Change to Fallschase Agreement Could Bring Chipotle to Buck Lake Area

Change to Fallschase Agreement Could Bring Chipotle to Buck Lake Area

On Tuesday the Leon County Commission will consider moving forward with staff’s recommendation to amend the Fallschase Development Agreement. The amendment will remove a requirement to construct a national drug store in the Fallschase Village Center at the corner of Lagniappe Way and Mahan Drive (See site map below). The change is being requested by the developer and agreed to by the Buck Lake Alliance (BLA).

Also, a developer representing Chipotle Mexican Grill, recently approached the County and the BLA with interest in acquiring the corner parcel that was intended for the national drug store with a proposal to develop the parcel with an approximate 2,000 square foot restaurant. The site and development plan approval for a proposed restaurant on the property cannot transpire until the BLA Agreement is amended through Board action.

The amendment to the BLA Agreement will release the developer from constructing a drug store at the intersection of Lagniappe Way and Mahan Drive. Since the Agreement was adopted in 2005, several drug stores have opened in close vicinity, including those within the Fallschase Wal-Mart, Costco, and Publix in the nearby Mahan Village shopping center.

In addition, the Commercial Mixed-Use District of the Fallschase PUD, where the subject property is located, is intended to allow for a mix of land uses within the Fallschase Village Center. Restaurants and/or retail are both permissible land uses in this district.

The first of two public hearings to adopt the change will be held Tuesday.

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  1. Regardless of what you build in Fallschase, PLEASE put in a round-a-bout in front of McDonalds to help the flow of traffic leaving Walmart. Most vehicles leaving Walmart require a sharp u-turn to in front of McDonalds to exit Fallschase unless you want to exit onto Buck Lake. Such poor planning and traffic flow…

  2. The Land is already Zoned for it and all you are doing is letting the Contractor build a Restaurant instead of another CVS then WHY do you need two public hearings to adopt the change when 1 will do?

  3. At Perrin,
    As the article points out, there was a 2005 site plan approved a master development plan for what was supposed to be a pristine residential community when it was originally platted. The developer(s) felt there was more $$ to be made by turning Falls Chase into a commercial development.

    Anyone around during that time will probably remember the “wheeling & dealing” that went on, against public outcry. A deal was struck and the site developer was supposed develop the area along Mahan while at the same time, fix the bridge and begin building single family homes. Well, the housing market and the economy tanked. Guess what never got built “as bargained”?

    Falls Chase is one of the most beautiful areas to live and play. The only people who lose when these “big deals” happens is us. I say stop every ladt project until the residential side of this development is *complete*! Then we can talk about what “big deals” somebody wants to make?!

    County Commission! Vote No!

    1. Ummmm, Falls Chase started in the mid 70’s. They had started building, had Roads, a Beautiful Entrance with a very cool Brick Wall Sign. They even had a “Home of the Future” built where every thing was Automated. They even held the Annual “Hot Air Balloon Regatta” there where 100’s of Hot Air Balloons were launched from a Field inside Falls Chase.

      Now, WHY should the County Commission Vote NO on the little Change? The Land is already Zoned for a Restaurant, a Pharmacy is NOT needed there anymore, the Land is only good for Commercial so, WHY Vote NO, let it get built, Create Jobs, Generate Revenue and Taxes.

  4. Why be so specific on commercial development anyway. Organic growth based on capitalism would always dictate to best use. Look at the corner of Tennessee and Monroe. Where is the major drugstore that went in there? Gone.

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