City Ethics Ordinance Workshop Scheduled in October

City Ethics Ordinance Workshop Scheduled in October

The City of Tallahassee has scheduled a workshop to discuss the ethics ordinance proposed by the Independent Ethics Board. The workshop is scheduled for October 28, 2019, 9:00 a.m. at City Hall.

The proposed ordinance was finalized by the Ethics Board back in April, 2019.

At times, supporters of the ordinance, including members of the Ethics Board, have been impatient with the pace at which the City of Tallahassee has moved to take up the new rules.

Mayor John Dailey has repeatedly stated that the ordinance would be taken up before the end of the year and would get a fair hearing before the city commission. Dailey also indicated that the city commission would be open to changes to the ordinance.

The ordinance includes language that lowers the burden of proof in misuse of office cases. The proposed ordinance sets the burden of proof to “knows or should have known” in contrast to “knowingly and intentionally.” This move will make it easier to prove wrongdoing.

Also, the ordinance provides for higher fines than are currently in place for officials that violate the code.

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  1. Discuss!? They need a teacher… maybe a pre-school ethics & morality teacher who can use single-syllable words to get the gist through their thick skulls…or maybe a nun with a sturdy ruler.

    (Riled, today. Senate says they want to give hundreds of thousands of green cards to cheap, young, pliant, low-skilled STEM guest-workers with flexible ethics…the vast majority from India & Red China, nearly all male. Those from India are mostly Brahmin caste, mostly from only 3 cities in 3 provinces. And this, say the senate staffers, will increase vitally needed “diversity”, while half of USA citizen STEM professionals can’t buy a job interview. So then, a city code-nazi comes along, complaining about my friend’s garden, so I reminded him of Pulvemuller, Gibson, and the murder of Lonnie Causseaux in 1996 May. Loudly, but politely, of course.)

  2. Curtis knows or should have known that texting another city cohort should be a matter of public record.

    Mayor John Dailey knows or should have known that doing car commercials using his position as mayor is wrong on so many levels.

    I would like to see the above two issues go before the Ethics Board and be resolved and the commissioners held accountable to the fullest extent of the board’s authority

    Curtis, these are dark clouds hanging over or City Commission.

  3. All current commissioners need to come forward with what they “did know and have known” about each other’s violations and that of past commissioners. Only then will a new policy get a fresh start. Curtis Richardson should go first.

      1. As far as I know Scott’s retirement has yet to be addressed.
        It may addressed if he is found guilty.
        May means may not also.
        I’m leaning towards the may not selection.
        Because the people that may address Scott’s retirement are dirty themselves and would be shafting themselves out of their own retirements if they act on Scott’s retirement.
        Scott will get his retirement even if they mail the monthly check to prison.

        1. I guarantee you these thieves at City Hall (Yes, the thieves still employed there) don’t dare set precedent by taking away ill-gotten retirement Funds from a soon-to-be self admitted Felony Criminal (Maddox). THIS PRECEDENT CAN’T BE ESTABLISHED. Pure and simple additional thievery.

  4. With the elected officials and upper level City employees known level of misuse of funds for personal gain and everything that led up to the need for the FBI to come in and clean their mess up the standard should be higher.
    1. Termination.
    2. Fines
    3. Aggressive prosicution
    4. Forfeiture of Any and All retirement benefits.
    Yep all 4.
    If Mayor Daily and your elected shmoes had one honest bone in their bodies thats what they would demand.
    But no their idea of getting tough is an ever so slightly enhanced wrist slap.

    1. Snide,
      I acronymed this astute/proper method of address for discussion:
      F – Fines;
      A – Aggressive Prosecution;
      R – Retirement Removal;
      T – Termination.
      It’s subtle but meaningful and
      brings the appropriate dignity to this situation.

      1. This……is…….beautiful
        And i am hesitant to bring this up but our own Mayor Quimby….I mean Daily looks to be a big wind bag who could get behind or in front of our new FART initiative!!!
        This initiative alone can cure what’s wrong and there will be no need to have the FBI spying on our elected officials any longer.

        1. Sir Snide: T-Shirts are coming; Let’s give the COT Communication Department first rights of BRANDING and Bi-lines:
          How’s This, Commissioners: BE SMART – ADOPT THE F.A.R.T.? News Maven – we may need some help, please? Can we get a few buses wrapped with this? Butt what should the LOGO look like…..? This is something the Commissioners can get BEHIND…

          1. Logo: City Hall with a dark Cloud over it, Commissioner Richardson looking up at it and sniffing it and saying: “Smells like a F.A.R.T. is coming”.

          2. At the next and subsequent Commission meetings whenever we get whizzed off by what they are lying about we can break into spontaneous FART FART FART chants. With the same cadence the crowd chants USA USA USA at Trump rallys. FART FART FART !!!

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