be released.”

7 Responses to "Leon County School Board to Consider Revisions to Public Records Policy"

  1. For Jr. High & High Schools, the first 3 shows up in the Year Book…………… for the Younger Kids the first 2 show up in Class Photos.

  2. With respect to the privacy of minor children, the policy seems backwards. No child should have information and photograph (really..wtf!?) released unless the parent specifically allows it.

    I am having a hard time understanding who would legitimately need such information without the parent’s consent.

    1. The schools aren’t able to follow the previous policy where you just turned in a form because they are too incompetent. So they made it less likely parents would opt out by making them now have to proactively write and notify the principal. And want parent wants to be singled out to that degree? Not many.

  3. Why does the new policy not include data on the Board, Supt. and all school board employees. I would like to know name, address, phone number, religious preference, weight, height, marital status, previous affairs, criminal history, credit history, debt owed, drug history, school grades, degrees earned, personnel evaluations, and other data that qualifies them to be worthy of public funds. We trust our kids are safe and getting a great education from the best employees. Do unto yourself what you want to do upon students. Parents should be able to opt in not out if they want student data released.

    1. Good stuff Alex.
      And tax returns + net worth prior to board service. So we can bust any who followed in Scott Maddox extortion ways…we dont need the FBI.

  4. …And another change relates to our continued ability to slow roll any and all public record requests submitted by that pesky inquisitive Steve Stuart.
    These shall include but will not be limited to:
    It fell on the floor.
    I took it home to work on it and my dog ate it.
    It got covered up by Rocky Hanna’s notebook (that ones for you Mark!)
    Along with any other excuses we have yet to think of. …

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