City Narrows Police Headquarters List to Five Properties

City Narrows Police Headquarters List to Five Properties

The City of Tallahassee after receiving public input, applying the minimum required criteria and speaking with property owners, has narrowed the list of potential locations for a new Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) headquarters to five properties. Those five properties are:

  • Lake Bradford Road Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1815 Lake Bradford Road (City-owned)
  • Current Tallahassee Police Department, 234 E. 7th Avenue (City-owned)
  • Northwood Centre, 1904 N. Monroe Street/514 W. Tharpe Street (City-owned)
  • Florida Department of Children and Families Complex, 1317 Winewood Boulevard
  • Towne South Shopping Center, 2525 S. Monroe Street

The City press release stated that these short-listed properties will be brought before the City Commission for consideration at its October 16 meeting and the list is expected to be reduced to three or less.

At that point, staff will be authorized to initiate community meetings, in-depth evaluations of each remaining property and develop preliminary conceptual plans.

The City noted that written notices of the City Commission meeting has been mailed to the property owners and tenants within 1,500 feet of each short-listed property.

12 Responses to "City Narrows Police Headquarters List to Five Properties"

  1. Kickbacks are already gotten/exhausted from the Northsheister Mall property.

    New palm massaging is underway for the police station and site selection is depending on who kicks back the most.

    If any downtown city property should have been deemed outdated it should have been Fire Station 1. It is and has been against code in that the dorms, offices and everything else open directly into the engine bay/garage. There needs to be 2-hour fire-rating walls between the garage and all personnel spaces ESPECIALLY the dorms with sprinklers/foam in the engine bay as well. On top of that, most of the spaces have little or no emergency exit except through the engine bay.

    And yet, the police station is deemed to be the most needy.

  2. The law enforcement rank-and-file and taxpayers deserve a new state-of-the-art facility. I hope a lot of expertise goes into the decision and not selfish self-serving political reasons.

    We have a state attorney and elected officials who fight crime by partying in Amelia Island, a sheriff who sways the Gillum investigation with his thumb on the scale, elected officials who don’t live in their district, a mayor who is out doing shameless self-promotion car commercials, a City Commissioner texting his cohort, a County Manager who participates in corruption with Waste Pro, Gary Yordon, and Scott Maddox, and the City failing to do a nationwide search for a city manager.

    Can it get any more dysfunctional? Are we putting the cart before the horse by not getting our house in order before we proceed?

  3. I wish they would put it down on South Monroe. It may cost more but it is close to us and I believe it will help deter crime in our neighborhood. The people who were against it when it was first proposed do not live down here so their opinion should be valued less than those of us who are down here.

    1. Won’t happen.
      No donut shops on the southside.
      Heck, the Fake Newsocrat is only 2 blocks from Krispy Kreme; if only the required acreage had been a little smaller.

  4. Mark my word; the site will end up where they started this whole party: Towne South Shopping Center, 2525 S. Monroe Street. Wait and see, then ask me how I know….; FBI – follow the bucks….; the old guard is still running this show. Watch.

  5. Everyone who is paying attention knows it’s a done deal for Northwood Centre. That has already been decided and staff evaluations of other locations will ensure that decision remains constant. Or, it will come in a close second, but the lowest bid will be rejected or discarded for some reason. That’s why the city rushed to bid on the property and smothered all other bidders. All of the discussions and negotiations are not being conducted in the open, regardless of assertions to the contrary. In politics, transparency darkens for family, for friendship, for political support, and just plain financial benefit.

    1. Exactly.
      Couldn’t have said it better.
      The Fake Newsocrat desperately needs to sell their nearly-empty mausoleum on Magnolia Drive, but it’s just a hair under the minimum of 9 acres required for the new cop shop.

      Too bad for GutNett.

    2. The Northwood Centre does provide our Mayor, elected Commissioners, and upper level City employees the richest opportunity to quietly engage in their nefarious, historical, and in their minds God given rights to enrich themselves at the taxpayer expense. I put the odds at the Northwood winning this bogus pre- determined “selection” at around 126.333% to Zero% for the remaining 4 properties.

  6. Northwood is truly the best option and physical location. It’s a blank slate with easy access to all parts of the City. Current TPD location should be sold for urban infill development or expand Lake Ella park-like amenities.

  7. The •Towne South Shopping Center, 2525 S. Monroe Street should be forgotten about altogether since it would and WILL BE way to costly and a HUGE WASTE of Money.

  8. Number 2 & 3 are the Best Choices. You could renovate the Police Station and while that is going on, they could work out of the Northwood Center.

  9. The City owned properties will allow for a richer opportunity for our elected officals to set up kickback, graft, and corruption activity with the contractors hired to do the necessary work to prepare the land and build out the facilities.
    The other 2 properties will somewhat limit criminal activity by our elected officials by adding in the owner of the property. What if the owner is honest and squeels on our elected officials for soliciting bribes?

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